Birchbox Success Through Social Media

There are a significant number of e-commerce businesses that are currently using their online presence and social media solely as their marketing strategy. Out of the many different companies that have included this marketing strategy, Birchbox has mastered the use of social media to achieve business success.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription service and retailer for females and males that delivers sample-sized beauty products. Behind the business strategy logic: people want the opportunity to try out popular and effective products, before a big purchase.


Birchbox includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Snapchat platforms in their marketing strategy for different ways to connect with their target market. I have described examples of ways Birchbox have used a few of these platforms in various social media campaigns and maybe to give businesses ideas on unique options to possibly include in their future marketing strategy.

Birchbox has excellent success in their video strategy including Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat platforms with prioritizing content tailored to each platform. Birchbox understands that their target market prefers to see authentic and relatable people using their products, which could potentially increase sales.¬†Multiple videos used in their video strategy spotlight people behind the Birchbox brand. Birchbox stated, “We knew we needed content to help sell beauty products because the Birchbox customer is not a beauty guru and she’s not obsessed with beauty.” Birchbox shoots their videos and edits them to different lengths depending on the platform. On Facebook, they have found that shorter, silent videos photos work best because of autoplay and automatic mute. Birchbox uses Facebook live to help build relationships with customers, build brand awareness and host Q&A sessions about their current products.

Birchbox leverages Youtube as a search engine for customers to watch longer “how to” videos about using products in their monthly subscription box or unveiling products in their upcoming monthly box. Birchbox has over 67,000 subscribers; however, Facebook still seems to be their best-performing platform. I found it very interesting in a new effective way they measure their ROI, for example, on YouTube they focus on which video was watched that came from “search” or “discovered” and with Facebook, its a measure of how far a person made it through a video.

In the past year, Birchbox has announced to their fan base they would be able to call them on Snapchat. This campaign was a successful experiment for Birchbox and received a ton of positive feedback. For one hour fans called the company via Snapchat with questions on a range of topics. Birchbox purpose was, to test out Snapchat’s video chat and voice call to explore ways to better engage with their audience.

A fascinating campaign that BirchBox runs is their annual Customer Appreciation Day, a tradition to help raise brand awareness, traffic, and sales. About forty team members are involved in the campaign from different departments that get together in a “war room” to battle out all messages and questions from customers. This campaign helped to better get to know their customer’s needs, wants and pain points. Last year, their primary goal was customization and personalization. They tried to reach out to as many customers as possible throughout the day and respond with personalized offers based on what customers bought. This campaign grew revenue from their e-commerce site 35 percent passed the expected target, 55 percent increase in social media-driven revenue and 211 percent increase in traffic, to their website from social media.

Birchbox is confident they have always had great content, but with the help of these social media platforms, Birchbox is able to efficiently expand and reach a bigger target market to increase sales.








  1. Great blog post! I agree with you that Birchbox really thrives off of knowing their customer and the authenticity and customization they crave with a product. I actually tried Birchbox this summer and loved it. I usually don’t like those mini sample sized products, however, Birchbox is so accurate in pairing their products with customers. Furthermore, the way they have expanded to creating Customer Appreciation Day as well as all the online social media accounts that offer accessibility for their clients really speaks to the trend that millennials are geared towards that more tangible, authentic relationship with a product and company.

  2. chloeshepard18 · ·

    Birchbox has done a great job engaging with consumers. I was introduced to Birchbox on Facebook and their videos were very convincing. I was wary to try it at first because I didn’t’t think I would like sample sized products. In the end, I loved how they tailored their products I received to me. They do a great job with customer service and they use social media as a great way to exploit their product.

  3. britt_hopkins4 · ·

    I love this! I’ve never used Birchbox, but it’s great to see a brand interacting with customers and being so transparent. I feel like all companies should have a Customer Appreciation Day. I feel like it would help the brand so much like it did here. I think with the help of social media, digital platforms, and emerging technology, Birchbox and so many others can really use it to their advantage to gain customers.

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