SelfMade…Here to “Enhance Your Hustle”

SelfMade, the members-only app that brings professional photo editing and social media strategy straight to your phone! Founded by Brian Schechter and Zachary Lloyd with the goal in mind to “ help people express and grow their personal brand on social media.” “Our members’ only app uses AI ad proprietary technology to connect members with professional image editors and social strategist – allowing them to build a powerful brand at an affordable price” The entire idea was to allow individuals the same capabilities with editing tools just like celebrities.

SelfMade doesn’t just apply filters and such as you can currently on Instagram, but they have a set team of professional photo editors! Users of the app will send the professional team, pictures and specify how they want the images to look, then SelfMade will make all of the requested edits usually in about a day or two.  If you do not like the edits that were made you have the option to send the current edit back to the team with a new direction for the image. SelfMade as a photo editing app is mainly focused on the Instagram platform and offers schedule planning and posting options for your Instagram profile.

Not only is SelfMade focused on creating beautiful content to target customers but also focused on building each customers brand.

Let’s take a look at the SelfMade Experience…

1.Take our survey

SelfMade really takes the time out to know who their users are and what specific social media growth strategies and goals the user would like to obtain. Getting a clear understanding of this is done by the user filling out a survey to introduce themselves and future goals.

2. Get your strategy

Next, SelfMade team members will create a Mood Board and Strategy Brief that illustrates the user’s goals and direction on how to maintain a cohesive aesthetic profile that social media followers can enjoy.

3. Upgrade your Instapics

After all the hard work is completed, the users are allowed to upload photos through the app and let the professional editing team go to work!

4. Get ongoing support

SelfMade also does a great job in supporting users through their entire experience. There is an option to chat with the creative directors and get any hacks or best practices for users’ social media profile. SelfMade also offers webinars and 1:1 Coaching Sessions for a deeper review of the user’s needs.

SelfMade is not only for business but also targets professionals. There are a few different plans to that SelfMadeoffers that ranges. Below I have a snapshot outlining what all is included in each membership package.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 6.52.04 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 6.52.25 PM

I have personal experience with the SelfMade app for a few months now, and I have to say that it is a pretty helpful app. My company, Esteem Hair signed up for a SelfMade membership when it was still in its beta version. We have never heard of SelfMade before, and so when they reach out to us in an email, we thought that it might be a scam. SelfMade mentioned they seen our Instagram profile and felt that we would be an excellent fit for as a user of their app. Well, I have to say I am glad they found our company profiles out of the billions of profiles that are on Instagram. They have helped with editing our pictures on Instagram especially after we have had a photoshoot. We don’t have to give too much direction on our photos now, but in the beginning, it was a little challenging to get the proper edit we had in mind.

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SelfMade is always updating the app keeping the user in mind and allowing users different capabilities to achieve a winning social media aesthetic strategy. I have to admit my small business might be slacking when it comes to using all the features the SelfMade app allows its users (especially since we are paying for this, we can’t let our money go to waste). However, we are still fairly new to them, and they are still a new company building themselves. I really like the webinars they now off to help educate the users in using the app and different tips or trick to enhance users Instagram profile.

Through my research, it was also pointed out by Tech Crunch, the next biggest challenge that SlefMade plans to take on is the advantages of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and image processing technology to automate of their current editing process!

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  1. cgoettelman23 · ·

    This was a really articulate, insightful blog post! I have never heard of SelfMade before your post, but now I am curious about how many SelfMade, edited photos I have scrolled past on my feed! In the video you posted, one woman said “They get me.” It’s amazing that business owners or social media influencers can feel that connection to somebody who is editing their content for them, and it proves just how crucial social media is to a business’ success and brand recognition. For brands or organizations who heavily rely on social media to get the word about their services/products out there, the price point of $149.99/mo is very reasonable. I saw on their website that they currently have a waitlist–I wonder if this is an opportunity for a competitor to come in and convert those customers off of SelfMade’s waitlist into their own clients. Great post!

  2. taylorvanhare · ·

    This was a really interesting blog post, and I like Colby had never heard of this application before your article. It is kind of crazy to think about this, but the need for an application like this has never had to exist until now. From the way you described the application it seems to be built almost for the Instagram famous bloggers that have to constantly keep up with their loyal followers. These followers expect and crave a certain brand story, an engagement level, and a style of photo. It seems that SelfMade is advertising the ability to offer this to its customers. It also makes me wonder what will happen to theses bloggers’ “daily work”. If all their photos are being sent to, and then curated through SelfMade, what does their job become then? Either way this app will definitely disrupt the Instagram influencer space and cause many to reinvent themselves I think. Cool post!

  3. s_courtney18 · ·

    Very interesting topic Sheritta! I also have not heard of SelfMade before your blog post, but I’m surprised this is actually the first time hearing about a service like this. I wonder if it’s meant to be targeted towards small businesses who don’t have these capabilities within, or for individuals who want to become “insta-famous.” Either way, this sounds like a worthwhile investment for your company and I hope it pays off in the end!

  4. Great post! I have to say this is a pretty brilliant business idea–I have no doubt that they will do/are doing very well. I feel like they found a perfect whole in the market needing to be filled by a product like this. Especially for smaller businesses for which they have been doing editing, etc. in-house but it is time consuming/too expensive to hire a new employee exclusively for this responsibility. On a side note I was checking out your companies site: I would love to hear more about your experiences running/creating a business that is so cool!!

    1. Sheritta Coleburn · ·

      I think SelfMade will progress to be a great company. I would be more than happy to talk about my business experiences with you!

  5. Wow, what a great blog post! I have personally never heard of SelfMade, but you did an excellent explaining it. I really liked how you walked through their whole process step by step. This was a very informative piece! Furthermore, I really liked your personal input on the topic and the company. I personally feel like this is a very different and innovative business concept. As crazy as this concept sounds I think it would be very prosperous in today’s society. I think that this could possibly be a great investment.

  6. Hey, this is pretty cool. I guess it makes sense. I’m terrible at personal branding on social media (ironically) and it’d be nice to have some AI help!

  7. juliasmacdonald · ·

    Nice post! I actually just got an email from Greatist about a promotion they are doing with SelfMade. If you are a subscriber to Greatist, you can be moved up to the top of the waiting list for SelfMade. I think this partnership makes a lot of sense because they attract a similar audience of social media-conscious millennials. Services like SelfMade really reinforce the idea that a strong personal brand is essential in today’s world for individuals and companies alike. The fact that they raised $8 million in October shows that investors see the potential for SelfMade to create a new category of business.

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