Closing Time :(

So here I am, a week away from becoming a senior in college.  I have never thought I would come to a point when I would wish a week would go by as slow as possible.  As some of you may have noticed, I truly found a rhythm with blogging when I realized I should just talk about the one thing I know most about.  

When I came into the semester I felt as if golf was the only topic I turned to when having the flexibility to choose what to write about. My college application essay was about golf, most reflections I have had to write in college have been about golf, and the last thing I wanted was to write about golf for my blog posts. In the middle of the semester when I stopped trying so hard to find a topic to candidly write about, there I was turning to golf once again.  But this time, I realized that I should be writing about a well-known topic and it helped knowing so much.

With that being said, I also realized that there was so much I did not know about golf.  After extensive research on the business/technology side of the sport, I feel as if my knowledge about the sport expanded in ways I never thought it would.  Technology, as mentioned during class, is interrupting the world in ways no one thought it ever would. At the same time, it is also bringing people together kind of ridiculous ways that make it great.  Strangers trusting strangers. My mom’s wise words of “never get into a car with a stranger” has turned into “please track your location with someone when you’re in an Uber.” (Props to my mom for knowing and understanding what Uber is!)


The engagement this class had made me so much more aware of what was happening in the world.  My daily morning routine would consist of grabbing the New York Times in Hillside Cafe. Like the grandma I am, I would flip straight to the Arts section of the newspaper and grab the crossword of the day.  After a week or so into this course, I found myself actually reading the other sections in the newspaper to find something I could talk about during class or tweet out. Especially when Facebook started to make way into the news, I would constantly check for updates.


Looking back at my initial blog post I realized a few things:

1.) I really sucked at blogging back then. I would throw in a gif here and there to try to make it look like a blog.  giphy-1.gif

2.) I said, this is not an ordinary class since this is not an ordinary topic. Professor Kane opened this course stating that this would not be like any class that we would ever take at BC.  He met my expectations. What other class would debate whether or not Snapchat’s update will kill their business? Or discuss Kanye West’s Twitter evolution?tenor-2.gif

3.) Social media is a beautiful thing. IMG_9419

4.) Society has evolved and changed along with technology.  This world will forever be keeping up with new updates and new innovations.  This class will forever be engrained in my mind and with that said, I will (hopefully) always be up-to-date on digital business.

Lastly, thank you all for making this class an experience, not just a learning environment.  I hope all of us will take a part of this class to where ever we end up in the professional real world.

HAGS! <– If you know, then you know.


  1. katherinekorol · ·

    Great post Katie! It’s great that you could learn a lot more about a sport that you already know and love. I often tried to blog about things I knew about too, only to learn that there was so much more out there to learn about it. Good luck to you in your senior year, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in this class and reading your posts!

  2. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    Nice post, and I agree with you, this class has helped me to be far more aware of what is happening in the world, more aware of the ways in which I receive information, helped me to be more aware of my personal data, and also be up to date with digital business – all valuable things I hope we can all maintain going forward. Really enjoyed your blogs throughout the semester, and HAGS!!

  3. kseniapekhtere1 · ·

    Good closing post! I also noticed that its better to blog about things you care/have knowledge about. Personal connection always makes it more interesting for readers and makes the post more authentic. I also agree with you about the importance of continuous learning. I learned a lot in this class but if anything I learned how much I still do not know. And you are right we all should try to take the habits we acquired when taking this class and be up-to-date with what’s going on with technology and digital business.

  4. Jobabes121 · ·

    Haha this post was very funny and amusing to read! I am glad that you were able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and share your insight about an unfamiliar topic other than your interest/knowledge in golf (although I would love to hear more about golf, the course’s strict requirement on digital topics won’t allow it :( ). I still don’t consider myself a “good blogger,” but it certainly was a great way to learn a material as I have to learn the material and be able to speak about it beyond general statements. As you said, this course also forced me to constantly seek ideas and topics to share with the class so that I do not have to frantically find a topic to blog or tweet on the night of my blogging date. Great takeaways, and as a senior, I will say that your last year will only fly by faster than other years. Make the most out of it! And last but not least…
    HAGS (Have a good summer, I do know!)

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