The one test that could change your life


I could write about my marketing funnel going out on Wednesday. The ad spend that I hope is worth it, the videos I made to go along with the soap opera email sequence, or even the freebies I created for my target audience.

I would rather tell you about the test you can take that can transform your life. Then, in turn this will help you market yourself better now and in the future. Sound good?

I want to encourage you guys to take the test and come back here and continue reading. Try to take the test quickly and not think too much. It’s only 11 minutes I will explain on a very basic level what the letters mean and what you can do with your business or at work so you are aligned with your personality.

My personality type is “the entrepreneur” (ESTP).

(I) Introverted, quiet, reserved (E) Extroverted, loud, outgoing

(N) Intuitive, random, no rules (S) Structure, predictability, rules

(F) Feelings, Emotional (T) Thinking, logical, rational

(P) Perceiving and indecisive (J) Judging and decisive

What does it mean?

The good thing about this test is you can learn to move from one side or the other depending on what you need. As someone that shows 90% extroverted, I have to learn to STFU more often. Sometimes I need to take a step back and do an in depth analysis.

In each of the 4 letters you can be one or other as I show here down the list. I have, for the majority of life been on the extroverted side. Meaning, that I draw energy from being around a lot of people, and suffer more from negative people around me. As an introvert, it may take more energy to be around people for long periods of time. It also means you have to make a more conscious effort in a business setting to be more introverted. Or at least turn on the people loving button.


The next finding is between (N) and (S). The argument can be made that creatives, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs should all be (N). They don’t want to do social norms and function like everyone else. (S) personality likes structure and rules. These are most people that operate well in jobs. This is also the kind of people you want to hire for analytical, structured roles. This has been tough for me, as I struggle to create content without a specific structure in place.

(F) personality makes more decisions based on feelings. They believe feelings are more important than logic. (T) Thinking and logical people want to solve the problem with a logical answer. Have you ever tried to argue logic with someone that responds with feelings?

The final letter (P) and (J). (P) means perceiving and taking in lots of information and being indecisive. While (J) means judging and decisive. I think with so much information, a lot of us can become indecisive. I am consciously aware that I like to take in a lot of information. Meaning I have to work consistently on making a decision and moving to action.

Of course, this is just the basics. I am curious to know what you guys thought of the test. This is one tool for your self-marketing arsenal.

Night Cap

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Trials and tribulation:
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  1. profgarbusm · ·

    I got ENFJ and while I appreciate these kinds of personality tests I must warn you that (in my opinion) these are vastly overrated and overthought at an individual level. I do believe that while these can point to specific correlations within certain groups of people, its important not to pigeon hole oneself based on a 15 minute exam.
    Love that you brought this to the classes attention!

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Thanks bud! I don’t pigeon hole anyone in one 15 minute exam. I do so in many:) And then I help them break out of them. If I didn’t start clients on simple tests they would be stuck not knowing where to start. It’s similar to the confusion when everyone tells you to do one thing, but how do you it’s best for you? Start somewhere.

  2. kylepdonley · ·

    Hey Brian, nice post. I have always been skeptical about these as @profgarbusm is. That being said, I suppose everything is what you make of it and it seems like you have really found a way to interpret it so that you can get some value out of it. I believe anything that encourages someone to be introspective, or at least self-aware around others, is extremely valuable. Good luck with the launch on Wednesday!

  3. roarkword · ·

    Informative post, Brian! As with my classmates, I have my qualms with compartmentalizing one’s personality and skillset into a 4 letter sequence like Myers Briggs. However I do like how you’ve managed to leverage it into an ability to better self market yourself; a crucial skill especially for a marketer. It can also help someone find their ideal position within a company given their designated personality type and this could be genuinely affirming for someone struggling with their fit in an organization.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Thanks bud. This is helpful for everyone. If anything to understand our programming is biased and of course natural inclination is skepticism. Keep in mind that focusing on the positive and strengths is where you live a life true to your core.

  4. Jobabes121 · ·

    I also took a similar test in my Organizational Behavior class (Myers Briggs), where I received a result similar to ENFP in this test. As an extrovert, I am on your side as well, but I also prefer spontaneity and creativity rather than set expectations or rules that are rather mundane. My thoughts on these tests are neither skeptical nor affirming. It gives a good sense of what kind of personality you have, but it does not necessarily function as a deal-breaker in advertising yourself as a certain type of candidate. Anyone can fake this to be honest, and there are only a few combinations of such possibilities that in a job market with a variety of personalities seeking jobs, I think this would only help one excel at a particular job if anything, not necessarily helpful in an interview/job seeking setting. That said, this would help one determine what kinds of career path are good fit for him/her, or give an idea of where he/she can improve/change in order to adapt to a particular industry that he/she wants to work in.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Thanks for your response! We all have a heavy bias to the negative so I would be cautious. Creativity is a character strength and later on you might want assess what strengths bring out the best in you. While I think the report can be helpful, it’s ok to be skeptical. For example , in an interview and as an extrovert, make sure to answer the questions directly and not in a round about way. Be cautious to talk less, listen more. In a lot ways we act very much the same and have frameworks we use over and over to make decisions. Most people will never reach this level of awareness.

  5. This is based in the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, which actually has no scientific basis. There are better ones out there (like the 5-factor test) that have much more science behind them.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Thanks for that. I will check it out. However I caution that we all have a negativity bias that is so heavy, we are going to have a hard time believing anything, even with most science. I use it as a starting point in
      conversation. Thanks!

  6. Keenan Neff · ·

    I remember in my Organizational Behavior class I had to do one of these personality tests and then do a report on it. I think I got ESFJ or something to that nature. I think that it is a pretty good indicator of personality, but I do not think that one can take it to literally. What I mean is that if you take the test and it comes back that you are 51% extroverted, you will just be labeled as extroverted. This test doesn’t take into account the weight of the attributes. Whichever one has the higher percentage will be your letter, which I think is not very accurate. That being said, I do believe that these tests do a pretty good job of giving you an idea of what your personality is, but you cannot take what they give you and label yourself as that. Another thing is that people’s personalities change all the time so you could be feeling down one day and answer the questions differently than if you very in a very good mood.

  7. thebobbystroup · ·

    As Prof Kane and also Sean Martin (another prof here) have said, this is based on Meyers-Briggs and isn’t scientifically based. The explanation Sean gave was that essentially gives you the results you think you deserve. For example, this quiz asks how well you like to introduce yourself to people. If you see yourself as an introvert, you’re going to answer what is clearly the introvert response (not at all). However, the more scientific personality tests will ask you questions such as whether you would rather read a book or bake a cake. The correlations are not inherently obvious; therefore it is harder, if not impossible, to game the system. That being said, self-evaluation (what I believe this personality and many others to be) is not necessarily wrong and can provide helpful insight as to where your passions lie.

  8. phanauer1 · ·

    I’ve seen the Meyers-Briggs test before, and though I don’t know if I believe that it’s particularly useful in your everyday life, I think it’s really interesting even though it’s not scientifically backed. That said, I like that this test matches those types with common professions, it makes it easier to conceptualize what people with each of those personality types are actually like. I have also heard of some people being asked to take personality tests as part of the application process for a job and think that that’s a really interesting way to qualify someone for a role. That said, I think that these kinds of tests can be sort of dangerous if given too much attention and power. A person might be great for a job on paper through one of these tests, but I think an important part of the process has to be meeting in person and judging their fit for yourself.

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