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Walmart: a lesson in successful leveraging?

In a funny coincidence, the same week that we discussed Walmart with Professor Kane and guests was also the same week we studied Walmart for my Supply Chain Logistics class. And not in the way you would think. Walmart Goes Green-ish We read a case study on Walmart’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly. From […]

Homegrown vs. Made in America: The Future of Tech in China

On November 15th, Tencent announced its ninth straight quarter of exceeding analysts’ revenue and profit estimates (70% profit growth over the last year’s quarter). The same goes for Alibaba, another Chinese tech company that has consistently beat analysts’ estimates. But analysts continuously give excuses as to why they miss the mark. They say that it’s […]

SelfMade…Here to “Enhance Your Hustle”

SelfMade, the members-only app that brings professional photo editing and social media strategy straight to your phone! Founded by Brian Schechter and Zachary Lloyd with the goal in mind to “ help people express and grow their personal brand on social media.” “Our members’ only app uses AI ad proprietary technology to connect members with […]

Travel the World and “Visit a City”

Recently, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii. I started counting down the days until I would be sitting down on a beach next to crystal clear blue water. As my workload increased and the days went by, my laziness in planning fun activities to do during my vacation increased. When […]

Are You Hungry, Yet? How social media & meal delivery kits are taking over.

Why are companies like HelloFresh and Blue Apron thriving? Is it because of their social media game? Their product? The convenience? Or is it all of these combined that keeps people subscribed? How are these companies disrupting grocery shopping and cooking industries? Let’s start by looking at what they have in common; these meal delivery […]

Welcome To The Wireless World

When Apple released iPhone 8 and X, I was very excited about the wireless charging feature although all the eyes were on the FACE ID. I was so curious about the wireless charger that I started to research it online. It was a big surprise to me that in fact, wireless charging was not new, already […]

Your Kardashian Questions: Answered in Full

I hope everyone enjoyed my presentation last week on the Kardashians and their use of social media & digital business! I really loved all of the questions I received and am going to use my blog post this week to better answer some of the questions I got. How much of a role does Kris […]

Amazon vs. Walmart – Whose side are you on?

Amazon and Walmart are the two biggest retail giants. They are both competing to be the “go to” retail location for all Americans. They both represent opposite sides of the popular debate on where the retail market is going – whether or not brick-and-mortar stores will survive or if they will be completely replaced by […]

Breaking Into the Boys Club

Over the course of this semester, I have been struck by how incredible innovation and technology are, and have envisioned how impactful the digitization of so many industries can be to the efficiency of our society. It’s so easy for me to get on board with disruptive tech, to see all the benefits that innovation […]

Robin Hood: investing on the go

Launched in March of 2015, the mobile investing platform Robinhood has quickly gained a usership of over 3 million individuals and has completed stock trade transactions in the billions of dollars. The company was created by Biju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev with the goal of giving young adults a platform in which they could participate […]

Is e-commerce bringing about the retail apocalypse?

Everyone is talking about retail apocalypse. Is retail dead? Is brick and mortar dead? If we look at the recent bankruptcies, we might agree that brick and mortar retail is on the verge of collapse and that e-commerce is poised to take the reins of retail. Albeit this looks like the trend, I don’t believe […]

The Colorful Cans Taking over Instagram: The Rise of LaCroix

It’s hard to miss these colorful cans: they are popping up on everyone’s feeds, they stock the shelves of the local Whole Foods, and they are available in the fridges of every trendy startup.  LaCroix is a sparkling water beverage that has grown from a relatively obscure Midwestern brand to a national sensation, especially among […]

Retail Isn’t Dead: How Walmart Plans to Stay Relevant

According to Taylor Van Hare and Walmart representatives Jacqui Canney and Brian Baker, retail isn’t dead. Personally, I think they’re 100% right, but one of the main topics we’ve Tweeted, blogged, and discussed I class is Amazon’s looming world domination and the death of retail stores. How exactly is Walmart going to compete in this digital world, […]

Ten Days with Apple’s iPhone X

New devices coming onto the market are met with praise, confusion, hating, loving, and, perhaps most importantly for companies, willing early adopters. As someone who spends a lot of time checking out new digital technologies, Apple’s newest device really piqued my interest. Ten days ago, I unpacked my shiny new iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) […]

Dollar Shave Club: When Being Good Enough Pays Off

“I’m Mike, founder of What is Well, for a dollar a month we send high quality razors right to your door. Yeah! A dollar! Are the blades any good? No, our blades are f**king great.” With these words, a billion dollar company was launched. Based on the premise that razor’s are overpriced and […]