I Have A Confession To Make.

I have a confession to make. I highly considered dropping this class. Senioritis started creeping up on me at the beginning of this semester. I worried that tweeting four times a week, blogging every other, watching one or two TEDx Talks accompanied with an article, and presenting once this semester was more than I could wanted to handle. Did I mention the fact that we had to bring in a snack  of our choice once this semester?! The audacity Professor Kane must have asking so much of us!! 
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Looking back, Professor Kane was right. #IS6621’s requirements seemed incredibly overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of things it feels manageable and fun. Signing on to Twitter after my four year hiatus from high school felt awkward and pretty unnecessary. At this time, I knew that Twitter was popular amongst my peers, some even claiming it as their main news source. I found this ridiculous until I realized that if you follow the right people and sources, rather than the random kid you went to high school with who clogs your newsfeed with his “Fire, flames new mixtape” that drops at 6PM PST, you can actually learn something from Twitter. Now, when I go about my weekly assignments for our class it doesn’t feel so much like a requirement. I naturally am interested in what my peers and news sources are posting about. So much so that I have to remind myself that my tweets can actually be used for class if I just add #IS6621.

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Appropriate punishment for an A&S student entering CSOM territory

Not only was I intimidated with the assignments, but I also feared you all. Yes, you! I was scared of the people taking IS6621. Being an A&S student who has only dabbled in a few CSOM classes I felt immediately behind in a class full of CSOMers, not to mention the MBA students. I was in your territory. There was no chance in hell I was ever going to speak up in class. I planned to participate in small group activities. Maybe, possibly, if I was brave enough, I would ever so often say a sentence or two for our class discussion. Enough to get participation points, but nothing more.

After week two, however, I realized I wasn’t behind. Not because I miraculously learned all there was to know about Information Systems or Finance, but because this class truly is what you make it. We got to decide the content of our assignments and our discussions. Of course, Professor Kane provided great material for each class and different topics to lead our discussions, but we were in charge of providing the pizzazz! Professor Kane had the Social Media and Digital Business expertise, while we were the eyes and the ears reporting back each week with new findings and news. So, while I still am a mere A&S student, I truly benefited from this class being that we all brought our own competencies and experiences.

With that being said, my favorite part of this course was watching all of your presentations. I was able to learn a lot about/from our classmates. The topics each of us chose spoke to our passions and experiences. I learned about Bitcoin, FinTech, innovations in the food industry, fast fashion’s effect on pollution to name a few. All of our topics ranged among different industries and levels of expertise, but as an audience member I could tell each presenter felt some sort of excitement towards their topics.

Can I be considered an influencer now, @MomentApp? 

Personally, I never thought I would present on an app that works to get your off your phone more (Moment app does not pay me, but they should). #IS6621 made me more aware of my phone usage. To my surprise, it made me more conscious and intentional about the time I spent with my head in my phone. (I still haven’t re-downloaded Snapchat since February 11th. A small, yet exciting victory in my book!) This class has benefited me in more ways than I imagined it could. It didn’t just provide me 3 credits that I need in order to graduate, but it helped me grow as a student preparing to enter the workforce which I am incredibly grateful for!

Thank you for reading my final blog! This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you this Wednesday!!

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  1. mariaknoerr · ·

    Wow Tara, your secret would have been safe with us! I never would have known that you had strong second thoughts about this class. I have enjoyed reading your blogs throughout the semester and your contributions in class discussions were very valuable. Hopefully you leave this class proud of your work and no longer intimidated by us CSOMers. I guarantee we learned just as much from you as you did from this class.

  2. roarkword · ·

    I totally agree with @mariaknoerr and hope that any thoughts of CSOM intimidation have been dispelled for the most part! You’re contributions to the class were insightful and I believe a part of the reason that discussions were so varied and that viewpoints were so wide reaching was that we were not only a mix of graduate and undergraduate but also a very diverse group of majors and interests. We were a class full of future accountants, managers, coders, financiers, marketers, and economists each with our own specific areas of interest to speak to. You’re right, this class certainly was more than just three credits that we needed to graduate.

  3. nescrivag · ·

    I was also one of those people who considered dropping the class at the beginning of the semester but I listened to other people and also stayed in the class, hoping it would be a fun and life-changing experience. I agree that the short presentations are one of the most fun aspects of the class because it enables each one of us to speak about something that most other people aren’t as familiar with. I thought your presentation about the app was really cool!
    PS: The fact that you’re not a CSOMer didn’t separate you at all from the rest! Your tweets and blog posts were super cool.

  4. profgarbusm · ·

    Loved this post. Definitely helped to capture some of the early nervousness that I felt and had a great amount of humor to boot. I think my favorite line and one that really sums up IS6621 was “this class truly is what you make it”. This embodies the difficulties but also the pleasures of such a dynamic and interesting class.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Tully Horne · ·

    Good, funny post. I agree that the presentations were a huge part of the class. Professor Kane did a great job facilitating a class where we learned a lot from not only him but each other as well. The class is only as good as our level of engagement with the material and the amount of effort we put in, and I think that most of us put our all into this class and it produced great results. We are all now at an advantage compared to others who have not learned the value of things like Twitter, blogging, etc. Your success with the class shows, as other comments pointed out, that regardless of your major you can understand what is going on in the world of social media and digital business. Best of luck with your last few weeks at BC!

  6. oliverhowe14 · ·

    I was right there with you at the beginning of the semester. I joined the class a week late and so I missed that first week’s class that actually explained what we would have to deliver for the class every week. So I had to read it on my own. And I almost dropped the class on the spot. The only reason I stayed was because I had a close friend or two already in the class, and I needed the credits to graduate. I’m so happy I stayed and thanks to you and everyone for teaching me so much this semester.

  7. jamessenwei · ·

    I agree that this class sounds a lot harder on paper than it actually is. I don’t want to put words into Professor Kane’s mouth but I feel that opening lecture was a clever way to introduce the class and “weed out the weak.” Those that stayed (us) turned out to learn to enjoy the work since it eventually became a genuine interest.

    I find it a little hilarious that you initially labelled us ‘CSOMers” as a scary intimidating bunch. Haha. I know that there are a lot of stereotypes placed on us but I didn’t realize that the divide would skew perception to that degree. I don’t really think we’re all that different from each other. We all just want to learn the same things. Great post.

  8. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    I’ll echo many people above and say I’m really happy you didn’t drop the class – I enjoyed your blogs and especially appreciated your “Service Done for Social Media” because as you can see from the blog I just posted, it really influenced the way I approached and reflected on my first documentary experience in a service environment. Best of luck going forward and thanks again!

  9. thebobbystroup · ·

    Your social media fast and subsequent blog posts/ presentation was one of the highlights of the class. I don’t a sponsorship by Moment would look like, but I agree that they owe you some sort of compensation (free membership maybe?). I definitely agree about Twitter. I never thought I would get back on it after leaving high school, and I certainly didn’t think I would be interested in reading various articles and links from it. I don’t know if it was Prof Kane’s intention, but I may have gotten hooked back on it. Maybe I’ll need to use Moment after all…

  10. tuckercharette · ·

    Tara, having spoken to you throughout this semester, I can honestly say that it was great having you in this class. I really enjoyed your presence. Your presentation was also awesome! I’m considering downloading Moment just to see how much time I do spend on my phone. Your A+S nature didn’t show through until you mentioned it to me late in the semester. You acted just like one of us “Slytherin” CSOMers, great work.

    As for dropping the class, I was right there with you. I was highly considering taking another class during the same time block and I’m so glad that I didn’t. This classroom experience was super unique and something I will never forget. I definitely think the nature of the class truly allowed us to explore what we wanted to and it showed through our interesting blog posts and presentations!

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