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Coming into this class, I really did not know what to expect.  Social media sparked my interest after I completed two internships that focused on digital marketing last semester. I was super excited when I found out that this class even existed.  I proceeded  to creep on the course canvas page before I stepped foot into class…probably the most overwhelming experience I have ever had on canvas. I’ve collected my thoughts, calmed myself, and come to terms that this class will be a journey.

So, here are my initial thoughts:

  1. I’m a weird combination of terrified and excited.

The only other time I really experience this feeling is when I am competing on the BC women’s golf team.  This class strangely gives me the same type of rush that I feel when I’m hitting into an island green while being in the lead by one stroke (if you don’t get that reference here’s a link).  Writing this blog right now is literally as if I’m watching the ball flying in the air, uncertain if it’s going to end up in the water or on land.

I have never seen a syllabus so carefully written out to warn/scare students, but also inform and guide them. It’s as if only the fittest will survive in this class.


2.) Becoming a “good blogger” will be a process

I am the kind of person who takes over a day to think of a clever Instagram caption. I sat at my computer for a good 30 minutes before starting to write this post. In all honesty, I even Googled “how to blog.”  This is what I discovered…

  • There are 4 paid searches that are hoarding the top Google search spaces on the keywords “how to blog”…(¾ of these paid searches are irrelevant to what I want and the top paid spot is owned by WordPress themselves)
  • Everyone seems to want to make money out of blogging these days.
  • No one can give you the answer.  All of the “be yourself”s that I read got me nowhere.  Let’s be honest, I barely know who I am.

So, after 30 more minutes of Googling, here I am typing nonsense.


3.) Social media and digital business are constantly evolving.

To think about my old AIM username makes me cringe a little.  MySpace? Do middle schoolers these days even know what that is?  “Internet Acronyms”: the professional term for LOL, WTF, LMAO, and BRB.  This “language” wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for…well obviously the internet.  All these little, I guess you can call them, trends have influenced society and business to reshape and keep up with today’s digital age.  Who would have ever thought that calling strangers to drive them from place to place and booking rooms in strangers houses would ever become socially acceptable?


I think it is best to learn about social media and digital business when we are truly immersed in a dynamically changing world. The fact that my mom asked me to teach her how to use Instagram so she could keep up with her friends made me realize that it is not just the millennials that are utilizing social media, but society as a whole.  Both social media and digital business has given us a new way to interact and connect; whether this is a good change or not is controversial.

4.) Social media plays a big role in my life

I hate to admit it, but I find myself clicking on the Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook app on my phone by habit. Those memes that make fun of girls and their mannerisms…they most likely relate to me. Unrelated to how much of a social media junkie I’ve become I also believe that millennials around my age are the last to remember calling their friends on landline phones or owning the trendy LG Chocolate phone.

We all used to know our best friend’s phone number by heart. Nowadays, I  only a handful of phone numbers memorized, while Instagram and twitter handles, that list is endless. We’ve come to an age where people are starting to exchange snapchat codes rather than getting someone’s number.  Some of you might think that social media might seem to take away human interaction since people like me would be willing to give away a limb for a successful post.  I have come to terms that a lot of social interactions revolve around posts and feeds.  Millennials have become obsessed with sharing their personal lives every second of the day and have become accustomed to keeping up with everyone’s social life.


This class hopefully will not only teach me how to write better blog posts, but also give me interesting point of views to social media and digital business.  I embrace the fact that this is not an ordinary course since this is not an ordinary topic to be teaching.  Overall, this class will probably take me on an emotional roller coaster as writing this blog post did. Thank you for reading the entirety…it does not really deserve a mic drop but…




  1. kylepdonley · ·

    Take the mic drop anyway, because I think this was a great start to blogging! Like you I have never blogged before and tend to get sucked into the void trying to think of the perfect word to start a title. In fact, I came to WordPress to write but decided to read your post for some encouragement instead. I also remember the days of AIM and Myspace *cringe* as well as having everyone’s phone numbers memorized. Hopefully, we will both learn how to evolve more quickly and gracefully with social media and digital business innovations throughout this class! If you ever need someone to commiserate with, just IM me at!

  2. Its more a syllabus that has evolved to try to keep students from gaming the system. I promise it will all become clear very soon. It will certainly be an interesting journey….it always is! Looking forward to it!

  3. murphycobc · ·

    I can totally relate to so much of your post! How often do we get so wrapped up in the caption or our online identity or how we appear digitally. And the you think, tech is so intertwined in our lives, it’s the same for businesses. If I can’t book a reservation or look at a menu didn’t a restaurant on my phone, there’s a 90% we don’t end up there. So their online persona can make or break them….and now I’m in a tornado of “does my online presence make or break me?!” I’m going to go put up some moody lyrics in my away message and think about this all!

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