“It takes forever to say goodbye…

FALSE. It takes exactly 0.978 seconds to say goodbye.” – Dwight Schrute.

But actually, if we consider this last blog post as a sort of goodbye, it definitely took longer than that. As I start to reflect back on my time in this class, I’m excited about what I learned but definitely sad that it went by so quickly. Also sad that I won’t get to look forward to snacks on Wednesdays anymore… Going back to my first post for this class, I realize that I underestimated the “Digital Business” part of a “Social Media and Digital Business” class. Most of my initial blog post was about social media and I even made my main objective to be more productive with my social media use. There’s a small possibility that four months ago, part of me may have expected the class to include a dissection of the different social media platforms and an analysis of said platforms… Now that seems like a crazy idea.. But I also think four months ago I was hesitant to write a lot about digital business because I didn’t fully understand what that would mean in this class. “Digital business” is kind of a vague word and it could have meant anything really: strategy, history, challenges, important companies, etc. Four months later, I realize it is just vague enough to encompass all the things that could happen in the real world, relating to technology and business, during the semester. That way we got to include so many relevant topics in our weekly discussions. And so much did happen.


Learning about digital business so broadly has really provided me with meaningful insight and made me feel just a little more tech savvy. I felt like I was at negative 10 before this class so it’s great progress. From some of our in class discussions on current events, I felt like I understood the changes in the digital business world through the decisions company leaders were making. Then, breaking down those decisions down into the factors that affect them, highlighted other factors that affect the digital world. Seems simple enough now but it was a daunting task at the beginning of the semester, probably because of the size of the digital world. I think the approach of breaking the class down into different parts is what really accommodated learning about the extensive digital world and making it feel less daunting. Whether it was our discussions on AI, Blockchain, Facebook and the great Zuckerberg goes to Washington ordeal, Spotify and the freemium model, or any of the others, I can now reflect on how each will help us understand any changes that come in the future. The vagueness of “digital business” was an opportunity to constantly learn. My mindsight as our class comes to an end is that it’s not always about mastering the details but more about continuously moving forward and learning to adapt. Just like how our conversations seemed to switch directions quickly, so can the conversations in the digital business world.


Having a mix of different deliverables also contributed to making things more manageable. Which is funny because I never would have seen that coming when I first got the list of everything we had to do each week. The deliverables seemed like they would be the worst part of the class but I find that four months later, I really don’t mind scrolling through and checking out what classmates have shared on Twitter and on the blog. And yet, I covered so many different topics when doing so. I’m actually going to miss having a reliable source of worthy updates to read through. It all made me feel well informed and that feeling was one of my favorite parts of this class. If it wasn’t for Social Media and Digital Business, I know I wouldn’t have kept up with the things going on, like for example with Snapchat, the progress (and setbacks) for self-driving cars, the effects of technology on climate change and so much more of the things we touched on. It gave me way more interesting things to talk about than what I have been learning in my accounting classes.


I may not have learned techniques to be more efficient with my time on Instagram but I did learn a lot. Professor Kane, you’ve done a great job of setting us up to continue learning and I’d say that’s a great way to meet my initial goal. I leave this class with a new found sense of curiosity to keep learning and to keep understanding about social media and digital business. There is clearly so much to learn and as digital business continues to be integrated into all the corners possible and as I enter the professional world, I want to stay adaptable and never fall behind. Like we talked about, the future of work is evolving and if you stay too still your job security might disappear. 



  1. mariaknoerr · ·

    Jenny, I feel the same way as you do about tackling such an enormous concept as “Digital Business” in just 14 days of class. It seemed daunting at first, but then the class began to flow and naturally took us through so many things. I too will miss reading weekly blog posts and learning about new technologies and apps from everyone in class.

  2. Jenny, oddly enough I agree with your note that having multiple deliverable made this class more manageable. Each week we knew what to expect in terms of assignments, making this class feel consistent and structured. However, it did not feel stale because social media and digital business is constantly being edited and updated. Like you said, I plan to and am excited to continue learning and keeping up with these updates outside of the classroom!
    Great blog post!

  3. Jobabes121 · ·

    Wonderful post Jenny! I resonated a lot with your point that the “vagueness of “digital business” was an opportunity to constantly learn.” Because the topic is so broad yet integrated rather closely under the big umbrella called “tech,” we could somehow dive into multiple topics yet connect them at ease. That was a beauty of this course, where we were given the autonomy to explore the topics of our interest, as long as they are under the broad definition of “digital business.” For this reason, students with different background could share their expertise and provide unique insights that my finance background or perhaps your accounting background could not provide. Overall, the constant-learning mindset was the biggest takeaway I had, and I am glad that it also touched you as we wrap up this course. It was a pleasure getting to know you via this course!

  4. Keenan Neff · ·

    I too believe that having all of the different deliverables made this class so dynamic. In our short time in class we covered so much about “digital business”. I too was not really sure how the digital business part of the class would turn out, but I am very grateful that we were able to dive deep into some of the most relevant topics in the digital business world. It is amazing how much we think we know about a topic, but having the class shaped the way it is allowed us to look at the topic from different perspectives, and it made me realize that I am looking at these companies through such a narrow sense. I think what will I will miss from this class the most is the interactions we all had in the classroom. Being able to bounce ideas off of each other really made the class worthwhile for me. Any Dwight Schrute quote deserves a two thumbs up.

  5. kikinitwithraf · ·

    To think we were all on this “journey” to discover the ins and outs of social media and digital business, to now finalizing our key learning points. And just like everyone else, I was stepping into vague territory, but the fact that we were so engaged in discussions, topics, and current news revolving around tech made things so much more intriguing. This course has opened our eyes to search out new technology, new innovations, and continue learning. Great post Jenny!

  6. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    I agree with you Jenny, I also initially thought that this class would be an analysis of social media and how I could utilize it more effectively, and although I would love to improve that skillset, I’m happy this class was much broader than that. I really liked when you said “The vagueness of “digital business” was an opportunity to constantly learn. My mindsight as our class comes to an end is that it’s not always about mastering the details but more about continuously moving forward and learning to adapt.” – I too hope that I continue to adapt, pay attention to the important details, and be able to identify the digital trends that really matter.

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