Initial thoughts.

In the first week’s class, I was a little intimidated by the different deliverables and the format of this class, even though professor trying to make clear what we are going to do in this class, I still confused about the format and how the grading system works. I am a Master of accounting student and this is my second semester in BC, just like many other students, I have never taken this kind of class before, and taking this course is a great challenge for me. Because I am not a good public speaker and I almost never read any blogs. And I’m an international student, which means that English is my second language, I can do exams, homework every single day, but speaking and writing are extremely challenging. Even I know that these two things are a huge portion of our grades, but I think one of the great things of this class is that we can be really engaged in the class, by making comment to others’ blogs, writing reviews on other’s presentations. This process can help me learn a lot from the others and be able to improve myself.



I do enjoy different technology which makes my life a lot easier, and in nowadays, business and technology are becoming more and more inseparable. Many emerging businesses today are deeply connected with technology, some of these new businesses are started with solving the small problems in real life by taking advantage of new technology. For example, in holidays, people want to visit the Disney Land but all of the affordable hotels are booked in Orlando, and the local residents want some extra income, hence people invented Airbnb as a platform in our smartphone to solve this problem. Uber is another similar example, the idea of Airbnb and Uber cannot be accomplished without the technology and the users of such technology.



In the accounting industry, Big Four accounting firms are using Artificial intelligence to help them work faster and better. Such as PWC, is developing their own artificial intelligence and trying to apply it to tax and the audit process. New technology could be a game changer for business and different profession. I think it is very important for students to understand the recent trends of technology and how they relate to different business, this is an important reason for me to take this class.



In summary, I do have multiple goals to achieve in this class, which includes public speaking, blog writing, interacting with people, and having a more thorough understanding of the relationship between business and technology.


  1. Keenan Neff · ·

    Writing and speaking are not my forte either, but that’s what I love about this class. In any other class, especially in CSOM, you do not get to improve these skills. I think one of the most important skills to have in the business world is collaboration. This class is centered around collaboration and communication, which is why I am so excited about it. Being able to talk and converse with everyone on a daily basis, whether it be in class discussions, commenting on blogs, or on twitter is a very beneficial way to learn. You learn more about yourself when you interact with others, which is why I am looking forward to all of the interactions that I’ll be having with other students.

  2. RayCaglianone · ·

    Hey Henry, I too have similar goals coming into class: I’ve never had to maintain a blog or Twitter before so that aspect is intimidating to me as well. I also get nervous about public speaking, especially solo, so I think the individual presentation will be a good way to hone my skills in that regard. I think we will both take a lot of lessons from this class!

  3. NeroC1337 · ·

    HAHA, I totally get what you saying about the international student thing. As a international student myself, Gosh, I wish I could just take courses that do not have presentation as part of the grade and assignment to do. But honestly, it always feels great after you give a really good presentation. Even if you may put a lot more efforts into your public speaking and presentation just to get on the same level with the native speakers, it always feels so rewarding after the presentation. I was intimidated by the INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION, which I have barely done any in the past. I’m a little scared, but also stoked about the individual presentation, because I finally have the opportunity to talk about everything, I want to talk about.

  4. I actually think that international students have less trouble with the writing portion of the course, and more trouble with keeping up with the conversation. That is one of the main reasons I do the small groups. I also do really try to make sure that ALL students have a chance to contribute, so come talk to me in a few weeks if you’re finding you have difficulty speaking up. I have some tricks to help.

    On the upside, international students also often bring a unique angle to the topic that we would miss out on otherwise. I’ve learned alot about the differences in social media/ digital business globally from my international students.

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