#IS6621 – The ABC’s of Social Media & Digital Business

Let’s take a step back to the first day of class, when we all heard Professor Kane’s speech about how this class is a lot of work, it’s not an easy A, you need to tweet, and blog, and comment, and present, and okay you get it. I think a lot of people were like:rs_600x600-170523170627-600.Chloe-Not-Impressed-YouTube.ms.052317

But the rest of us we’re like: bring-it-gabrielle-union

And I’m glad we had that attitude instead of the other (no offense to the 15 people who dropped the class). This class has been a whole new learning experience for me. It’s like learning my ABC’s all over again. So, #IS6621, for the last time, let’s see what we’ve learned.

A – Amazon

  • Amazon is just clearly going to take over the entire world and is killing the game with Alexa and it’s new delivery strategies. If you’re still confused about Amazon and Alexa, check out my most recent blog.

B – Blogging

  • Me writing a blog? Ha, funny joke. I never thought I could do this until I was forced to. My first blog was painfully awful, but I think I’ve improved along with all of my classmates. One of the other things I think we’ve all improved on also is our understanding of Bitcoin.

C – Currencies

  • Ah, Bitcoin. Before this class, I had heard of Bitcoin, but didn’t really know what it was. Thanks to our Bitcoin expert, @mattwardbc, I think I have a decent handle on it’s concept now, but blockchain is still a mystery to me. However, none of this would be possible without the digital world.

D – Digital

  • Before this class, I thought of digital as simply something that was online, but now I’ve learned that it’s so much more than that. Digital is the world that we live in. It’s constantly surrounding us, whether we realize it or not. This digital world is aiding our connections to others in new ways.

E – Ever-changing

  • This digital world is constantly changing and evolving to reflect the wants and needs of consumers. This results in one platform copying another in hopes that they can get ahead. @Facebook

F – Facebook

  • Facebook is one of those things that is an intimidating giant for another company to take on. After all, they were kind of the beginning of it all, right?

G – Grad Students

  • Grad students I also thought would be intimidating in the class, but they turned out to not be so bad after all.

H – Hospitals

  • I would have never thought that hospitals and digital business would go together, but they’re more intertwined that I would have ever imagined. In fact, they’re becoming the center of the digital world with amazing innovation, especially with the advancement of artificial intelligence.

I – (Artificial) Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most interesting and eye-opening topics in this class. It really pushes that creepy/cool line, especially with the uncertainty around its limits. I still don’t know how to feel about the AI citizen, but either way, I don’t think AI is a detrimental thing. This class has taught me that it could be really beneficial for society; we just need to adjust our perspectives.

J – Joyful

  • Overall, it has been a joy coming to this class every Wednesday. The daunting 2.5 hours ended up being a pleasant, informative, worthwhile investment of time.

K – Key

  • It has been a key to so many questions that I have had, and that I am sure many others have, they just don’t know it.

L – Late

  • It has reinforced my thought that you can’t be late to the game when it comes to technology. If you are, you’ll be too late. Now is the time to push the limits, bringing creativity and innovation to the table if you want to be on top.

M – Millennials

  • The group that is best at creativity and innovation is the millennials. This class has given a new light to the millennial group, highlighting their skills and intelligence. Although I might be biased, the millennial group is simply taking advantage of its resources.

N – Next

  • The millennials know what’s coming next. They are the next group lead the digital world and take it in a whole new direction that has yet to be discovered. This class has taught me to be part of that group, to always be on the lookout for what is next.

O – Observations

  • The class has taught me to stay relevant and know what has been going on recently in the tech world. These things are our future, and it’s important to stay in the know. While it is easy to look at these new things and automatically criticize, it’s important to look at the positive aspects too.

P – Positive

  • Social media has a generally negative connotation, however, under that negativity, there is a lot of positivity also. It is how the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral, how GoFundMe raises so much money for those in need, and how many get their news from throughout the world. It also connects family and friends who are apart.

Q – Quality

  • But a lot of this is dependent on the quality of the material that is put out there. We learned about all of the ads sent out that clearly weren’t thought out beforehand like Dove’s controversial ad with the subject removing their shirt to reveal a different skin colored woman.

R – Robots

  • We have robots that are able to sift through things like this and filter out certain things, which seems scary, but robots are actually benefitting society, specifically in the medical world, doing surgeries, predicting the future, etc.

S – Snacks

  • Did you really think I could go through this whole post without mentioning the snacks? Obviously not. The snacks were definitely one of the best parts of this class.

T – Twitter

  • Before this class, I thought about Twitter as a now useless social media platform that no one uses anymore, but I was pleasantly surprised by it after using it for this class. Now, I think as Twitter as a critical communication tool that is responsible for the spread of information all across the world. It is especially useful for the spread of information quickly, which in emergency situations, is crucial.

U – Understanding

  • Overall, I feel I have gained a greater understanding of digital platforms and their purposes. I no longer think of them as purely for entertainment, but as tools that keep our world revolving.

V – Virality

  • One of my favorite topics in the class was virality and the reasoning behind it. Whether it’s tacky wedding entrances, or raising money for ALS, virality can be positive or negative, either way making a huge impact.

W – Winners

  • Those who succeed at these aspects are the winners. They are who come out on top, and they are the ones who are shaping our future digital world.

X – (e)X(ceptionally surprised)

  • I have been exceptionally surprised by the amount of intellectual stimulation this class has brought. Before, I thought “Sweet, an easy class about social media,” but now I have a much higher respect for all platforms and all businesses who take on digital platforms.

Y – You

  • It has been because of all of you reading it that the class has been so enjoyable. Grad students are friends, not food. (Nemo reference, anyone?)

Z – Zzzzzzz

  • I have learned how interesting these small little things can add up to be. This certainly was not a boring class. Thank you, Professor Kane, for the semester.


And now that we have all completed the class, I feel like we feel like this about our blogging skills and fingers. Thanks again ISYS6621 for a great class. spiritfingers


  1. whitmcdonald2 · ·

    Brittany! This is so clever!!! Great post. I thought you were just going to do a couple but you really nailed it! So funny, relatable, honest, and great insight to our class, how fast the changes come, and how important it is to stay relevant. I think we have all improved on blogging and it is awesome to see all of the different insight and perspective we bring to the table- including this one!! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yvette Zhou · ·

    It is so interesting that you use “Alphabet” to describe the experience and summarize what we learned! I guess we have all learned so much from the class and see the things never known before! Also, we have learned from each other during the class! I have empathy with you!

  3. sejackson33 · ·

    Awesome final post, Brittany! This was such a creative way to reflect on all of the different aspects of the class. I think you did a great job touching on the majority of topics/features of the class.

  4. This was awesome! It actually helped me remember a lot of the key specifics we talked about that were representative of major themes. Really creative way to recap the semester! — great post!

  5. ojeagle121 · ·

    Pretty neat post! As soon as I realized what you were doing I scrolled ahead to see what you would put for X .. well played. I agree especially with your comment on Twitter. I really thought it was a place for celebrities to get into twitter fights with fans, but I definitely have come to realize the importance of it.

  6. rjacques62 · ·

    Really clever last post! Although, I think I have to disagree with you that Amazon is ” clearly going to take over the entire world” – I think we’ll all be surprised about the capabilities of their competitors.

  7. mgiovanniello · ·

    This is such a clever post! I really enjoyed reading this as a means of reflecting on the class, and I agree with all of the points you made and things you are thankful for. I, too, was afraid of blogging — but by the end of the semester, I feel that I learned a lot of practical skills that I can hopefully carry forward with me (as with most of the material we learned in class). I’ll definitely miss #IS6621!

  8. ericiangesuale · ·

    Love this creative way to recap our past semester! I think you covered almost every single big topic that we discussed throughout the semester. I have to agree with you on blockchain — I try to understand it but it is definitely going to take some more work until I can explain it to another person. I also liked the H being used for Hospital as there truly is so much important digitization going on there.

  9. paulandresonbc · ·

    Nicely done Brittany. I found this to be quite clever and accurate. You covered many of the key things that I would like to take away from this class. It has been a very encompassing semester and I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from our discussions.

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