Relax but Don’t get Comfortable

In my first post of the semester, I discussed how I felt about each aspect of the class: blogging, Twitter, and presentations. For my final post of the semester, I decided would end how I started. Here are my final thoughts on IS6621.


“I have to be honest with you. At this moment, at midnight on a Sunday, I am asking myself why I decided to stay in this class. No offense to Professor Kane, but when I thought about going to graduate school for my Masters in Accounting, I never envisioned spending long nights behind my computer screen…blogging. I don’t even read blogs, let alone write my own. I just had to Google search “how to blog,” if that is any indication of how I’m doing.”

Ah, beginning of the semester me. I had no idea what I was doing and thought I would figure out what this whole blogging thing was by now. When I wrote that post I thought there was a certain template for the way that blog posts are supposed to look, which is why I thought Google would give me the answers. I thought I was going to be a blog expert and know all the rules. Today, I know that there are no rules when it comes to our class blog. There were no guidelines, and I think we all got a little more comfortable taking some risks as the semester progressed. I know I did – my first post was “Social media blogging 101” and my last post was about Kanye West. I wasn’t even sure if my last post would be acceptable, but I’m a professional blogger now, okay?



This class was all about learning from each other. I was able to make my tweets better by reading other people’s tweets, just as I was able to make my blogs better by reading other people’s blogs. I thought that Twitter would be my favorite part of this class but I think, most importantly, it tied the class together. People could have online discussions that would turn into class discussions that would turn into blog posts. I constantly found myself overwhelmed with all of the material that was generated and I think that made our class what it is.


Well, I survived. At the beginning of the semester, I was terrified to present for six minutes in front of all of you, but I didn’t pass out or go blank so I’d say it was a success. It definitely helps that you get to pick the topic of your presentation, because I chose to talk about my experience walking dogs and it made the experience more fun and relaxed, as I’m sure it did for all of you.


Actual photo of me on the job

What I didn’t anticipate is how much I’d learn from my fellow classmates. I have a slew of new apps that I can use in my daily life and new knowledge that I can take with me wherever I go.

Class Discussions

I didn’t talk about our class time itself in my first blog post but I decided to add it to this one because I think it was a huge part of my learning. I wasn’t much of a talker during our class discussions because I am not the biggest fan of talking in front of people, but just from taking in our discussions I learned more than I could ever imagine. Topics could range from AI to cryptocurrency to video games and beyond, confirming that social media and digital business impacts pretty much everything we know.

Final Thoughts

It’s kind of funny that this was the last section of my first blog post, talking about my “final thoughts on my initial thoughts” if that makes sense.

This class is the first class I’ve ever had that I could talk about with my roommates (I’m in accounting, they’re in PR/advertising). There’s nothing more glorious than being more informed on what’s going on with social media than two people whose jobs literally revolve around it. So shout out to you Professor Kane. You made my last semester of school ever and the end of my one year at BC memorable.

And finally, if you were wondering what the title of my blog refers to…it’s an image that I posted in my first post referring to the beauty of quote tweets on Twitter: screen-shot-2018-01-24-at-2-45-51-pm-e1516823236419.png

My friend Gucci Mane speaks some powerful words in relation to our class. Once I got into the groove of IS6621, I was able to relax. However, you should never get comfortable in this class because taking risks and being different can get you far and even teach you about things you’d never thought about before. Technology is constantly changing our world. We shouldn’t get too comfortable in our every day for this reason, because we never know what new innovations will disrupt that.

And with that, I’m out.




  1. kennedy__bc · ·

    I’m a huge Gucci Mane fan so I’m all for this post! I’m not going to lie before I wrote my first blog post I too Googled “how to blog” and was disappointed with the results I found. But in a way that lack of direction and strict formate allowed me to explore my creative side and find my voice. I think it’s amazing that this class made you more informed than your roommates when it comes to social media and its constant updates and transformations s/o @geraldckane for helping us out with that. I read your last blog about Kanye West and honestly if not for this post I would be surprised to hear that you have only been blogging for a single semester which speaks to your writing and creativity abilities largely. Great work this semester.

  2. kkim312 · ·

    This was a great closing post! A lot of the points I agree with you. This was truly the first class I have taken that have frequently come up in a lot of conversation whether it was with friends, family, or even job interviews. Also, the many different aspects of this class and not just the static lecture gave me diversity when it came to absorbing information. The Gucci Mane reference made me laugh but it was also so true. This class always kept you on your toes. I never knew what to expect from week to week (in a good way), and it kept me wanting to learn more. It was great getting to know you through your tweets and within our small groups!

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