Goodbye IS6621

And first I chose to take Social Media and Digital Business only because it fit my schedule and allowed me not to have classes on Thursdays and Fridays. Then after hearing Professor Kane warnings the first day of class I started questioning my decisions. From what he said it did not seem like a class I would be good at.giphy.gif

However, due to lack of options of classes that fit my schedule goals and realization that it was time to experiment after 5 years of studying I decided to stick with IS6621. Social Media and Digital Business was different from any class I have taken before. It was definitely an experience (mostly enjoyable). It was an adjustment in the beginning, since I have never used Twitter or blogged before. So sometimes I would sit there for 10-15 minutes just thinking what to write on Twitter and not to sound stupid. And I did have more than one dreadful Monday nights when I sat for hours trying to come up with a topic for a blog post. That was painful. However, after some weeks I got used to it and the process became more natural and pleasant. Below I will highlight some of my favorite aspects of the class and takeaways.

  1. Learning from my classmates: After reading my first post for this class, I realized it was something I was excited about since the beginning. And reading blogs and listening to your presentations did end up being my favorite part of the class. Luckily we all had many different interests so I was able to learn about a variety of different topics like fashion, sports and fintech and how technology affects these industries. Thanks to all of you I learned about so many cool apps, technologies and companies I would probably never heard of otherwise. I also enjoyed the personal connection that people have brought into their presentations and blogs. 
  2. Twitter: I never had a habit of reading news so usually I only heard about the biggest events. But thanks to Twitter I became much more informed about what was going. As I said I never used Twitter before so it was eye-opening to me how good of a platform it is to learn news. At first I was mostly going on Twitter once a week to complete the weekly requirements for the class. And every time I learned so much about what was happening in the world and not just about technology. Just from following my classmates and some news platforms I was able to cover a broad range of news in a short and concise way. And towards the end of the semester I started going on Twitter just to read some news and articles when I had free time and not just because I had to do it for class. I do not think that I will continue posting on Twitter, but I will definitely keep it as a news source.
  3. Class format: I actually do not mind the typical test and homework class format, but I did find many benefits of this nontraditional format of IS6621. The awesome part about this class that you are learning so much without realizing you are even learning. And this entertaining way of learning through short articles, videos and guest speakers helped me retain information better. 1.gifUsually I forget 80% of what I learned in class within two weeks after the exam. But I still remember a lot of what we discussed in the beginning of class. Another aspect of the class that I found valuable is having no direct guidelines on how to get A. It is for frustrating for sure, but it is similar to real life. In most jobs no one will give you specific criteria on how to complete tasks or on how to get a promotion. And during my years at school I got used to guidelines and was guilty of being focused on the grade. So it was quite relieving to finally stop worrying about the grade and focus on getting the most of the class. And since I am about to enter the real world and adulthood I hope I will be able to keep this learning mindset instead of just trying to complete my tasks.

Overall, I am glad I decided to take Social Media and Digital Business. I learnt a lot. I have a much better understanding of topics like AI and Blockchain than I did before. However, my biggest takeaway is that now I know how much I still do not know. Technology is changing so fast you need to constantly be learning to try to keep up-to-date. The class made me even more sure that in order to be successful in the future I need to understand technology and to achieve that I need to always be learning. The good thing is that Social Media and Digital Business made me more curious so I hope that even as I am graduating the learning process is not over. Thank you everyone for a great semester and an opportunity learn from you and about you!



  1. Jobabes121 · ·

    Great post, Ksenia! You summed the overall class experience well, and my twitter usage pattern has been exactly the same as yours: once a week earlier in the semester to a lot more frequent these days. As you mention, #IS6621 has an unconventional class design that none of were familiar with, which challenged us at the beginning but provided us a good learning payoff in the end. I also agree that I forget 80% (I think I forget more lol) of the material I learn in a typical class setting, yet I still remember most of the topics we discussed in class, if not all. Lastly, your point on the fact that the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know certainly was a great takeaway. This course overall served as a wake-up call for me to keep myself updated on current events so that my future job will not be “taken over” by AI or other tech advancement. It was a pleasure to be in the same discussion group with you!

  2. jamessenwei · ·

    I for one loved how we didn’t have exams in this class and for whatever reason it seem to have helped with the learning. I agree with you 100% about forgetting everything after a test. It happens in every other class: I cram from a midterm/final and basically the next day it all falls out of my brain. I know it’s terrible to say, but I really don’t remember a whole lot in some of my classes. ISYS6621 is different though. I feel that much of the material will stick around with me, primarily because of the constant learning mindset Prof Kane has instilled in us.

    Learning from classmates is also huge. It really made me realize that everyone has an interest/passion for something and that we can readily and easily learn from our peers not just from almighty professors. It has really taught me to learn from those around me going forth.

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