Return to Grey Havens

Here we are at last, on the shore of the sea.

I’d like to begin by thanking both professor Kane and my fellow classmates for making this one of my most interesting classes at BC. ISYS6621 was a really well designed class and what is perhaps most prevalent to me was the relevance of it all. Learning about and discussing twitter topics every week to me was easily my favorite aspect, and I genuinely appreciated the overall intelligence and thought-provokingness of every single conversation. You’re a bright group and it showed.

The dichotomy and diversity of the class was also something I loved. To our grads, while we may annoy you with our lack of real world knowledge and our love of Fortnite, I gained more from you than anyone else. During your presentations your life experiences showed and that’s something that cannot be taught through a textbook. Though we are coming from very different backgrounds I’m was very thankful and have often found that two different haves make a beautiful whole.


See you get it? He’s an elf. Talking to dwarf. They historically are races that don’t like each other. Didn’t watch LotR? Didn’t read the books? The Silmarillion? You don’t know the threat of Morgoth? Get off my post.

Two more favorite things I’d like to share about this class. First a thank you to the guest speakers, particularly the women who spoke about BC social media, you were wonderful. Lastly, these posts. They actually were a ton of fun for me and allowed me to express myself through my writing while remaining academically relevant. It’s something I felt I haven’t been able to do since high school, so kudos professor for pushing this on us.


There is a great line in the Foo Fighter’s song “Wheels” that states “This is our beginning, coming to an end”. It certainly feels that way right now. I’ve spent my entire life being an academic and though my formal learning will for now be coming to that end, I really do believe ISYS6621 has helped me figure out how to learn autonomously. Bring on the real world.

Lastly, to my fellow undergrads (and particularly seniors) I’d like to thank you all for not only this class but four wonderful years here. Real life sounds kind of difficult, but it’ll always bring me comfort knowing the home and community I’ve grown to love and share here.

Thank you all.tumblr_mb8b4ca8ht1rzreako1_500.gif

P.S. See you during senior week! giphy-1.gif


  1. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    Really appreciated the Lord of the Rings theme – very fitting – and I will be sure to tell Melissa from BC Social Media that she was one of your favorite speakers! I don’t think you could have summed up the class better when you said, “I really do believe ISYS6621 has helped me figure out how to learn autonomously,” and I hope we can continue to carry that with us!

  2. danmiller315 · ·

    Nice post Matt. I agree the practicality of the topics that we discussed this semester made the class a lot more enjoyable, especially since most of us are so close to entering the professional world. Although I was a little intimidated at first, I really did enjoying blogging because it allowed me to talk about interesting topics using my own voice, which is something that you rarely get to do in an academic setting. Hopefully more classes can integrate this type of style!

  3. Molly Pighini · ·

    Great post, Matt. Light and entertaining, but also insightful! I also liked your comment regarding learning autonomously. Despite certain prescribed aspects and reading assignments, this class was more flexible and autonomous than any I had taken before. Blog topics were our choice. Presentation guidelines were scarce. Twitter discussions were open-forum. At first, this was a bit unnerving because (as you highlighted) we have not been exposed to this type of learning before. As you also said, however, it more closely resembles the real world where no one is going to tell us what to think and there are very few “right” answers. This class gave us a small taste and a safe environment to begin our adjustment. Thanks for your contribution to the class, and good luck with everything!

  4. oliverhowe14 · ·

    I love how you came full circle in your posts by beginning and ending with Lord of the Ring references. I agree with you about how much we all learned from the real world experience of the grad students. I know that we all appreciate them coming in and contributing info that we would have no way of getting through a textbook.

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