Ways Social Media Boosted the Hair Industry

Social Media has now become a go-to marketing strategy where businesses in different industries can take advantage to expand their brand. One industry that has boosted from incorporating social media is the multi-billion dollar hair industry. The hair industry has become an even more popular industry with millennials being more in tune with both social media and beauty. Females make up most of the industry target market, using extensions to add length, keep up with low maintenance hairstyles, and the use of protective styling. With the rise of social media, businesses can take advantage of favorable aspects that come from social media for example; influence marketing, multiple social media platforms, brand evangelists, and increased exposure.

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Influence Marketing has become very popular for social media. Influencers are persons who have a significant social media following, where that person’s posts have the power to influence their followers in making decisions that result in sales for businesses. Many people become influenced once they see a product or notice the product being used by a familiar, trusted individual. An influencer can become an advocate for the company, to help spread awareness.

Multiple platforms can be useful in your marketing strategy. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are the leading platforms that hair businesses are known to use. It is essential to be informed on the best platform to use for your target market and what material would be best to post on each platform. Businesses can take advantage of what each platform has to offer and use one or more platforms that fit your business needs. Social media can be of use to help track trends which can keep businesses informed of “new” or “hot” items that customers are admiring.

Brand Evangelism is a little different than an actual brand ambassador or influencer, but all three have a common purpose. A brand evangelist is a genuine fan of your business, who ultimately wants to talk and share your message or product to potential customers and get involved in any way they can to help boost business. Social media has improved word and mouth marketing allowing customers to share pictures and videos with your product. A brand evangelist is not always compensated, but sometimes different discounts will be given out to know they are appreciated.

Social media is an excellent way for hair businesses to get exposure. Social media helps business to reach their target market and get more people interested. It is also a plus that social media can offer free marketing and still achieve a significant number of leads. With a superlative social media marketing strategy, your business can take off and triumph over other business.

Many different hair companies strictly rely on social media marketing and tactics mentioned above for their business and have flourished doing so. As the Co-Founder of EsteemHair.com, the use of social media has been essential for our company and we are continually using the tips above and looking for different ways to reach out to customers and supply them with what they are demanding.

Esteem Hair is a hair extension company with the goal in mind to empower women’s self-esteem, one bundle at a time. Not only do we sell hair extensions but sell our own “The Future Is Female” t-shirts and coffee mugs. Being an online company instead of a brick and motor place anyone can order our products without having to walk into a store. We have used both influencers and evangelists to help spread awareness to our brand. We currently are using Facebook (@esteemhairextensions) and Instagram (@esteem_hair) platforms, sharing appropriate content between both platforms.

Esteem Hair

The hair industry will continue to grow throughout the years, and social media can be a great tool to leverage to help businesses flourish. It is essential for a company to know and understand their brand to use social media in order to expand and businesses should leverage different platforms available to reach their target market. We will see many industries efficiently increase with the use of social media.








  1. Catherine · ·

    Very cool that you have first-hand experience in leveraging social media for your own company. I love the message that Esteem Hair is promoting and hope you are successful on this platform. Do you incentivize customers to share their experiences with Esteem Hair on their social media platforms/ have any brand evangelists?

  2. Very interesting to hear about how you have leveraged social media to promote a company that you co-founded. While I never have tried promoting a company, I have and continue to use Facebook and Instagram as a means to advertise the events and objectives of a club I founded here at Boston College. I found that sparking interest in a topic that may not appeal to the majority of people is the hardest part, and I am thinking you may share a similar experience, as not everybody logs on to Facebook to purchase and learn about hair extensions. How have you managed to reach the right target audience and how do you convince them to become brand evangelists for your company?

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