InfusionSoft and ME

I am hoping this new decision to work with InfusionSoft is the real deal. Like a green jacket moment in golf for small business owners that want to scale.


It may seem silly to worry about fancy software, and in the past automation had been a buzzword that I would roll my eyes at. However I am supposed to teach people character strengths, mindfulness, and elevated levels of awareness to reach their goals. I cannot do this if my eyes are stuck open and computer stricken all day.

Why I switched to infusion soft happened by accident

1.If you are in Wework all day a phone call that breaks me from routine can be welcoming. InfusionSoft has been targeting me for a few months. They like my website and want to bring me into the safe house where all my marketing dreams come true. In actuality, I was giving them a chance on the phone because I noticed that people doing great marketing were using this platform.

2. I was seriously appalled when they told me I was about to spend quadruple the amount of FB ads that I needed to get started. Plus, they made a great argument that they (infusionSoft) are best in industry at marketing FB ads. They also mentioned without a system, I would always have to keep spending more in facebook ads when scaling. It didn’t feel smart where I was at. They showed me a new way. Good marketing.

3. The next big factor was the coaching aspect. I have access to a coach to help me implement the software and send out a campaign. A campaign is basically an email sequence and free lead magnet (quality giveaway) that entices people to start following you. It is yet to be seen the quality, but it was enough for me to feel a lot better about purchasing anything. Right away I was set up with a FB ads coach and Strategy call to get a campaign underway. I also have a coach and 24/7 support throughout my time with them. That is valuable to me.

Update *Initially they have already failed by having me reschedule my coaching appointment from Monday to Friday. Hopefully this is not a regular occurrence.

4. One aspect that some people say is trouble is the technical aspect. I have not found this to be initially difficult as they have walk through videos to implement. One big aspect I need is to have two different lists and be able to send targeted emails and know my customer base really good. I want to have a smart system to build out now instead of the pain later

5. The cost is $99 a month. It was a wash in terms of what I was paying for just my email marketing. Since I do not need that anymore, it was not a costly decision. With Infusion soft I get email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation in a single online system.

My win for the week was a 3 hour workshop I held at Wework on a framework I am adapting to my strengths coaching.


What’s your win for the week?


  1. mpduplesmba · ·

    I agree with you that even for a small-business owner like yourself, some automation is needed.
    Especially given that your business relies on you being customer-facing.
    I worked in sales for a couple of small engineering companies and have experience in the full gamut of CRM tools: from tracking leads manually in Excel sheets (don’t do this), to a bottom-tier product like Sage, to the best (in my opinion), Salesforce. How does Infusionsoft compare to big names like Salesforce? Is it mainly a trade-off of price versus service/functionality?
    The biggest difference I experienced between Sage and Salesforce was ease-of-use. For the most part the interface and functionality of Salesforce was so intuitive. Not getting a headache every time you want to enter a lead or initiate a campaign is extremely valuable.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      I used salesforce last summer and I agree it was very intuitive. I have not found infusion soft to be comparable yet. I have to admit, having a business coach assigned to me for my first campaign and a FB ads team putting things together feels pretty awesome. Of course I create the offer and content, have to do the selling, but to know that the backend automation is taken care of is really cool.

  2. Nice post. I look forward to learning more about Infusionsoft.

  3. tylercook95 · ·

    Cool blog post! It’s really convenient that infusionsoft has the full package all together which makes the 99$ a month worth it. I wonder how they match you up with a coach? is it random or do they look at your business and assign someone who has worked with similar businesses? Did you find that your coach seemed to understand your industry and company when he was working with you on the campaign? I think like you mentioned the coach definitely helps with the hardest part, the technical aspect. It must be daunting to have to learn a new software program which has so many different parts to it. Does infusionsoft do SEO? this would be a really relevant thing for them to look into as this could really help the digital marketing campaign for a company. I hope infusionsoft continues to work out for you!

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