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This class is going to be a rollercoaster of firsts for me. Because of this class I can now say that I have a twitter for the first time, something that I was always too lazy to make. I am now writing my very own first blog post which is both overwhelming and a bit exciting. I am excited to look back and cringe at this post by the end of the year as I hopefully improve my blogging abilities

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What excites me about this class is that each time Professor Kane teaches it, it has to be different. Things are so constantly changing that the class will probably adapt even over the time of this semester. I hope to become a master tweeter so I can stay relevant after I graduate. I have never been very into social media. I didn’t get a facebook until late in high school and I rarely posted anything. I enjoy using social media to see what friends are up to and to stay up to date with news, however I rarely feel the need to post anything whether it be on instagram or facebook or snapchat. As my friends know I am a notoriously bad at responding on social media  so you could say social media and I have a complicated relationship. Maybe this class will empower me to post more often. I am definitely intimidated by the workload in this class, I’m going to have a hard time remembering to use twitter and as I am writing this I am realizing I should probably download the app to be a visual reminder.


I wanted to take this class because I think no matter what field you go into, digital business is going to be extremely relevant. I am in a digital marketing class this semester as well and I hope between the two classes to be in a good place to enter the workforce with a digital background. With things constantly changing, I want to leave college as up to date as possible. I am excited to learn as much from my classmates as I can, and we are lucky to have such a range of experiences between grad students and undergrad students. I think this class will also get me in the habit of keeping up to date with digital trends, through needing to tweet and write blog posts throughout the class.

Blogging is something I have very little experience with. I rarely read any blog posts in my day to day and have never thought about blogging myself. I guess I never felt the need to share my thoughts with the world in this way. But luckily for you all here they come, pure and unfiltered (not true I mean this is a class). I don’t really know blog edicate, should I be writing as if I am talking to you? I’ve never felt like blogs should be too formal but I suppose I wouldn’t know either way. I think I am going to learn a lot from my classmates in this regard, so thank you in advance to those of you who know how to do this blogging situation.

Social media seems like a dangerous thing for everyone to have access to. I mean look at Mr. Trump, that man should clearly not be allowed a twitter. We live in a time where anyone can post anything they want on social media in a very scary free for all. This is a big change for business where now companies have to have 2 way dialogue with customers through facebook and twitter. I am excited to learn about how companies make use of social media and how it shaped changes in the last few years.

I am excited to look at the music industry and social media. Specifically how bands use social media to connect with fans on levels that were never possible before. I spend more time sifting through spotify than I do on netflix so I’m very glad we are growing up in the streaming/digital era of music. I have the ability to listen to so many different bands without having to buy countless CDS. It also is easier to get band recommendations, no longer do people have to risk buying music that they might not end up enjoying. With streaming you can try anything risk free and there are lots of forums for music fans to share their band recommendations. What a glorious time to be alive.

Hopefully I will start to get into the rhythm of this class by this week and be ready to make some great blog posts. I look forward to reading all of yours and learning about you all as the semester goes along. Social media and I are about to become much better acquainted. Here we go.  



  1. Lucy Wilson · ·

    Tyler—completely agree with your point about how the class varies each semester. In addition to the changing landscape of technology and digital business, I would add that the students and their individual interests vary from class to class. No two presentations or blog posts will ever be exactly the same comparing one semester to a previous. That being said, I’m excited to see how the interests of our class will actively shape our learning throughout the semester.

  2. kseniapekhtere1 · ·

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you that digital business will be relevant in every industry and that it is important to understand this trend and, as you said, “be as up to date as possible”. Once I was told by my college professor that what we are learning now most likely be irrelevant 10 years after we start working. So the most valuable part of college is learning how to learn. And I think this class will help us with that by teaching us how to use various social media platforms and open us to a variety of knowledge since we will learn from each other and our interests. For example, I don’t know a lot about social media and music industry but I am excited to learn from you and your experiences and hopefully apply some of that knowledge.

  3. roarkword · ·

    I share your interest in the possibilities that social media affords both bands and fans in forging connections and encouraging a dialogue. Companies have already come to understand the double edged sword that this can be if they overstep (our strategic brand mgmt Porsche case comes to mind) and it will be interesting to see how fan engagement is handled by musicians and record labels, whether that be keeping fans at arms length or creating a more open line of communication. The advent of Spotify and Apple Music streaming primacy will also more than likely lead to a shake in the way music gets produced…maybe traditional labels have reason to be concerned.

  4. Keenan Neff · ·

    Tyler – I too agree that it is pretty amazing to see how bands and artists nowadays are connecting with their fans. I don’t know if you are familiar with the rapper Lil Dicky, but he created a Kickstarter to finish his album back in 2013 because he ran out of money. He had one pretty decent song but he turned to social media to gain support, raising over 110k to help him finish his project. He now has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, and other pretty notable rappers. It is also pretty amazing to see how bands are constantly in interaction with their fans when they go on tour in different cities.

    Roarkword – I completely agree with your comment on how traditional labels should be concerned with the every growing streaming services of Apple Music and Spotify. Record labels seem to be a thing of the past, with all of the new artist in our day and age utilizing social media and the various different streaming platforms. Here is an interesting article about the clash between traditional record labels and Spotify that you may find interesting. https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/18/dictate-top-40/ . It talks about how record labels receive 70% of all Spotify’s royalties, but Spotify is slowly weakening the power of record companies.

  5. addisonBC2018 · ·

    Tyler, I love your voice and I am really looking forward to your future posts! I really enjoy how you connect your interests to a specific industry, such as music, because it is an industry which is evolving at a rapid rate with new technology. I think that putting a focus on studying this will give you a leg up if you ever wanted to enter the music industry, and would be a great talking point for interviews!

  6. You’re right, it is different every semester, which makes it fun (and challenging) to teach!

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