Monthly Archives: November 2017

Social Aspect of #GivingTuesday

During the Holidays, all the excitement starts with Thanksgiving, then you look forward to discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but do you think about giving back on #GivingTuesday? Giving Tuesday hasn’t been around as long as Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I think it is still a holiday we should make […]

How Netflix’s Original Content Is Changing the Entertainment Industry

If you are anything like me, Thanksgiving break was an awesome chance to relax, unwind… and watch a ton of Netflix. There is nothing better than having the time to sit around all day and binge-watch a show without a care in the world (shoutout to Ozark). With all of this time spent on Netflix, […]

Growing up with Alexa

In light of our discussion tomorrow of the dark side of social I decided to focus my blog today on the dark side of digital technology. What are the effects of being constantly surrounded by these intelligent devices, who are constantly listening to us. Specifically, the effects on children developing and growing up with these […]

#Techsgiving: Digital Tools and Services that Powered My Break

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday us college students need, but not the one we deserve. Whether it’s an excuse for procrastinating a paper, stuffing your face with free food, or playing holiday music (#SeasonRusher), there are lots of reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving. This time last year, I was with friends in Italy for […]

The Digital World of Nursing

As I sit at home for Thanksgiving break I am surrounded by nurses.  My mom is a nurse, my sister is a nurse and my dog is named nurse.  When my mom and sister get to talking about work I usually find my input to be less than helpful.  Apparently saying “I too was administering […]

Medicine + Augmented Reality + “The Good Doctor” show from ABC. Bonus: InsightHeart (AR App)

Augmented Reality in Healthcare will be Revolutionary!!! Quote from AR is one of the most buzz words around tech today. It is also known to be the most promising. We all know games like Pokémon Go, which surpassed the daily time usages of FB, Snap or Twitter on average in iOS devices. Then comes […]

How The Internet Has Changed Sports Gambling

As an avid fantasy sports player, a lot of my time online is spent on activities related to sports gambling. Whether it is fantasy football, hockey, golf, or baseball, I am always on my computer betting on something. After all, it’s another fun way of making money while sitting on my couch. Whether I am […]