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In my initial blog post, I compared Professor Kane to Patches O’Houlihan from the beloved movie “Dodgeball.” A character known for his unpredictability, and in a word, insanity. Safe to say I was a bit intimidated by my new professor, and Social Media and Digital Business as a whole. Well, I would like to take the time to publicly apologize and retract the statements made in my first blog post.  He is no Patches O’Houlihan—not even close.

Instead, I would now describe Professor Kane as more of a Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World. I realized his intention wasn’t to repeatedly throw wrenches at our heads in order to teach us the art of dodgeball. No, quite the contrary. He just wanted to help us learn about the (digital) world and grow into better (business) men and women. We have come a long way since week one.

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In the spirit of looking back to week one and seeing how far we have come, I am going to use this post to reflect on some key insights I have gained, and to give some advice to my past self / future Social Media and Digital Business students. Here it goes:

  1. Everything you learn in this class will be irrelevant except for one thing—what we have learned about adapting to new technologies and applying concepts to real world situations. I know some people have already written about this in their blogs, but I thought it was an key takeaway, so I want to reiterate it. The digital world is changing so rapidly that Prof. Kane has to change the class each year. This time next year, you are probably going to be learning about some technology that hasn’t even been invented yet. This is irrelevant—the most important thing about this class is that you learn how to educate on the rapidly changing business environment that we live in to ensure future success in this space.
  2. You know how people always sarcastically say something is “the greatest thing since sliced bread?” Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have finally actually found the greatest thing since sliced bread, and its name is Amazon so learn it, live it, love it before you enter into the doors of Prof. Kane’s classroom. Amazon is the prime (haha) example of how powerful technology can be and how rapidly it can change. Just within the few months of our class, we followed the company through many major changes and developments. There could be an entire class at BC devoted to learning about the company, and this would not be nearly enough time to cover everything.
  3. Social media is a powerful tool and when used correctly can be very impactful. This statement is something that I would have agreed with at the beginning of the semester not because I had actual knowledge on the topic, but because it just kind of sounded like it should be right. After this semester, I can now say this statement with authority, and have the evidence / knowledge to back it up. We learned the power of social platforms in the context of viral fundraising in Hailey Gould’s presentation. I researched how large corporations such as TDGarden and Netflix successfully leverage social media in order to reach their target market, engage their followers, and strengthen their overall brand. Eric even showed us that the power of social media is so strong, it can get an entire class delicious, free Gyros for snack time.
  4. Don’t waste your time talking about how social media is corrupting middle schoolers—this will make Professor Kane mad. We as college students are just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to being consumed by our devices.
  5. There is still so much to learn!!!! And this is frustrating, scary, and exciting all at the same time.

People say that you don’t learn crucial things about the real world in school. They ask why we don’t have classes how to pay our taxes or how to balance our checkbooks. Well I am here to tell these people to take Social Media and Digital Business.  The knowledge we gained will extend far beyond the classroom walls and into our future endeavors. So for this, I thank you #IS6621, it has been a pleasure!

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  1. ojeagle121 · ·

    Great insights! I think its a testament to this class that we all pretty much have the same takeaways from this past semester. I personally think your first point is the most important. Having a sense and awareness of developing technologies will be hugely (bigly) important to staying relevant in our careers.

  2. We are long past the time where you can just memorize facts and use those facts to help with work. It is much more important to learn concepts that we will be able to apply to our daily lives for the future, just as you had mentioned in your first point. Classes like this forces you to think critically and I for one think that is one of the most important things about an education. Awareness and constantly developing ourselves is going to be very important in our lives. Great Post!

  3. whitmcdonald2 · ·

    What a great way to boil down this semester in just a few points! Couldn’t agree more. I posted this in my blog, but this class didn’t teach me things that I will memorize for a test then forget tomorrow. But the best thing is how informed I have been and I am going to do my best to keep up with the hashtag after tomorrow. This hashtag can keep us learning in the real world even after we graduate! :( Thanks for sharing!

  4. sherricheng5 · ·

    Great post!! I resonated with all of your points! I wonder what new technologies (or new companies) will dominate the conversations in future #IS6621 feeds. I also agree that social media has corrupted and disrupted the lives of everyone, not just middle schoolers. My parents are sometimes more absorbed with their smartphones than I am! I wonder what other tricks Amazon has up its sleeve, or if they will continue their upward trajectory. Professor Kane has facilitated a classroom environment that has allowed us to stay alert and constantly learn. I hope more classes at BC adopt this type of classroom structure for future BC students! Thanks for sharing your main takeaways!

  5. mattwardbc · ·

    This is a really well written post, thanks so much for sharing! I really agree with each of your points and made a similar point that it’s impossible to keep up with the speed of tech, and by that fact, we simply need to be constantly embracing change!

  6. Nice wrap up! I’m not sure things will be 100% different next year, but probably 25%. that still means what you learn in Computers in Management is obsolete by the time you get to my class. …and don’t tell the incoming students I’m NOT Patches O”Houlihan – I have a reputation to maintain!

  7. Hilary_Gould · ·

    Really great post! I like how you focused on the fact that what we learned wasn’t so much about the actual technologies, but about how they are changing the world we live in and how important they are to society. Also your comparison of Amazon and sliced bread was pretty spot on– I didn’t use Amazon a ton before college (my dad was actually an early user… I never thought I would EVER call him “tech savvy” though). In the last year it has been so evident that Amazon is here to stay and integrate into EVERY part of our lives (books, clothes, groceries, prescriptions, etc). It’s definitely not going anywhere and I’m eager to see what they come up with next!

  8. britt_hopkins4 · ·

    Love this post, Holly! I think you wrapped everything up wonderfully. I think all of your points are really important, especially your last point that we still have so much to learn! I don’t think anyone could fully keep up with everything going on in the digital world. There’s so much to see and try, that I just don’t think there are enough hours in the day. In terms of your comparison of @geraldckane, I my signing him up for medical trials, we both have something we regret!

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