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Believe it or not, this is my first blog post ever. Guess it might be a move out of my comfort zone, haha!


Although I have read quite a few blog posts including posts for this class, sitting down and actually writing one takes me to another level. It is not like writing an essay or an report. It is more like expressing myself in front of a bunch of readers, whom I may or may not meet in the real life. I would say I am writing this blog post in my relaxing mode, but I have to be responsible for my readers, trying to make it more interesting to read. It is an interesting experience for me so far, so is this class. Social media and digital business, as Professor Kane stated it, is very different indeed.

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A little bit about myself, I am an international student from China. I came to the United States in 2011 as a sophomore in high school. Since Facebook is blocked in China, that means I did not have an facebook account until I was 16. I am not an intense Facebook user, only logging in my facebook page once in a while, leaving birthday posts when Facebook helps me remember. Quite frankly, I don’t post anything on my “American” social media very often, while I did witness some companies going up and down, such as vine and yik yak. Among various social media apps, I love instagram the most, since it has high-quality pictures, short videos and stories. I once post the breakfast I made on instagram for 50 consecutive days, which would be my special experience related to social media.


Yet it does not mean I am not an active user on social media. I would say I am somewhat addicted to, or a majority of Chinese people are addicted to a super powerful social media tool – wechat. It started with an app only for sending messages only, now it is influencing everything in a person’s life. You can make calls, request Didi (this company acquired Uber in China) or ofo (stationless smart bike sharing), online shopping and etc. Now its company Tencent is developing new features such as using wechat as metro card, aggregating digital personal ID into wechat. Technologies is developing and influencing our life way more than we expect. It is social media along with digital business that makes us feel the impact of technology. That is main reason I choose this course, which is to decipher the codes behind social media and digital business, to know their logic and significance, and hopefully to envision trends in the near future.


I will also be doing a presentation tomorrow in class about a digital business company I interned last summer. The way they are business is quite fascinating. I am looking forward to discussing it with you guys!




  1. kennedy__bc · ·

    Dingnan, I think WeChat would be an extremely interesting topic to post a blog about sometime this semester. Comparing WeChat’s wide range of uses to that of Facebook (like our weekly readings described) is a topic that I believe would be very informative. Can’t wait to hear your presentation tomorrow!

  2. kikinitwithraf · ·

    With Facebook playing such a huge role in exposing companies to a broad audience, I’m interested to see how target ads function in China. Are there similar social media platforms for companies to target consumers? If so, how are the algorithms any different or similar to the ones Facebook utilizes in order to rank and recommend ads. Further, it would be neat to examine the data behind the effectiveness of social media in China vs the US and analyze the areas of opportunity.

  3. As I’ve told some of your international student peers, I really enjoy having international students in the class. You guys help keep me informed about these topics from a global perspective, which is important as digital tools are connecting everyone across the globe.

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