#IS6621 will never die

My first blog talked about how I used Social Media and Digital Business on each platform. For me, it wasn’t that important, or so I said.

I talked specifically about all platforms, how I used them, how I thought other generations used it and how we were supposed or not supposed to use it.

I had NO IDEA what I was talking about. I used to say that social media was for people that had nothing to do with their time. I used to say that Twitter did not give us enough news and was for trolls. Well, in part it is, but if you learn how to use it, it can be fruitful.

Digital Business and Social Media class changed the way I see Tech and Tech business. Not only the big four, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple but also, other ways of technology. These being, blockchain, shared economies, viral technologies, Artificial Intelligence, collective intelligence, among others.

It’s not only about how these companies are buying others. Like the great example as Amazon bought WholeFoods just before starting this class. An eCommerce Retail buying a grocery store? Why? For what? Just for the fun of it? NO! They have a plan, they want to conquer the grocery delivery, they want to fight of Walmart,. We learned that not only Tech companies are doing Tech things and helping the world with their innovations in their fields. But also learned several examples, such as Google doing wifi balloons to help Puerto Rico, or FB flying wifi drones. Or Paypal entering the social media business with Venmo.

We learned how jobs can change in the “near future”. How bots and robots can change the way we do customer service of build car. The uses of new technologies, such as VR or AR in grocery or retail, as Daniel Fernandez talked in his blogs. We talked about Bitcoin. It started at $4,000 and by the end of semester finished at almost $12,000. Almost tripling!! We #shouldhave #wouldhave invested $1000 bucks each.

This semester was full of new concepts and ideas from fellow peers and great blogs and presentations. Bottom line, this class gave me a totally new perspective on how Tech is changing, how it changes overnight and how a great tech one year ago, can be swallowed by a 600-pound gorilla or just disappear from the map because they burned so much cash that the start-up just could not handle it.

Thank you for hashtags (#is6621) This way I will be informed every semester because I know that this class will be full of people wanting to take the class and work hard for it. So If I ever need to know something quick about tech, I will just search #D #is6621

It will be interesting to read our blogs in six to twelve months and check what has happened in this time. How companies from guest speakers have changed. What is the new ad from Big Papi, what are companies doing in regulations and ethics and finally how are huge companies like Uber or Airbnb going public or maybe, just maybe $SNAP going down as the worse IPO in 2017 and maybe FB Snaps it?



  1. At the beginning of the semester I was just like you–I really didn’t see much value in social media and definitely thought it was for people who were looking for some mindless activity to do with their time. Also like you, as the semester went on, I began to see how much value there is in social platforms. They allow brands to differentiate themselves and connect with their consumers. It allows people to share information and raise money through virtual campaigns. It is more complex than just a tweet or instagram photo. Much like you, this class introduced me to all different sides of tech which I didn’t even realize were so prevalent in our lives like virtual reality and artificial intelligence. This class really changed my perspective as well and I am very thankful for that!

  2. My favorite comment at the end of this class is when people thought they knew digital business entering this class, but then come to the realization that I don’t. My job here is done!

  3. Great post! I really relate to what you said about thinking you know social media and digital business. Growing up with a computer always being near by I thought this class would just be a refresher. I was gravely mistaken. Like you, I was in absolute awe at companies like bitcoin and AI. I think this semester has really humbled me and opened my eyes to a whole new, technology driven, world.

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