T-mobile – The friendly “#UnCarrier” and Social Media wiz CEO John Legere

Who in this class has T-Mobile as a cell phone provider? Who knows the CEO John Legere? Did you know he had an event #slowcookersunday that gives you the whole recipe and step by step?

This is John Legere, the amazing, almost Millennial CEO of T-Mobile. By Millennial, I mean he acts like one or almost sends a message he wants to be one. He has this incredible attitude and tries to dress, talk, and be like a millennial. At the end the majority of his customers are millennials. Since joining the company five years ago, T-Mobile stock has almost tripled. Growing from $20 per share to nearly $60. They have increased their number of customers from 33 Million to 70 Million in the same year span.

total subscrpberevms


You can see from Q1 2013 to Q1 2017, almost all of John Legere’s tenure, the growth of subscribers. The growth rates were all higher quarter after quarter, except this last quarter where growth deaccelerated. The competition in this industry has always been one of the most difficult. Carriers merge, they acquire new companies, for example, AT&T and DirectTV, or Verizon and Fios. T-Mobile is only a carrier, only acquired Metro PCS a few years ago. This is why their only revenue comes from what we all know, phones, mobile, data, and phone provider.

They now have a partnership with Netflix. They are not only offering the streaming service but making a social media campaign and TV ads stating: #Netflixonus. They do give you Netflix for life. This partnership is going to make Millennials change to T-Mobile. At the end, Millennials spend more time streaming Netflix than watching TV. And they can do it from their cell phones (which T-Mobile sells the most)

Some great social media campaigns around youtube.com have reached millions of viewers. These are not only on youtube but also on TV, radio, Twitter, and Facebook. Again, were Millennials spend the most time. Some ads you can find below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjrjibyYCC0 – Babysitter – 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23ZRWypu6lI Lemonade with John Legere

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg_4tX4XwI8 – Justin Beiber moves #UnlimitedMoves. Post your moves now. This last one also had a major social media impact and went viral. People posted moves and Beiber would choose the best and replicate. How cool would it be that Justin Beiber copied your moves?

T-Mobile had an idea for a merger with Sprint, this was going to maintain the #UnCarrier the #3 in the market, behind AT&T and Verizon. Regarding customers, they would have hit 130 Million. However, the merger dissolved. John Legere said in NPR “we have been clear all along that deal with anyone will have to result in superior long-term value for T-Mobile’s shareholders compared to our outstanding stand-alone performance and track record.” I think the merger would have come at a great moment, costs have fallen 13% in the past year. This due to unlimited plans such as T-Mobile’s and Sprints. The merger made sense, but you saw above what CEO John Legere said. No Value = No Merger.

Finally, #slowcookersunday, this is something he does for customers and just another way he interacts with everyday customers.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.07.21 PM

Also always tweeting on his clothes, socks, and #magenta shoes.

socks, shoes

John Legere interacts with all T-Mobile customers every day, he talks bad about other competitors, and he actually tweets directly customers and to competitors like AT&T and Verizon. I leave you with some of his latest and best tweets.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.11.06 PM

poop att verizonoath

If you are not a T-Mobile sbscriber, I suggets you look into it.



  1. taylorvanhare · ·

    I had no idea T-Mobile’s CEO was so actively engaged in social media – how cool! I think it is starting to become a norm – and consumers really like seeing their favorite brands interact with them online. It creates a more personal and intimate experience! I also really liked those commercials and I can see how T-Mobile is trying to appeal to millennials – their commercials are relatable and witty while at the same still make slight jabs at their fiercest competitors AT&T and Verizon. Who knew T-Mobile was actually competing with these big players in a small way!

  2. briandentonbc · ·

    Really cool post! I wonder if he is emulating the style of any other CEO’s that have had success with this personal branding idea or if any new CEO’s out there are attempting to emulate him. It is so crazy to think about how the way CEO’s and company higher ups have presented themselves has evolved. 15 years ago, I feel like CEO would have been severely questioned by his shareholders for calling his competitors “Dumb and Dumber”. This is a cool example of a unique way to use social media to promote your company from a leadership position

  3. Personally, I think LEgere is a bit crazy, but so are most social media celebrities (IMHO). I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in class, but the whole uncarrier strategy was born after they studied social media about what ATT & Verizon’s customers hated about then via Twitter data.

  4. maririera19 · ·

    That’s a really impressive company turn around that Legere pulled off. To survive in such a crowded industry companies need to find their niche consumers and focus on targeting them. T-mobile has clearly done this with the CEO’s social media presence and the partnership with Netflix to strengthen the T-mobile brand and reach their target audience of millennials. However, I wonder how much longer the company will be able to hold ATT and Verizon off.

    1. I believe its the other way around, how long will AT&T and Verizon be able to hold Tmobile off. TMobile is nothing but growing Market Share, smartphone usage, data, unlimited etc. I hope they acquire another big company in Media so they can compete in other ways and not just mobile.

  5. I had no idea how involved Legere is in social media. His dedication is inviting as a potential consumer. Your blog post alone, along with his comments made me want to consider T-Mobile; and I’ve been a lifer AT&T. His unconventional interaction with consumers on social media is very pro T-Mobile or “get out” attitude, but it looks like it’s working!

    1. mgiovanniello · ·

      I feel the same exact way. In fact, I wrote a paper for my Leadership class on John Legere and was amazed at how his unconventional approach (from Day 1 at T-Mobile) turned T-Mobile from a failing company into the fastest-growing U.S. carrier, all while doubling its customer base. As quirky and crazy as he seems, he has a true talent!

  6. emmaelennon · ·

    Haha clearly, from one of your screenshots, you know I follow Legere — mostly due to everything you touched upon: his personality, quirk, and character. He reminds me of a less eccentric Richard Branson. But I want to know more about the sources of T-Mobile’s growth under his direction — what happened in terms of ops/strategy to succeed like this? How has he built his team?

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