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When Apple released iPhone 8 and X, I was very excited about the wireless charging feature although all the eyes were on the FACE ID. I was so curious about the wireless charger that I started to research it online. It was a big surprise to me that in fact, wireless charging was not new, already applied by Samsung for 2 years.


Then when I saw its potentiality for many commercial usages other than smart devices, I decided to do my presentation on it in the class.


As I mentioned, wireless charging can upgrade the experience and also business model of hotels and restaurants.

For example, hotels can personalize the in-room experience, simplify the check-in/out policy and integrate the best features of a smartphone into the guest room systems. With wireless charging, phones are always charged so they can stream video and music to the room’s TV and music system, link to the HVAC systems, or connected with room service. Phones can even position an articulating bed or adjustable desk to your memorized settings. The technology eliminates the need to constantly update corded connections or in-room charging devices. The personalized experience that will drive customer loyalty. New technology rollout will position the business as an innovative leader.

Aside from the customer retention benefits of installing wireless charging, there are additional opportunities for potential data capture that could lead to better CRM. Hoteliers will be able to capture personalized data, from guests that choose to provide such data, about the type of food they ordered from room service, what temperature they set the room at and other factors that will allow hotel owners to better understand and help their guests in the future.


Marriott, as an innovator in this new technology application, began to provide wireless charging in their lobbies in 2014.

For restaurants, wireless charging creates new dining experiences at restaurants including at-table ordering, payment and loyalty programs. Some of the world’s leading food venues are already implementing wireless charging to create new marketing opportunities returning patrons. The potential data from wireless chargers on the table provides valuable customer information including how long patrons stayed at the table, what they ordered as well as other features that will further develop and enhance their experiences for future visits.

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The marketing opportunities grow in hotels and restaurants, which might drive wireless charging built in furnitures. Meanwhile, the actual demands of wireless charging at home still come from our daily activities.

As I have introduced, IKEA has launched a series of furnitures that wireless chargers are built in. Within a charging pad on the table, customers can stream music, TV shows and news on their phones while cooking, eating and drinking, not worrying about battery will be gone and any water damage to cables or plugs.

In addition, the wireless charger can be designed connected with smart home kits, capturing the personal usage data of smart devices and home appliances for future development.

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Wireless charging will definitely boost electric vehicles by its support to environmental safety and autonomous technology. 

The elimination of charging cords (which are sometimes stolen for their copper) and the tower consoles to which they are attached (which are sometimes smashed by careless drivers) will lead to the establishment of more charging stations. EV drivers will welcome, it is thought, the ability to top up by using a smartphone to locate, reserve and rent charging pads while parked for a quick errand or overnight, without needing to fuss with a cord. And the technology could pave the way for fleets of driverless EVs that can be summoned with an app.

Moreover, power seeking will be a big problem for autonomous driving. The future development of wireless charging is going to support charging without stop. Highway England is just one body currently testing the viability of charging lanes that charge vehicles while they’re driving. With the charging devices built into the very asphalt itself.

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More than half a dozen large carmakers, including Audi, Ford and Volvo, are soon expected to begin selling electric vehicles (EVs) that can be charged wirelessly. For between $2,500 and $4,000, existing EVs can already be retrofitted with the relevant kit.


In summary, I really look forward to the life that wireless charging will bring to us. Hope you do too.







  1. Catherine · ·

    The future with this technology looks pretty sweet, thanks for including so many examples! I personally thought the most innovative one was the car charging lanes, where cars will have the ability to ‘refuel’ while on the go. It will be interesting to see what will come from all the data to be collected using this technology. I wonder when the wireless charging technology will evolve into being close-proximity instead of touch connection, very much looking forward to that.

  2. Great post, Yvette! I actually can’t wait to get my phone so I can start using the wireless charging. I also didn’t realize that restaurants could make such use out of them as well as payment methods. i do think that will definitely help increase table turnover that way. I also think that it will enhance customer experience at places like Starbucks and maybe they should start incorporating this at schools. Especially Fulton study rooms where students study regularly. As a fellow grad student, I know you have first hand experience of how long we can stay at school with interviews and classes.

  3. emmaelennon · ·

    Surprised no one has covered this yet, because it’s definitely something a lot of companies seem to have been working on for years. The electric car angle is super cool — hadn’t thought of that before! Wonder, however, what kind of infrastructure changes that would require (roadways, tax dollars, etc). Thanks for an interesting take on wireless charging beyond those often neglected discs on Starbucks tables.

  4. Sheritta Coleburn · ·

    Great post as well as a presentation! I have to admit I am one of the users that have been using the wireless charging from Samsung for some time now. Charging wirelessly has been an easier option for me and I think Samsung is really keeping their users in mind when designing the wireless charger. I really liked the wireless charger option in your car to charge your phone. I am kind of surprised this is not an option in cars….but I can see it make a breakthrough.

  5. fernanfu89 · ·

    Really interesting article! Wireless charging is something that have taken way to long to become adopted. Somewhere I read that if it weren’t for Edison, and its company in the early 20th century, we would have wireless charging from Tesla. I have tried the modern version of wireless charging and it is really comfortable, yet its still too slow and you have to keep it in the base. I do however, find it extremely valuable to have wireless charging pads in highways. This will probably be life changing for all of us.

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