Fade to black (Closing point of view)


I remember Professor Kane alluding to a growth in perspective and digital aptitude by the end of the semester. I remember wanting to chuckle. While technology has fascinated me as a phenomenon, my habits and degree of engagement has been somewhat minimal.  Professor Kane was right – what a difference a semester makes. See my l

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I am less skeptical of social media now. I traversed what felt like a deep chasm. There will always be the folks who have to document every moment, the true source of my concern. While I am not going to bore you with my mundane details, I will continue sharing big ideas and retweeting informative articles. At the beginning of the semester I went on twitter once every few months. I go on daily now. I can’t tweet from my work computer, but I see and interact with a much wider perspectives. There was also so much more substance to encounter beyond the race for followers and friends.

Speaking of leaving your echo chamber, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from classmates. This class certainly was the most dynamic of all my classes at CSOM. Technology is at the intersection of so many disciplines, and we brought that reality to life. We interweaved the future of work, digital marketing, pop culture, sports, VR, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, education and platform companies seamlessly.

Overall, my digital maturity has increased by listening to my classmates. I am more hopeful than I anticipated. This next generation of leaders will be better at negotiating business decisions developed by data driven insights.  Businesses will opt in for social media to better engage with clients. I look forward to AI capabilities enhancing many of the existing business models. There is nothing to fear, when the solution, the cure, the job and company have yet to be invented.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I wish everyone a bright and adventurous future!


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