Never Stop Learning

From the beginning of this course, my biggest concern would be keeping up with the required Twitter activity. And boy was I right. Of all the weekly deliverables, this is the one I struggled with the most. Since I rarely used Twitter in my personal life, I knew this would be a challenge to incorporate into my regular to-do lists. I have a tendency to overthink things, and that definitely carried over into my attempts to write unique, timely, and meaningful tweets. I would scan through the #IS6621 thread to see what news had already been covered and then try to find some headline relevant to the week’s topic. Well, that proved to be difficult because most people in this class are faster and better at keeping up with headlines and because my method was very time consuming. But I did develop an appreciation for Twitter’s capabilities along the way. I am happy to say that I am now comfortable using the platform and have a better understanding for its popularity, but will most likely remain a primary-Instagram user, secondary Facebook user, and an occasional Twitter user (a step up from the “limited” user I was back in January).


I had high expectations for learning in this class, and I was not disappointed! I definitely learned about a ton of new technologies, apps, and companies from my fellow classmates. Probably many things I would never have known about if I hadn’t taken this class. I particularly enjoyed the student presentations each week. It was awesome to learn about so many emerging trends and cutting-edge technology throughout so many industries. Some of these presentations have inspired me to download new apps including Duolingo and Moment, and to try out Spyce, the new robotic kithen restaurant in Downtown Crossing. This class also opened my eyes to how passionate people are about Snapchat, although I still don’t get it. Overall, I think everyone in this class brought their A-game every week and I truly appreciate the classroom environment that created.

The weekly blog posts proved to be yet another way for students to showcase their understanding of today’s digital age and present their opinions on a large range of topics related to social media. I enjoyed writing these almost as much as I enjoyed reading everyone else’s. Throughout the first few weeks I was worried that I would not be able to come up with enough unique ideas/topics/companies to write about, but I quickly developed a long list of things I was interested in. Since my list covered a wide range of industries and themes, there are many things I did not get the chance to write about. This is bittersweet for me because there is so much I did not have time to address while at the same time there is still so much left that I am interested in learning about. I am confident that I will leave this class with the intention of following technology trends and their impacts on business more so than I ever have before.


This brings me to my final thoughts at the end of my last semester of school ever. I hope that everyone in this class leaves inspired to continue learning in all facets of life. Although we may no longer be required to sit in a classroom, the world is constantly changing, evolving, and revolutionizing at a rapid pace thanks to social media, technology, and digital business. It is important to pay close attention to all of the things this class introduced to us heading into a future where jobs and business will soon be changing. We need to motivate ourselves to continue learning every single day.

Professor Kane, thank you for your time, dedication, and passion teaching us throughout these last four months! You truly are one-of-a-kind here at BC which makes your classes so engaging, enjoyable, and motivating. Our final class this Wednesday will be the last time I step into a classroom as a student at Boston College. Ten years and two degrees since I enrolled in Computers in Management, I am grateful that you will have the final words of my academic career. No pressure.

Congratulations to everyone graduating in 21 days! Yep, I’m still counting.



  1. mikecarillo111 · ·

    Loved this post and happy to hear that you’re officially done with schooling, congrats! Duolingo and Moment tend to be talked about a lot and it definitely has inspired me to try something new (maybe take French). It was a pleasure reading your content and I hope you continue to use Twitter even though it might be uncomfortable sometimes. Good luck!

  2. kkim312 · ·

    I completely agree with some of your insights for this class! Congratulations on finishing up your academic career! I really appreciated your blog posts and insights you had this entire semester. Everything you said really resonated and stuck with me (as an underclassman). I really hope SnapChat will drag you in someday, as I, unfortunately…or fortunately, am.

  3. tylercook95 · ·

    Really Great Post! It’s a scary countdown, can’t believe it’s all almost over. I’m also so glad that people brought such great discussion topics when they came to class, it really made the once a week fly by. Totally agree with you on twitter, I am ready to retire my account. Best of luck after graduation! Set the world aflame etc.

  4. katherinekorol · ·

    Great post Maria! I’ve enjoyed reading your tweets and blogs this semester. I’m glad that you have a better understanding of Twitter and I hope you will continue to use it, I definitely am a huge fan of it and always encourage people to. Congrats on almost being done with school forever, I can totally identify with your feelings and I’m definitely counting down too!

  5. No pressure at all. I was one of your first words and last words in your higher educational journey. Better dust off some good cliches for Wednesday!

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