To Blog or to Vlog?

I decided to do things a bit differently for this last one… Below is the script if you prefer reading over watching the video.

I started out the semester unable to walk,
And I entered a class that knocked off my socks.
But now I’m back on my feet and I can talk the talk,
So let me tell you some of the lessons I’ve been taught.

I’ve gained a proclivity
for speaking positivity
in trying to get rid of the
lack of creativity
that cynicism breeds in us.
We panic, fear, and cause a fuss,
because, because, because
we think negative vibes will cause a buzz.
But we’ve learned about the fallacy
of secret formulas for virality
and have considered the legality
of the corporate reality,
that they can control what users see
and they have the right to be
censoring our Facebook feeds
because technically it’s not a need (and it’s free).

So some fear The Man and his collusion,
but benefits of tech infusion
may yet be the best solution
to problems caused by institutions.
With the proper execution
we could overcome confusion,
inefficiency, wealth distribution,
and perhaps reverse pollution.

So I’m looking forward to the future of increased automation,
but I do understand there’s not consensus in the nation.
Some are scared to lose their jobs and others for their lives.
The truths they once held dear disappear before their eyes,
but there is one truth they simply can’t deny:
Road rage and drunk driving don’t exist within A.I.

So I’ll pay Bitcoin for my self-driving Uber to get to my Airbnb
then take a selfie to update my Snapchat (because an update is what Snapchat needs)
meaning I’m sharing how I hold shares in the sharing economy.
I do this because I put a lot of stock in the newest technology.
Though I do say these words with caution, because online comments aren’t retractable,
and I realize the future of tech means we’ve got to be adaptable.
Specific skills are useful, but even better to be a Jack of all trades,
because the job I’ll have 20 years from now hasn’t even been made.


Thanks for the great semester, y’all!


  1. Keenan Neff · ·

    Wow. Bobby this is amazing. This is definitely the coolest blog post I have read all year. Who knew you were so good with words. Every single rhyme you made made sense. I love how this is both a reflection on the semester and a motivational speech/poem. I wish you did in your earlier blogs. You’re dropping a bomb masterpiece on us. I am commenting after watching this video and am still amazed. To point out a few things from your script, I also believe that the job that I will have in 20 years does not exist yet. It is pretty scary yet amazing to think that. I am so excited for what the next couple years are going to bring me as I start my professional career this summer. I also agree with your point about how being a jack of all trades will benefit you more in the future because the future is so unpredictable you don’t know what jobs are going to entail skill-wise. Overall loved this post. Have a good rest of the semester.

  2. nescrivag · ·

    Oh my God. This is amazing! I really enjoyed this blog post, very creative! It is a great reflection of the class because it talks about a lot of things we discussed in detail (Bitcoin, sharing economy, Facebook, AI). I like how you cover negatives (fear of losing jobs) and positives (less drunk driving) of technology and end on a positive note. The world is going to change a lot in the next years and more jobs will created so that we can adapt so it is important to keep an open mind and accept what is to come.
    Thanks for a great semester! Really enjoyed reading blog posts and tweets. Good luck!

  3. jamessenwei · ·

    This is truly beautiful. Thanks, Bobby.

  4. Jobabes121 · ·

    BARS oh my gosh Bobby you are the new Supa Hot. “Specific skills are useful, but even better to be a Jack of all trades, because the job I’ll have 20 years from now hasn’t even been made.” This is gold. All you needed was a beat. “Road rage and drunk driving don’t exist within AI.” Every line was so well crafted yet had rhyme at the end, which made this post so incredible. My biggest takeaway from the course was the “constant-learning” mindset that we should cultivate to adapt to ever-changing tech industry and its disruption in virtually every workplace, and this blog sums it up nicely in the end. It was a pleasure getting to know you via this class, and sitting next to you was a pleasure indeed. I know for a fact that you will go far wherever you will head, as you got so many talents under your belt. With that said, ski less and try snowboarding! Cheers, mate.

  5. jennypenafiel11 · ·

    Favorite blog of the semester. The way you incorporated so many topics we’ve talked about with your own personal opinions and thoughts was so great. You really conveyed what you got out of this semester in a precise and creative way. Your point on how you gained a proclivity for speaking positively really resonated with me. Its so easy to talk about the fears and the buzz and the negative sides of technology but to really understand technology, you have to look more into both sides. It reminded me of the class on AI where it was so easy to keep talking about the bad sides of AI even when Professor Kane was asking us to move to the more positive sides. But I think this class really taught us to look at both sides and discuss technology in a productive manner. And then the rest of your points were also so true. You killed it! Amazing.

  6. Just…wow.

  7. DingnanZhou · ·

    I watched the video couple times. Doing a “Vlog” is just SAVAGE! Great work on this poem/rap or whatever with almost every topic we talked about integrating in it. Somehow you made them in rhyme. Although sitting far from you, I know you because you have been an active contributor in class! I like reading your blog as well as your comments. They are insightful and critical. This blog has to win a certain award!

  8. RayCaglianone · ·

    Bobby, this was really awesome, and speaks to the great opportunities for expression afforded by this class. At the beginning of the semester the fact that we had no guidance at all for our blog posts was really intimidating (at least for me), but look at the results! You somehow synthesized the overarching themes of the class beautifully with just a couple verses. This got me feeling all nostalgic and class isn’t even over yet! Will miss seeing content like this every week.

  9. tuckercharette · ·

    Not going to lie, I came to this blog even though I had hit my limit on comments but @kkim312 had tweeted that it was a mic drop so I had to check it out. Bobby this was a wild last post. You not only brought up great points but made it all rhyme (or at least near rhyme which was impressive).

    For the actual content, you brought up that negative news sells. We saw this when Snapchat caused an uproar with its update, when Facebook let others steal information, and when self driving cars killed someone. I really liked your last point. Talking about paying bitcoin to order a self driving uber to your AirBnB. We might not even know what the future that we will live in will look like, it could look like this statement or something completely different. We truly have no idea. Your video was entertaining and insightful, well done Bobby. Loved the supa hot fire gif.

  10. phanauer1 · ·

    Such a great post! Even if you didn’t perform it for everyone, the poem/rap on its own still would have been a very creative and effective way to express what we did and what you took away from the class, but the fact that you read it for everyone takes it over the top. I feel like this should be shown year after year to people at the beginning of the semester as sort of a syllabus in a way. It gives a great impression of everything we covered without going into too much detail and is thoroughly entertaining and engaging throughout. Awesome job!

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