Initial Thoughts: Curious and Overwhelmed

As we start off the year in ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business I think my feelings are somewhat constricted when I tried to create a title for this post. As a Senior, I like to think that I’ve gotten the whole BC class formula down: Read the syllabus, note the exam days, and read over your notes before the Final Exam. Well…it’s not that simple but that’s the basic idea. However, once stepping foot into Social Media and Digital Business, a class which I had heard might be out of the box, my second semester of Senior Year just got a lot more interesting.

Watching Professor Kane exude his confidence during his presentation on Digital Maturity while maintaining humor was really something to note. I cherish when BC Professors let their personalities come through the class material and typically this is what makes or breaks a class. Professor Kane was not unlike my Introduction to Programming professor who Day 1, allowed us to understand his passion for classroom teaching without bogging us down in the material too deeply. I’ve also sat through many Finance classes here at BC, in which the Professor truly enjoyed the beauty of a mathematical proof of a Financial Formula that not one single person in the rest of the class was able to follow. His or her passion clearly showed but unfortunately was lost on us students who could hear the jaws music in the background as we thought about the next exam. Below is an actual excerpt of the Black Scholes Option Pricing Formula Proof.

Black Scholes

However, this blog post is titled curious and overwhelmed so I did land on those words for a few reasons. While Professor Kane comes off as exciting to learn from, my curiosity cannot come without some feelings of being overwhelmed. As a second semester senior, I have had dreams of hanging with friends and worrying about less than 8 days of deliverables. Now, I’m juggling 15 varying date assignments for a single class. Did I sign up for death by 1000 needles? The tweets, tweet replies, blog posts, blog comments, weekly survey, individual presentations, I even have to figure out how to get a snack for the whole class while cooking for myself, a single person, is nothing short of solving a gigaminx (pictured below). Yea…one could say that I’m overwhelmed.

However, I am excited for this class. I’m excited to be able to take my random article reading tendencies and attempt to talk about them online. I’m excited to try to learn how to blog rather than letting my thoughts fly onto the page as I am now. I’m excited to see if Social Media and Digital Business actually creates a community of learning online rather than in the classroom. Oftentimes a class might be learning together, but the community comes to a halt when suddenly you’re all thrust into an exam room and come out the other side as a burnt batch of chocolate chip cookies. Nobody wants to remember that class, everyone just wants to complain about it afterwards.

I hope that the curiosity which I felt during Professor Kane’s digital maturity presentation will overtake the overwhelming feelings I am having. I liked hearing about how companies want young talent like us to push their company forward in preparation for the digital age. While recruiting and the job search seems to constantly be working against us, we should remember that these companies are coming to campus for a reason, to actually find talent like us. We should be proud and excited to go into the workforce rather than my constant feelings that the end of college is the end of my childhood.


So let’s have a great semester in Social Media and Digital Business. I will be trying my best to keep my head up even when it seems that there couldn’t possibly be more to blog about or tweet about. I think our constant feedback to one another through comments and tweets should make this class fun. So let’s get ready for a great semester because if any class can make you as excited as @Katie Golden was about Spotify, then I guess I’m in.



  1. Great opening post. My hope (and expectation) is that the “1000 needles” will evolve into a few easily understood patterns. Hopefully, that process should start coming together this week and next.

  2. mikecarillo111 · ·

    I totally know that feeling of thinking you know the system by now, and that senior year should be a nice routine with more free time. Hopefully, your curiosity and enthusiasm stay strong over the semester. I liked your line about creating an online community.

  3. oliverhowe14 · ·

    I felt the same way. I picked up the class during add/drop after the first day and watched the class online instead of being there in person. I was terrified but excited to be in a class that isn’t the same copy and paste class with different content.

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