Farewell ISYS6621, hope to keep in touch on Twitter!

*Looking for classes to schedule*

*Finds ISY6621: Social Media and Digital Marketing class*

“This is going to be an easy ass class!” – Sheritta thought to herself.

“What did I get myself into?” – Sheritta thinks to herself, as she sits in class on the first day.

“Whelp, challenge accepted!” – Sheritta confirms with herself after the first day of class.

By the end of the first day of class, I knew ISY6621: Social Media and Digital Marketing was not going to be an easy class as I initially thought. I also kept thinking to myself “how bad could this be?” Well, the challenge was accepted, and I have met expectations (well we shall see when the final grade is posted). This was an awesome class, and I would recommend anyone to schedule this class. There were multiple  topics that were mentioned in class between Professor Kane and the individual presentations. I enjoyed it all but would like to mention a few items that I will really take away from this class:

  • Dropshipping
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Twitter Feed

A great presentation from @paulandresonbc about Dropshipping. I never heard about it before and became quickly interested in the topic. I have to say many of the presentations during this semester were useful and I was able to obtain some knowledge from each. I also really liked Shit That I Knit presentation by @sejackson33. One of these hats is currently on my Christmas Wish List. I started following them on Instagram and also fell in love with the personality of the brand. Okay, but back to dropshipping… can I say this is probably one of the coolest items yet. So, after the presentation, I did some research of my own and found out that I could do dropshipping for my current company Esteem Hair. With both my business partner and I working fulltime jobs, it is not always easy to get to the post office to send out our products. We were looking into a way that we are able to drop ship our products, so we do not have to worry about the packaging and shipping process, to focus more on selling and social media marketing. We should have it all squared away pretty soon, but I really have to thank @paulandresonbc for introducing the idea of dropshipping to me :)

Artificial Intelligence was a big topic in our class, and we sure did have a lot of questions for @geraldckane. Maybe a little more than he could handle, even though I thought the class went well. I liked the readings mentioned in class, they introduced a different perspective on how to look at AI and robots, in the near future. Nothing like watching the Will Smith movie, “I, Robot”! But I agree with some of the readings that mentioned we need to work with robots; have them do tedious tasks, so we are able to develop and work on more critical tasks. Also the fact that AI will ultimately be here quicker then we thought as we are already trying to automate items we do day to day.

I totally could not keep up with the twitter feed the first couple of months of the semester, but I have to say it did add a nice touch to the class. Come on its a social media class, why wouldn’t be using social media!…It made total sense. Well now I don’t have to worry about tweeting with the hashtag #is6621, but I am proud to say that I will be deleting my old twitter and flourish through my new twitter account! I think my new twitter account is more age appropriate and as a business woman, I needed a little upgrade. Instead of just my foolish thoughts, I would post on my old twitter check out my new Twitter handle @sheritta2017 for updates on Esteem Hair, tweets about beauty and hair, but also another interest I have, entrepreneurship and technology.


Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 1.52.29 PM.png

I was very pleased to get into this class, especially when I found out how difficult it can be to get in. Professor @geraldckane and my classmates were all great! We were all able to learn from each other in a great atmosphere while enjoying yummy snacks. Shoutout to @ericiangesuale and other classmates who were able to get Gyro City to bring free food. You guys are the real MVP!

Another class crossed off my list. Farewell, hope to keep in touch on Twitter :)


  1. sherricheng5 · ·

    Great final post, Sherrita! I have to say that I shared some of the same thoughts as you about this class. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park- I mean, how complicated can social media get? After the first class, I was DEFINITELY overwhelmed with all of the moving components. However, I knew that this class would be like no other class at BC, so I stuck with it. I’m really glad I did. Similar to you, I learned so much throughout the semester. It really helped me become knowledgeable in a lot of current events. I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation on BirchBox as well! I’m glad to hear that you will continue your presence on Twitter. I, too, will probably delete my old Twitter (from my middle school/high school days), and keep the new one that I have from this class!

  2. fernanfu89 · ·

    Really interesting post! I also thought this class was going to be easier than it was, but I do believe it wasn’t hard neither, it balanced the correct amount of reading and assignments and I felt that I learned more than from the traditional class. I did really like doing assignments via social media, such as word press and twitter, since I have always been a user of these platforms but never a producer, so it was definitely useful. As you mentioned, AI was something that interested me a lot this semester, and will be something that we will be hearing more about towards the future.

  3. Catherine · ·

    I am so glad we stuck it out! I love that we’ve had the opportunity to learn from Prof Kane, and each other. Good luck with rolling out drop shipping with your company! What we have learned is not only great in quantity, but also quality–I definitely bring this class up in conversation much more than any other, because it is relevant to topics discussed in every day life.

  4. briandentonbc · ·

    Awesome final post! I think it is so cool that you were able to use the presentation of another student in the class to make tangible changes to your business. I think that really speaks to the incredible setup of the class and the range of subjects we were able to learn about during the course of the semester, both from Professor Kane and each other. I think you also made a great point about continuing with this Twitter account that already has a professional vibe about it, rather than random musings from high school or whatever else I tweeted on my original account I’ve had since like 2012. Good luck with your company and in the future!

  5. Great final post! Like you, I thought the class was going to be easy and I continued to think so even when Prof. Kane put up the syllabus and disclaimer message on Canvas because I totally thought he was trolling us. After the first day of class, I realized that he wasn’t trolling but decided to stay for the ride (and because the non-traditional deliverables didn’t seem too bad). I too struggled to keep up with the Twitter feed since I’ve never used Twitter before this class but I really learned how much you can learn from each other on Twitter if someone can organize a hashtag community with a common theme.

  6. cgoettelman23 · ·

    I can absolutely relate to your inner dialogue about signing up for this class. However, it’s clear we both reaped the rewards from staying!! It’s amazing to me how much you can learn from a simple hashtag/Twitter feed, and it’s definitely enticed me to remain active on the app after moving on from this class. I think it speaks volumes that you were able to improve your business model via dropshipping because of this course. It’s one example that proves that what we care about and share with our classmates can benefit others without us even knowing it. Great final post!!

  7. This intro makes me laugh….

    *Looking for classes to schedule*

    *Finds ISY6621: Social Media and Digital Marketing class*

    “This is going to be an easy ass class!” – Sheritta thought to herself.

    “What did I get myself into?” – Sheritta thinks to herself, as she sits in class on the first day. (and Maybe I’ll use your line to start off next semester).

    I really try to avoid this being an easy ass class, and I hope I succeeded.

    1. Sheritta Coleburn · ·

      Yes, you have! It’s not a hard class just challenging to make sure to keep up each week.

  8. paulandresonbc · ·

    Really great post, Sheritta. I’m honored that you mentioned me, and really glad that you found my presentation to be of use to you! I shared it with the class because I found drop shipping to be super cool myself and just wanted people to know about it, but to hear that you’re actually considering it for your personal business is great. Best of luck with it and I’d love to hear how it goes!

    1. Sheritta Coleburn · ·

      Thanks again for first presenting the idea to me!

  9. Great post, Sheritta! I too learned a lot from our classmates – it’s crazy to realize how much is going on in the world of digital business, and how much we don’t know. I didn’t realize how much I had to learn from our classmates until the presentations started. One of my favorite aspects was how everyone picked something they were excited about that was totally different. From South Korea’s social media to Netflix and Fastn, I learned something new every week.

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