The 14 Weeks of IS6621

On the twelfth week of IS6621
Professor Kane gave to me:
12 #D Posts
11, 373 Price of Bitcoin
10 iPhone models
9 Bills out of workUntitled-1
8 Machines a Leaning
7 Blog Posts
6 Uber Scandals
5 Activities on Facebook
4 Giant companies
3 Cognitive Surpluses
2 Sided Networks
and a Jeff Bezos takeover

Over the course of the semester we have covered many topics (several stated above) and I learned more in this class, than I have in any other class at Boston College. And this was without any exams, traditional homework assignments, or papers—however this would be hard to squeeze in within the blogs, comments, tweets, presentation, and readings we had to do. Every class we covered social media and digital business topics that were interesting and very relevant in current events. The twitter aspect also forced me to be up to date on current events likes never before. It not only improved the dialogues we all had in-class, but it also improved my conversations outside of class. For example, this semester I have entered in conversations about topics I knew little to nothing about before—like Bitcoin, Blockchain, and AI—and found myself actually contributing to the discussion. This class also gave us the freedom to explore the fields that interested us most through our blogs, tweets and presentations. The enthusiasm we all had on the things we choose to converse where evident in our in-class discussions, online conversations, and in our presentations and it made the class material more stimulating and enjoyable to be a part of. Never have I had this type of autonomy in a class and I really enjoyed engaging in this type of learning style.

This course also gave me some incite at what I might want to do with my life—or at least what I kind of internship I want to apply to. I am a marketing and entrepreneurship concentration and at the beginning of the year I had no idea what I was going to do with these concentrations. However, this class has given me incite on how integrated these two subjects really are and how I can apply them to the field I want to focus on.

If there is one thing we have learned in this class it is the power of social media, specifically for businesses. Correctly implementing social media strategies can give company’s access to their customers in ways they could never have had before. We learned this is the presentation about the minor baseball league the Yard Goats, the startup e-commerce site Shit That I Knit, the BC Football recruiting social media efforts and many more. I also mentioned this in my Netflix presentation, that the company uses its social media presence to really get to know their audience and then post content that would appeal to their target. Knowing your customer base is an essential component in marketing because if you do not know your customers you will not be able to sell them your product or service. Therefore, social media provides an incredibly useful tool for marketers, and I have become increasingly interested in the strategies companies can implement to optimize their social platforms.

Social media

Another aspect of IS6621 that has influenced my career choice was Lindsay Sutton’s talk to the class. I thought her life was so cool and all the projects that she had worked on in as a social media creative and a digital strategy lead super interesting. I was really fascinated in all the aspects of the Twine launching campaign could be tested or adjusted through social media. When Lindsay discussed the launch of John Hancock’s new service it helped me tie in my entrepreneurship concentration into my newly found career goal. A big part of launching an enterprise is the go-to-market plan. In our current digital age, these plans almost always involve a social media aspect for with social media analytics show the amount of engagement each campaign is receiving and you are able to modify the campaign so it bests matches the target audience. Lindsay also mentioned that a large amount of her job is hypothesis –led, meaning testing hunches to see if they work and then shifting them if they do not. This is the exact mentality that entrepreneurs have, for they see if they can solve some sort of problem and then tweak the idea continuously until it satisfies the issue.


So, in these 14 weeks I can actually say that IS6621 has had a real impact on my life. I actually learned and retained the subject matter without doing traditional stressful exams, and was genuinely interested in the material. And not that I am going to miss the saying “Oh I still need to tweet one more time and #D” I will miss the discussions that all that our deliverables led too. Social media and digital business also helped led me to a possible career path to follow in the social and digital strategy sector of marketing. All in all, this class has been one of the most rewarding I have taken at Boston College, even though I am zero idea what my grade is going to be.


  1. m_thompson19 · ·

    I loved the creativity of this post!! I admit, I tried to sing the whole list. So funny to think that our whole semester can be boiled down into a Christmas jingle. You did a great job encapsulating the essence of the course

  2. mgiovanniello · ·

    Awesome last post and even better #IS6621-themed jingle! As I discussed in my reflection post, I really enjoyed absorbing the insights throughout the semester from our classmates too. I’m also amazed at how much I learned in one semester without a single exam or paper!

  3. juliabrodigan · ·

    Great Post! I love how you talked about how important social media is for businesses. Social media can be the “it” factor that allows a company to succeed if it is utilized correctly. In this day and age, a company needs to be up to date with its technology and social media to succeed (in most cases). Also, if the company is able to have an amazing social media strategy it can really help it and increase sales, publicity and popularity.

  4. paulandresonbc · ·

    Great post, I really appreciated your Christmas jingle as well. I think the one takeaway that you and I shared is the true power of social media. Whether it be for a small business, a large company, or a college football team, leveraging this tool in today’s day and age is truly essential for success. Nice wrap-up of our semester!

  5. Haha. Love the 12 Day’s of Christmas (although Uber scandals might be a bit low at 6). I do have to say that your closing quote is actually one of my goals in this class: “All in all, this class has been one of the most rewarding I have taken at Boston College, even though I am zero idea what my grade is going to be.” Sometimes I think that grades really get in the way of learning.

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