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What a Semester it has been! I can definitely say that I am still a twitter novice, but I finally can say that I have a twitter. Though I enjoyed writing the blog posts, I probably won’t become a blogger. What I have taken from this class that will carry on with me is the rich class discussions coming from many different backgrounds.


(not accurate to our class, or at least I hope not :) )

What I valued most about this class was that it combined Grad Students and Undergraduate students, giving us insights on areas that in most other Boston College Classes we would be without. Hearing from people who have experience in the workplace was so valuable, as most undergrads only have internship experience. I feel as though we had much more lively discussions considering many of the grad students come from different undergrad schools as well. Getting to hear different points of view from different parts of people’s careers really helped me understand the application of the topics outside of the classroom. Thank you to all the grad students in the class, your insight was very valuable!


Though, I wasn’t very good at tweeting this semester, I feel as though this class has helped me monumentally on keeping up with current events, especially in tech segments that I usually wouldn’t read about. Scrolling through the twitter feed most days helped me stay up to date with current news stories which actually really helped me in my other classes. I hope to continue this through learning on the Twitterverse. Although I do try and skim the Boston Globe most days, I rarely focus on the business and tech section. This class has really opened my eyes to how important and beneficial it can be to stay up to date in these areas.


I would like to thank you all for your interesting blog posts. I learned about things this semester that I would never have even heard of, and it was great to hear from experts in these topics. Having the chance to broaden my horizon on online gaming, and different countries technology policies (just to name a few) really kept things very interesting for me. It was nice to learn about things that I hadn’t heard of before and wouldn’t have been exposed to unless I took this class.


Thank god I now can hold a basic conversation about blockchain. I know I am in no way an expert in the topic but after having the class discussion and lecture on it I finally feel like I can at least contribute to the discussion. I used to think of blockchain as this scary extremely complicated technology concept and I’m really glad I had the chance to learn about it in this class.


I am also very glad that we got to talk about the future of AI and technology in this class. I feel as though I am more aware and prepared for the next couple of years because of the discussions that we had in this class. I no longer fear a complete robot takeover, but I do know more about the issues we are going to face as automation begins to become more common. As we mentioned, I am optimistic probably because I am an academic, who had a chance to go to a 4 year college. I feel much more prepared to see what comes next thanks to this class.


I think something special about this class is that no one semester will ever be like another. We all have a very unique experience in Social Media and Digital Business that previous classes couldn’t have had. (On a side note this must be a great class to TA for that very reason, must be nice not to hear the same lectures over again). Thank you all for making this class what it has been. Good luck in your future endeavors!




  1. I agree. As an MBA student, I enjoyed hearing about the undergrads perspective of hot sectors and the trials and tribulations of snap chat. Everyone had great respect for each other. It was a very unique class different than the other MBA classes. Best of luck to you!

  2. NeroC1337 · ·

    It really surprised me, or in other way comforting to know that, many of us taking this class aren’t, well, weren’t social media experts. And I agreed with you that the both online presence and offline ones of the class really help me learn more from classmates than I would in any other BC class. So thank you and everyone for sharing thoughts, posting blogs, and keeping me sane in the fast-pace digital age.

  3. profgarbusm · ·

    Loved the fall out boy reference in the title. It actually took me the longest time to find it on iTunes back then because I was looking for “Thanks for the memories”. Well done and #DefendPopPunk.

    As for the content of the post itself I have to agree with you, this class really did make me focus and look at the digital and tech section of the news – something I had never really done before. Glad you took so much from this class and I agree that the grad students really did help to add some interesting perspective.
    Best of luck in the future!

  4. Jobabes121 · ·

    Haha Tyler I loved this post! Lots of humor; I love it. Still, blockchain is a “scary extremely complicated technology concept” for me, but what was so great about this course is that we learned a way of learning. As you said, I did not bother to look at the tech section of Wall Street Journal before; I only looked at the headline news and the financial markets section. Diversifying our learning scope and learning to have a “constant-learning” mindset was my biggest takeaway, and it is well-reflected in the unique course design. It was also a pleasure to finally introduce myself to you and get to know you a bit more (at least your name other than the fact that you are in Acoustics haha). You are an awesome guy brother!

  5. jamessenwei · ·

    I, too, did not have a Twitter before taking this class and I feel that my experience using it as a tool was very helpful not only keeping up to date but also expressing opinions about trending topics. Tweeting eventually became very comfortable for me. As an undergrad, the MBA presence was definitely appreciated. They brought a lot of insightful perspective from their experience.

    The best part about this class was learning how to have a basic conversation on just blockchain but all of the relevant tech advances.

  6. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    I think I’d echo your twitter sentiments; I too felt that I was a less than ideal twitter participant, but creating an account specific to the class helped me to be more aware of my news sources and curate the types of content I exposed myself to – not just GIFS and sports accounts, but informed news outlets, tech news, and especially the unison of tech and politics. Loved your sense of humor throughout the post, and I agree – I’m grateful to know a few more things about blockchain and AI, even if they do feel like overwhelming topics.

  7. tuckercharette · ·

    I actually think you brought up a really valid point that I hadn’t considered until this moment. The combination of grad students and undergrad students not only brought up new perspectives on technology from a current standpoint, but brought up their past experiences at other undergrad universities. These unique perspectives changed how we learned in the classroom.

    I also agree that I think this class prepared us well for learning how to hold conversations in technologies that we aren’t as familiar with. Block chain is something which I had somewhat of a grasp on but I definitely have learned some of the more nuanced points about it which definitely will help me moving forward. Exploring new tech discussions can be daunting, but it is knowing which questions to ask which help you understand more fully what is going on.

    Lastly, no one semester is like another. This was a great point that you made because although Professor Kane COULD guide us down a specific path, he really lets us explore the space (specifically @blockchain class). I’m glad he let us do this because it really added to class vibrancy.

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