This Could Be the Start, Of Something New

Hello blogworld. Really excited to start to get the ball rolling in this class. Few things about me first before I get started:

  1. Huge Philadelphia sports fan. Go Birds.

3rTk.gif    2.   I have never done any formal blogging so bear with me for the first couple posts.

   3.   I strongly believe that BC Dining has the best bread rolls out there.



Now that we got that out of the way I am very excited to be a part of this class. I do not have any formal blogging experience, but I really cannot think of a better time to start. Last time I had to write a blog post was in the 5th grade when I had to write a blog about how Golden Retrievers compare to buttered toast. To this day, I still have no idea. Looking back on it, I never in my life imagined that I would formulate a sentence with both Golden Retriever and buttered toast in it.


Anyways, back on topic, one factor that drew my attention for wanting to sign up for this class was the time. I am NOT a morning person. You will not catch me on campus or out of my room for that matter before 11AM.

For one thing, I had no clue that this class existed until a week before I was scheduled to pick classes. After talking to some people who were previously in the class, I decided to sign up for it. They did warn me however that even though the class is titled ‘Social Media and Digital Business’, the workload was that of a multivariable calculus class. But who doesn’t love a challenge? To be completely honest, the fact that the course had such a rigorous workload made me want to take it even more. Preparing to have an internship this upcoming summer, I believe that taking this course will allow me to elevate my work ethic. Because this course is so demanding, I will be forced to stay on top of things and also be constantly involved.

On a more serious note…

My expectations for this class now are very high. A lot of people have a very on-the-surface understanding of what social media is and how its useful. In this class, I hope and expect to peel back the surface layers, and really get a good understanding of social media and how technology is evolving in the business world. With all the MBA students who have been exposed to the business world, I’m both excited and eager to hear their takes on how social media and emerging technology is revolutionizing the way we conduct business.



Most classes that I have taken here have been lecture classes where the professor speaks the whole time and the students sit down and take notes only to learn the material for the sole purpose of getting a good test grade. It is very rare to see a class that is structured the way this one is. It is the only one I know of at BC where the students are the ones who shape the class, with the teacher being the guide to carry on the conversation. I want to be able to sit down in a classroom and explore the ideas that my fellow classmates want to talk about. At home with my housemates we always have discussions about what is being said on twitter, so I am looking forward to discussing current topics regarding social media and digital technology with people who will have different opinions than them.

The class topic that I am most looking forward to is the Artificial Intelligence discussion. I don’t really know that much about AI, but it seems as if all the major tech companies are introducing AI. For example, Amazon launched the Amazon Echo, the household AI bluetooth device named Alexa. I am curious as to know just how intelligent Alexa is, and if she is as intelligent and smart as Amazon advertizes, is there a possible threat to the customers? Do you believe that in the near future AI will replace humans in the workforce? If so, is that good or bad for us?


Here are my final thoughts:

I love social media. There is nothing I don’t like about social media. When I finish school next year, I hope to work around social media and marketing. It is one of the few subjects that I thoroughly enjoy. I love how it connects people from such diverse backgrounds. It is a common platform where anyone can voice their opinion or share their brilliant ideas. I am very excited for this class and cannot wait to learn from everyone else’s presentations.



And with that I’ll leave you with my weekly riddle:

What can you hold in your right hand, but not your left?


See you in two weeks!



  1. I think its a real shame there aren’t more discussion-oriented classes here at BC. That’s what this is, except we use the tools to continue the discussion on multiple platforms throughout the week. And the comparison to a multivariate calculus course is high praise. My hope, though, is that you’ll forget its work and just engage. Many students finish the course realizing they did far more than the required work (but they are also rewarded for it).

  2. phanauer1 · ·

    Great post! I really enjoyed reading this and share a lot of your same feelings about the nature of classes at BC – most are lecture based and those that are discussion based feel really structured and sort of dry. That said I’m also really looking forward to an open and engaged discussion about business cases as well as input from what’s happening around us and in our own lives! While I’m here, the answer to answer your riddle is your left hand.

  3. mariaknoerr · ·

    Your left hand!

    I agree that AI is one of the most interesting topics on our syllabus that I look forward to digging into later in the semester. Since I have Alexa at home, I have personally experienced many of the pros and cons of Amazon’s first venture into this technology. I think it was revolutionary at the time but has a ton of opportunity and important implications for the future. I have started connecting Alexa to other devices in my home, and I would say it works well about 90% of the time. It is not the most knowledgeable platform when it comes to asking for explicit information. While it is a little bit scary when she speaks or just starts listening without being prompted, as a connected-home platform it is pretty impressive. But it does raise the concern of privacy and data security, especially when these devices are connected to payment methods and personal account information. What level of convenience are we willing to compromise our security for?

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