This is my confession… (Published February Point of View)

If I am going to tell it, I’m going to tell it all. I have a confession to make. This is a very late. I posted this blog in February on my blogsite, not the class site. 

Scene 1:

I have gone back and forth for two weeks wavering from let’s do this to let me call a friend and let’s just be confused together as to why “post millennial/iGen/you were born in the 90s/whatever it is called” just use the internet and blogs to sound…sooo sooo cajjjjj tbh… which is just not my style. Perhaps, after being slightly judgmental and definitely ageist, I end up tip toeing back to the other side of what feels like a chasm. I even called my younger born pre-y2k sister and reveal my hesitancy. She gives me a great pep talk. I hang up the phone and I still do not take the plunge into the digital world. Instead how about I just remain anonymous? I mean it is safer, right?

Before, we brave this together, can I get my issues with blogging, tweeting, taking pictures of all three meals a day off my chest? I promise after I limit myself to three excuses/reasons why I couldn’t wrap my head around actually establishing a disciplined twitter/blogging presence, I will transition to how and why you should stay tuned.

1.) It is not hard to see the first troubling reason I have purposely ignored blogs. I believe in elevated/high quality content. I have an aversion to fake news and empty prose that like is really empty because like I don’t believe you should like write how you talk like I am sorry not sorry. I certainly don’t believe every conversation is worthy of sharing with the world- potentially hundreds of millions and heaven sake certainly not all two billion people now all accessing the internet. I get it there is really bad literature and fake news on more legitimate media outlets, but the thought of the average person having the same platform as journalist and experts still blows my mind. I can see why that person called an editor could be helpful. On the other hand, when I think of blogging I think of people who overly edit themselves to the point of projecting perfection. I don’t aspire to have an M next to my “followers” or “friends” or plan to have a side hustle posting for $15K a post. I am fine with my normal people status of a rounding error for Chrissy Teigen’s followers/friends.


2.) Overwhelmed, too many passwords, too many places to post, 32899990 emails in my personal gmail, too many updates, too many pictures/screenshots on my phone. These are the thoughts playing in my mind when I think about technology. I just want to Netflix and…. only check instagram and facebook once a day largely as a spectator, not a participant. Is it a crime? There is already a lot of content out there. No one wants to be a consultant anymore, (apparently the hottest six figure aspiration fresh out of undergrad is data analytics at spotify)… but rewind to that olden day of the case study interview question I have for you ladies and gentleman. How long would it take to watch all the videos on Youtube? There are a lot assumptions you could move around, but here is a shot brought to you by CardiB/Alexa:

By the time you‘ve finished one video, there will be 1,000 more added to the website. If you assume the same growth rate for the past 10 years and assume that no more video would be uploaded until you stop watching, it would take you 60,000 years of non-stop watching to watch each and every video on YouTube.

(This could be right or wrong. Regardless, I am not responsible for promulgating bad info.) All this to say, should I contribute to adding to the terabyte of digital content being created in this minute? My mom doesn’t care, she has taken a picture of all the meals she has ever had at a restaurant since Zuckerberg extended Facebook’s reach beyond Boston area colleges.  So why should I limit and deprive the world of you name it?

3.) This is it and I’ll fix my attitude. The forever component freaks me out. For example, right now once I publish- there will be a time and date stamp. It isn’t blockchain iron-clad, but there is a chance that a past, present or future employer could read this and form a career limiting view of me. What if I evolve? This blogging, tweeting, sharing your views, beliefs, preferences, political views, and location is a BIG commitment. This can and will be used against you.

Why I am going to get over this hurdle… I only need to provide two reasons…

1.) There is no going back. Lacking a digital presence is not going to be an option. The magnitude of which technology is being integrated into our lives will only increase. There isn’t anything incremental about the digital era. Despite sounding like a huge technophobe, I, like you, am capable of not seeing a double bind. I am grateful for others who have improved the way I learn and have generously shared their insights brought to me courtesy of youtube. I would miss on the opportunity to trade fresh ideas with colleagues if we lacked Ted talks. I probably would never get through much of the Economist if I had to read it every week, instead of listening to it via the app while I drive into work. I am not nostalgic for a by gone era. Connectivity has improved our lives. I wholeheartedly agree and acknowledge technology has sparked a turbo boost to human civilization. Technology has been the cornerstone for every major paradigm shifts.

Image result for how we used to block calls

2.) I probably shouldn’t fail a class this close to graduating. I have put a lot of energy into the last three years. Now that I am months away from graduating, I probably shouldn’t let hesitancy to blog ruin my academic career. Instead, I am going to use this opportunity to blog and tweet to explore how companies can better leverage technology to make data informed decisions. Let’s dig into what is a platform company. We should figure out together how can firms use networks effects inside and outside of a firm. We should explore how firms deliver on their brand promise now that game has forever been changed. Can we talk strategic planning now that we can access so much more information? When I called my sister for that pep talk, this is what she had to say… “Why? Why not? You can do it Yas!”

I hope she is right!



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  1. NeroC1337 · ·

    It is tough to entering the digital world; despite of being an undergrad, I am not a big fan of social media for many reasons including the ones you mentioned above. But I guess, thanks to IS6621, I kind of learning the way to use digital technology in a way that helps me. Like you said, these technologies help you consume Economist articles faster; for me, I get to learn the trending events, leading technology in the world, etc. But will my future boss see all these blogs I post? they could, if they want. And if somehow they don’t appreciate the work I have done, maybe that’s not the company for me. That’s my mentality.

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