Social Aspect of #GivingTuesday

During the Holidays, all the excitement starts with Thanksgiving, then you look forward to discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday but do you think about giving back on #GivingTuesday?

Giving Tuesday hasn’t been around as long as Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I think it is still a holiday we should make essential to us and participate. Over the years, social media has made a significant impact on #GivingTuesday and has made it become a global holiday.


#GivingTuesday has now become a holiday of giving that is fueled by the power of social media and collaboration from people all around the world. This past Tuesday, November 28th, was the 6th annual #GivingTuesday holiday. The holiday first started in 2012, when Henry Timms partnered up with the United Nations Foundation. The day was intended to be about giving back after the two days of consuming from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Just last year there was a total of 2,399,092 social media engagements for the hashtag #GivingTuesday an estimated $180 million was raised by Giving Tuesday! I think that is astonishing results and shows that as a community we can come together and do something good for other people in need. #GivingTuesday has brought diverse comminutes and organizations around the world to celebrate the gift of giving. Though there are still many people that do not know this day exits, the holiday has become a remarkable social media campaign that continues to grow every year.

Even though Giving Tuesday just passed you can start on ideas how your business or personal #GivingTuesday campaign will run for next year. An Article from Allison Guss points out “5 Social Media Tips for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign.”

1. Get found with hashtags
It is important to use hashtags to get the most engagements on your posts. More importantly, use the hashtag #GivngTuesday as we can see how many impressions just the one hashtag can receive. You are encouraged to create your own hashtags but something easy that your follower will be able to remember. Using hashtags help monitor social media campaigns.

2. Use Links to Create Action
Your social media posts are to get your followers to know about your cause and to get new followers aware of the purpose. The next step would be to get your followers to actually donate to your cause, and this can be done by a link. Depending on the social media platform make sure there is a link available for all your followers that will take them directly to a campaign page that will allow them to donate.

3. Boost Engagement With Images
Using images to post is easier done on Instagram but using pictures on Facebook, and Twitter posts receive more engagement. Displaying images will get more people to want to share or respond to your post. Make sure to pick a picture that represents the posts you are about to make and not a random picture. Tag any involvement of other people or organizations to also increase engagement on your posts.

4. Create content ahead of time
You can save a lot of time and stress if you prepare posts ahead of time. A couple of weeks before a campaign brainstorm posts that you would like to post on social media and what message you want to portray. Planning and scheduling posts with apps like Buffer or Hootsuite can make things more organized. Think about sharing a mix of images, text, and stories. Having a personal connection and sharing a personal story can increase the engagement of your followers.

5. Respond, Thank and Engage Your Audience
Since you have all of your posts planned and schedule out for your campaign when the campaign starts you have more valuable time to thank, converse and answer questions from your followers and supporters that have commented on your posts.

Social media has become an essential aspect of this giving campaign. With help, we can all spread the word about the #GivingTuesday and even participate in the campaign after all the consuming we have done from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.







  1. Great post! I personally have never heard of #GivingTuesday, but I wish I had! I think that this is a great cause and really has the potential to collect a lot of charitable donations. People are always much more willing to give out donations before they buy all of the Christmas presents! Furthermore, I think that your tips on how to promote giving Tuesday were extremely helpful. I think promoting such an important cause could be an excellent business strategy. This is a holiday that should definitely be getting more press!

  2. emmaelennon · ·

    In my internship at Thomson Reuters, we put significant emphasis on #GivingTuesday worldwide. The global reach of the campaign is really compelling, although it is interesting (and I agree with @juliahackett18) that it doesn’t necessarily reach consumers as much as its counterparts, Cyber Monday and Black Friday, do. It definitely feels like more of a way for companies to demonstrate CSR and get their employees engaged.

  3. sejackson33 · ·

    Great post! I agree with Julia and Emma that given the power of social media, this holiday could get a lot more engagement than it does currently. I think the 5 tips you explained are great guidelines for any social media strategy, not just Giving Tuesday! We incorporate a lot of those into our social media strategy at Shit That I Knit.

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