It’s been real #IS6621

I honestly can’t believe this is the final blog post I’ll write for this class. I feel like it was yesterday when professor Kane and the TAs were warning us about the amount of work we would have to do for this class and how it wasn’t going to be easy.


“This class is not for everyone”, we were told during the very first class. What if I was one of those people that “wasn’t supposed” to be in this class? After the initial two classes I decided that although it was going to be hard, I accepted the challenge. I knew that this class was going to take me out of my comfort zone through tweeting, blog posts and the individual presentation and I thought it would be a good way to end my four years at BC.

I am so glad I stayed in the class because this was the one class that I looked forward to because I realized that I am very passionate about technology and I really like learning about what’s happening in the tech world lately.

The goal of taking a class is always to learn and enrich ourselves with more knowledge. How did we I accomplish that?

Learning about the world

I think that this is the semester that I have been the most up-to-date with the news and I loved it. Through Twitter, blog posts, Ted Talks and articles, we learned about the most recent news in technology and we stayed up to date on a weekly basis. I liked how the in-class discussion was guided by the students rather than the professor because anything that we wanted to bring up was fair game for discussion, which in turn brought in new and contrasting opinions about the topic.

Learning about other people

Our class was very diverse and I really liked learning about what other people were interested in. People wrote blogs and tweeted about topics such as sports, cooking, TV shows, video games, music, finance and many other things that added a rich level of diversity to the class. This helped us learn about many different topics that we weren’t even familiar with.

In addition, the short presentations were a good way for people to talk about virtually anything they were passionate about in more depth.

Learning about institutions and companies

A lot of the discussion topics focused on companies and their use of technology and data (whether it was good or bad), which helped me understand more of what was happening in the business world. I really enjoyed getting to talk about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and other important events that happened during the semester.

The speakers also provided very valuable information since we learned about technology and social media through their first-hand experience at their company. Learning about BC Social Media, Twine and other topics was great since all the speakers were super engaging and creative.

Learning about Technology

I liked how each class revolved around a specific topic or type of technology, such as AI and Blockchain. I had absolutely no idea about what blockchain was before this class. It kept coming up on my Twitter feed and a lot of people blogged about it but I still had 0 understanding of the technology underlying blockchain. Although I am still confused, the class about Blockchain helped better understand the topic.

Learning about myself

Finally, this class enabled me to learn things about myself and my interests. I thought that coming up with 6 blog post topics would be an impossible thing to do but it turns out, there are many things that I can talk about confidently. The blog posts also made me think about my stance on specific topics since they usually include some sort of reflection about the topic discussed.

I liked how the class included both graduate students and undergraduate students because it led to very cool in-class discussions, like the Snapchat one, which involved very different points of view. I also liked how the graduate students contributed with their experiences at their internships or jobs because it helped bring more real-life examples to the discussion.

So now that I had this super enriching experience, what happens next? Is it all over now that we don’t have to blog and tweet every week?


I’ve also become more curious about how technology actually works and not just what benefits we derive from it. For example, how do phones and Fitbits track all the health stats (steps, heart rate etc.)? How accurate are they? These are some type of questions that I find myself researching because I am genuinely interested in them.

Although the class is over and the official tweeting and blog posting has ended, this doesn’t mean that our curiosity ends with it. Throughout the semester, we all showed our genuine passion for learning and shared our interests with each other.

So, no, the learning doesn’t have to stop. I would say that it has actually just begun!


I plan on keeping my Twitter account just so I can use it as a source for news. I don’t plan on tweeting but I just want to have the option to log on and see what’s happening in the world.

Thank you to everyone for making this class so great! I genuinely enjoyed reading tweets and blog posts and listening to everyone’s presentations.


  1. Jobabes121 · ·

    Nuria, nice reflection post. Out of many good points you bring up, I especially agree that this course has pushed us to keep us updated on current events regarding tech and digital related topics throughout the semester. In fact, this is the best way to educate oneself in other topics such as finance or environment that are affected heavily by current events due to their constant change overtime. Although this course was challenging for me as well, it pushed me to build a habit in educating myself constantly via news, tweets, and blogging that I have not done before in the past. I had a chance to talk about some of the articles I shared on Twitter at an interview as well, which I believe was a good payoff from taking this course. I hope you can continue your learning habit in this way in the future as well!

  2. thebobbystroup · ·

    I agree that I probably won’t tweet as much anymore (maybe because I’m not entirely sure that many people care what I have to tweet); however, I will oikely continue to use Twitter for personal edification.

    It’s true that despite my doubts at he beginning of the semester, I was able to come up with enough topics to blog about. I think Twitter was the biggest contributing factor for that, because it kept me engaged with the ‘course material’ (aka anything tech related in the world) throughout the entire week.

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