Did I learn Anything in this Class?

From my first blog post, I could tell that I was absolutely shocked by the fact that I was potentially going to learn something in this class (probably should not have been as shocking obviously). Instead of having to memorize scenes on vases and finance equations for an exam, we were going to actually discuss and debate and get to learn about a wide variety of topics that are super relevant to our lives (wicked, if you will). And boy did I learn a lot in this class. This class taught me things that are essential to my future career path and essential to my knowledge of the world as it EXPANDS (both figuratively and literally of course).

Not super creative so here are some numbers for you (CSOM kids love numbers and $$, ever heard that one before?)


There are 42 students in this class. So, that should be (takes out iPhone to do the math on this since we are all increasingly dependent on technology to complete the most simple tasks) about 294 blog posts for the year. You guys that is a lot. That is so many blogs. In those blogs, we wrote about 270,000 words. A 200-page book is about 55,000 words, so we wrote enough content to fill almost 5 books. Content, content, content. I learned so much in class on Wednesdays but also through reading all of your blogs, and following everyone on twitter. Go us!


For some more fun numbers relating to this class….

1565: the number of cryptocurrencies available as of last month.

180: number of recognized world currencies

87: number of Facebook users (in millions) who potentially got their data scraped by Cambridge Analytica.

44: The number of US senators who have no idea what Facebook is or does or how it makes money, even after a 5 hour congressional hearing.

132: the price (in US dollars) that Spotify’s IPO opened at in April.

1.5: the money (in billions of dollars) that Snapchat lost in market value because of Kylie Jenner and her twitter account.

47: percent of jobs that will go away in the next 25 years, mainly due to technology (Oxford)

0: the number of jobs that I have right now

To get away from the math (brain hurts) let’s go back to my favorite thing ever: Lists.



1.keep up or die.

My most major take away from this class is that actively keeping up with tech news and discussing it with other people is important for understanding what’s going on in the world (again, duh, but maybe not?. My dad texted me the other day to ask about Snapchat and its stock (don’t ask) and I could actually give him a ton of information about it because I have been reading, tweeting, and talking about it for the past 4 months. Things are changing so quickly (Facebook, AI, Spotify, block chain, etc.) if you aren’t educating yourself you are going to fall behind in what’s going on, and you are not just going to fall, but plummet. I especially learned that through not being on twitter for a stretch of 6 days and feeling like I had been just let out of prison after 30 years (What is happening with Facebook? Why is Zuckerberg on trial? Spotify is doing what? Did I time travel to the future?)

2. Every tech company knows everything there is to know about you and that will probably keep going into the future. The best thing you can do is understand what they have and what they are doing with it.

3. Blockchain is the future but its really hard to understand so just keep reading about it and hopefully one day we will understand. *fingers crossed*

4. long blogs must be split up with graphics and pictures always. charts are even better.

5. Gifs are the key to the soul

Chris Hardwick takes a stand on gifs. - Imgur


Thanks for an awesome class everyone! See you on the #IS6621 page for one more class and then maybe some additions in the future. sad to leave the #hashtag behind.



  1. Love the numbers!

  2. DingnanZhou · ·

    Grace, it has been a pleasure in the same reading group with you! I like your consistent interests in snapchat, giving us newest updates about it. You are always a good contributor in our discussion! I love the numbers you lay out in this blog. It has been quite a journey in taking this class! I This class definitely helps generate long-lasting curiosity for us to keep following all the trending news related to technology and social media. Like you said, keep up or die!

  3. mqzhang · ·

    Thanks for the nice breakdown, Grace! I have to say that constantly learning is a crucial aspect of success, no matter what field or path in life we choose. In keeping our minds pliable and open to change, we allow ourselves to adapt to whatever situations life can throw at us, making ourselves an invaluable asset to any organization we choose to create or join.

  4. Keenan Neff · ·

    I think that it is pivotal that after this final class ends we continue to keep up with all the tech news. I cannot say how much stuff about these major companies I did not know going into this class. The fact that 47% of jobs are going to be lost in the next 25 years due to technology is absurd. That goes to show that we cannot be one dimensional learners. We have to study all fields and gain a multitude of different skills if we want to be able to have bright futures. It’s amazing that as a class we could fill 5 200 page books with our blog posts. That’s a lot of words and pages. I will definitely follow all of the tech news twitter accounts on my main account after this class, because I learned so much in such a short time that I do not want to be left behind.

  5. jjaeh0ng · ·

    Really, great stats work! Both during in-class and online twitter discussions, I acknowledged a lot of positive contribution from you. I appreciate your dedication and hard work for this class. There were definitely a lot to learn from your thoughtful insights as well as sense of humor. (Thanks for sharing the @1bobbystroup dissertation video in the final class. Above all, you wish all the best and good luck!

  6. realjakejordon · ·

    This was awesome. Loved how you broke everything down by the numbers. That 47% one is scary, but knowing its there is what really matters I think. The worlds going to keep changing, and recognizing that we need to keep changing with it is a big first step. I hope that 0 for number of jobs is a 1 soon! Start showing them your WordPress page during interviews, maybe it’ll help haha!

  7. bc_eagle1 · ·

    “keep up or die.” 😁. Gifs and emojis😀 can break up text too when commenting. You can keep blogging on linkedin and connect with other people.

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