I hate how much I love you, Social Media

Social media and I have been close friends for many years now and we go back and forth between love and hate. At times, I really appreciate the ability to reach for my phone to browse through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’m a huge sucker for memes and I spend more time laughing at memes than I will ever admit to anyone… But hey, laughing is good for your health right? Nonetheless, when I realize how much of my time I unintentionally just killed with something so unproductive, I can’t help but hate how easy social media makes it to waste time. As a graduate student, managing my time has become so important to keep a balance in my life. It has ultimately caused me to drift away from social media this year more than ever. I know I can’t place the blame on the platforms though and I have to take responsibility for how I use them, but it’s easier said than done. I can acknowledge that there are benefits to social media that would make me feel less guilty about spending my time on them but I haven’t fully discovered them just yet. So when it came time to pick an elective, I remembered I had a friend who took this class and felt she got so much out of it so I decided to talk to her about it. I wanted to finally push myself to learn how to be smarter about my social media use and understand the digital world on a deeper level. Obviously, she convinced me to take this class.

Given that my friend and I had a lengthy conversation about her experience, my initial thoughts on this class were heavily influenced and biased by the feedback I got back from her. She LOVED this class and to this day still raves about how Professor Kane was one of her favorite professors and Social Media & Digital Business was one of her favorite classes. I remember when she had me try out the Nike Fitness App with her because she was testing it for a week in order to write a blog post about it after. I didn’t really give it much thought back then but now I realize what a cool idea that was and how awesome it was for her to get to incorporate technology into something we did every week anyway and then get to write about it for class. With such a great review from her, I was looking forward to getting started. Nonetheless, the first day still shook me up a little when Professor Kane went over all the assignments, due dates, expectations and the structure of the class. I felt overwhelmed at first and wondered if I was a right fit for the class. My friend had a great experience but what if she was just a better fit? I wouldn’t consider myself the most technologically savvy student and writing is one of my LEAST favorite things to do. The idea of blogging sounded dreadful to me. I studied accounting as my undergraduate major and am now getting my Master’s in Accounting. I like numbers; they’re my strong suit.


But then I thought, if I’m ever going to have a chance to improve on my weakest skills, this is it. I shook off the doubt and decided to not drop the class like some of my peers were going to. I had reached the conclusion that this class is an OPPORTUNITY. Professor Kane is engaging and creates the perfect environment to learn about this rapid moving topic. Like I mentioned, my initial motivation was to be more productive about my use of social media and learn more about the digital world and I have to accept that it won’t be easy but I’m confident that it will be worth it. My friend had assured me that I will get so much out of this class and I’m looking forward to it. After all, the world is being taken over by technology so I can’t let myself pass up this opportunity to be a well-rounded individual on track with the pace of the business world. This is my last semester of college (finally) and my last chance to take a class on something other than numbers and rules. Even in accounting, the presence of the digital world will always be prominent and I need to be prepared. In fact, Professor Kane’s presentation on digital maturity during the second class confirmed my thoughts and proved how many businesses and employees recognize the importance of digital maturity. 


I deleted Twitter in high school because it had become too much of a time-consuming distraction, but then I resorted to Instagram and Snapchat and now I’m just distancing myself all together. I know I need a balance so I’m looking forward to learning how to use these apps as a tool to stay informed and efficient. I hope to come out of this class as a productive member of the social media and the digital business world. What that will really entail, I will find out throughout the semester. As with any good challenge, I’m nervous but excited to take this on.


  1. Lucy Wilson · ·

    Really enjoyed reading your post, Jenny! I can especially identify with your point about being numbers-oriented. I, myself, am studying Economics and feel like the majority of work I do revolves around abstract numbers. No doubt that the blogging thing will be daunting for a while! At the same time, though, it’s a great opportunity to allot regular spans of time to (1) reading more about our interests and (2) practicing how to articulate them appropriately to meet the audience and context.

  2. Man, I confess that I’m feeling pressure this semester because of the positive comments like these. Each class is always a little bit different, but I’m always surprised at how well each of them go. Let’s hope we can recreate the magic this semester! I think we’re off to a great start!

  3. nescrivag · ·

    I think that setting a goal for this class is a very smart way to become more engaged and have a true intention when creating content for the class. With all the social media platforms that exist today it is obviously hard to decide which ones will bring the most value to you. I think that it is important to balance our use of social media platforms without overusing some of them. I know I get annoyed at people who post their entire day in their Instagram Stories. When this happens, I get bored and stop watching their stories all together and I don’t think that is their goal.
    I hope this course helps you reach your goal to become more efficient at using social media!

  4. I have to agree with you, Jenny, I was quite intimidated the first class as well, but it did help that Prof. Kane admitted the first class is daunting with due dates and from there we get into the good stuff. Like you, I have a similar relationship with social media. I use it everyday, but I can’t confidently say it adds anything to my life. So, why do I spend so much time on it? I would love to get a better understanding of my relationship with the addicting networks this semester and hopefully feel like I gain more control in doing so (I will be talking more about this in my blog post for this week, which will be posted shortly!)

  5. I could not agree with the first paragraph more. All in all, this class really is more than a class. It will give us the chance to expand our skills within social media, while learning more about it and the world around us. I thought your blog was really interesting and gave a well thought out point of view! I would have loved to read more about your thoughts on the love/hate relationship you have with technology/social media!

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