*Nostalgia Bomb*

This is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a class called…#IS6621.


Yep, we’re taking a trip down memory lane for this blog post and as child of the 90s I’m going to do so the only way I know how, with some throwbacks caked in nostalgia!

When I first rolled up to class I was (like most of you) completely unsure of how I would handle the challenge of a class which promised to be unlike any other class I had ever taken at BC. But much like Will Smith in Fresh Prince, I soon became the accustomed to my life in a new place, doing new things and even learned a thing or two in the process.  Fun was what made a great deal of this class function so well and kept people (especially myself) engaged. Twitter discussion was full of laughs because technology platforms became intertwined with celebrities who had egos the size of this planet, Ted talks were frequently framed with a parable that ensured however complicated the technology or topic got, the conversation would stay amusing all the while, and finally our presentations frequently displayed our class’s willingness to interact with each other in a way that was informative and entertaining. The topics we approached could definitely toe the creepy cool line but they were always with a levity that made it an environment where everyone was free to speak regardless of their knowledge on a topic. Now, we had considerably fewer dance numbers than Fresh Prince, but we managed to have fun all the same.


I never thought it would be so simple but, WE found a way.


Yep, the throwbacks will keep coming. It was a strenuous relationship with IS6621 at first. I was initially annoyed with having Twitter foisted onto me after many, MANY successful years spent avoiding it like the plague and wordpress blogging for everyone to see didn’t exactly fill me with giddiness. In a nutshell, I wasn’t sure about how I’d feel being tethered to a class in so many different ways. But here’s where Professor Kane gets the last laugh: I won’t be deleting my twitter after this class, I’m extremely pleased with my time spent learning and interacting with WordPress and I am going to miss our class’s weekly briefings which helped provide me with a technological literacy that I previously did not have in the slightest. So like the two initially unwilling stepbrothers of Drake & Josh I found out I was better off with than without. I was better off participating continuously week by week rather than placing all of my readings on one day, postings became organic rather than boxes to be checked off as the semester went by, and wednesday nights became a stress free zone of open discussion about some of the most pressing topics of the day.

I can’t do this all on my own, I know, I’m no superman.

One of my favorite sitcom themes caps of this nostalgia bomb because this class really was a group effort. Only now can I see just how important it was for professor Kane to have students who were truly interested in contributing to the class be enrolled. We only learned as much as we were willing to contribute to our own collective learning experience, Twitter discussion was ruled by tangents and follow ups, blog posts were reliant on meaningful engagement and class presentations required a diligently attentive audience. I finally can attest to Professor Kane’s comments about this class being unlike any other and that however much he knows about these topics, he’s no superman and he could not single handedly drive the class forward; we had to do the readings otherwise there would just be crickets in class, we had to participate online or there would be no new topics generated. This class afforded me the ability to explore distinctly new topics and the in class presentations helped me research how my field of work will be changed and augmented in the future. These insights would have been impossible to unearth without the help of the class and our constant reinforcing of in class material based on each others input.

So for all of these reasons I think I owe a thank you to Professor Kane and the entire class as a whole. IS6621 has been a great capstone course for my time at BC and within CSOM, it has been a culmination of a great many concepts and a new way to stay engaged with material as I move into the working world where my learning and education will not be facilitated by a classroom setting. With that being said, thanks for reading my final blog; it’s been fun.


  1. mpduplesmba · ·

    Nice final reflections, although after your opening line I was really hoping you made up a whole rap about IS6621 :) I agree with you that it’s cool we were able to delve into topics of interest to each of us to customize the class a bit. I believe the fact you were able to research and learn about the changes and threats to your industry will give you a leg up when you get to your company even if not directly related to your role. Congrats on finishing school and best of luck!

    1. roarkword · ·

      I appreciate the kind words, I was thinking about carrying on the rap but I feel like the trade off would have leaned too heavily on humor and less on reflection. Best of luck with the rest of your MBA!

  2. kennedy__bc · ·

    I’m not going to lie the constant references to these shows forced me to go onto YouTube and rewatch some of the best moments from each show which was a great way to spend the last 20 minutes of my day. I’m glad we agree that the basis for this class to be successful is the excitement and involvement that each one of us brings to class. Personally, I was always excited to come to class on Wednesday to brush up on the latest topics and trends of the week and it seems like you did as well. It was great reading your blogs this semester nice work!

  3. Absolutely loved the way you spiced up this post with throwback show references. Here’s to the 90’s! I think you beautifully wrapped up this semester through your overview of our assignments, which each added strong value to the course. Similarly to you, I love how much this course is rooted in our own interests and how Professor Kane gives us the resources, topics, and entertainment to drive our own conversation. As a farewell, I think it’s only fitting to request you HUG ME, BROTHA!!

  4. profgarbusm · ·

    I must confess Roark that over the course of class you easily became my most frequently read (and probably favorite) blogger. You have an intellectual mind but speak in a very humorous way, which is something I can definitely get on board with.
    This post did not disappoint! Loved the theme, loved the references and the tie in at the end about group effort. This certainly was not a class that one could benefit from should classmates themselves not participate, and I think in that regard its extremely unique.
    I do wish we had some more dances however, perhaps thats something you should consider for future semesters @geraldckane!

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