It is not the end, but a new beginning…

Writing this final blog feels different, since it has been quite a journey.


Instead of going through notes and references that I had done research for, I can just sit here and tell a story.  This semester, which is also my last semester in Boston College, is just coming to an end way quicker than I realized it would be.


By reading my first initial thoughts one more time, I just can’t believe how much I have learned along with the class. My first blog post was titled “first blog ever”. With no blogging experience, I found it quite relaxing to write, probably the beginner’s luck. My first blog gained some interests from readers in class. They were eager to know what interesting things were going on in China related to Social media and digital business.


“That could be a way to go.” I told myself. As I read blogs from other classmates, I found that everyone had his/her particular interests and sticked with it.  Like I can expect fashion post from Addison, and gaming updates from Nero. As for me, I picked a track for myself, blogging about technology/social media related to my home country. Hence, companies like, OFO, WeChat, Momo, Dingding were brought to the blog field.

Blogging and reading others’ blog are quite interesting. As an international student, I have to say I have acquired some writing skills from this blogging activity. In class, the discussions flow really fast, and luckily I was able to jump in and made some comments. I remember right after the first week of class I signed up for the second student to do presentation. I chose to do the company I interned last summer, I was glad that my classmates were very interested in the two insights I had, which are users persona as well as accurate marketing were highlights. I was surprised to see detailed comments from Professor Kane and my classmates. They were very encouraging and with critics as well. Although I did get a chance talking to those who were not in my reading group, I really appreciated their effort.


This is the first marketing class I did since marketing principle, and it would probably the coolest class I have every taken in Boston College. Every week, we are exploring a trending topic from facebook to blockchain, from auto-driving to tomorrow’s dark side of technology for our last class. The individual presentations from each student are even more interesting. After listening to last week’s presentation about Space, a robotic restaurant, I am determined to try a bowl this Thursday on their first day of business!



This class also helps forming my habit of tweeting. I was not a tweeter prior to this class but a heavy user in instagram. I was a little bit conservative since I was once told everything one did on the Internet would leave a print. However, as I started tweeting, I found the good side of this social media platform. There are just so many interesting things to share! In this case, it could solely be for learning purpose.  After three month, I found out that gradually I have gotten used to sharing interesting articles from sites such as tech crunch, medium and Bloomberg technology. I love reading and replying all the interesting articles, comments from my classmates. Sometime it could just be an opinion, sometime it could be a picture taken in daily life about seeing a new technology was put into use. I will definitely miss the twitter field and blog sites after this class definitely.


This class really gave me a broad exposure of technology as well as social media, linking my daily life to social media closely. I was able to form a way of criticizing those trending news, making my own opinion on them, and most importantly, sharing with others with even just a little bit of social impact.

I gotta say, all the topic we have discussed, all the projection we made in class are likely to happen in the foreseeing future. Yet I really hope those would turn to be positive to our society. Auto-driving will deliver safe service while traditional drivers would find a new way to make living. Social media platform will finally prioritize users privacy as their most significant issue to deal with. There will be more innovative Blockchain application put into use, and crypto currencies will find their values and become stable… Technology will provide more bright side to us than its dark side.


It has been swell! The last class does not mean an end, but a new beginning. I will keep learning, stay on top of all the trending news, keep tweeting. The learning experience has  been fruitful because of this class, and it will not stop!

See you guys in class!






  1. NeroC1337 · ·

    I guess we all have the need to express our feelings, thoughts, etc. And like you mentioned, I also appreciate the out of class engagement between people in this class through blogs and Twitter. Although many classes provide the so-called online-discussion group, rarely do people post, and if they do, most of them are one-way communication. For me, I’m not the type of guy to talk a whole lot in class, which I don’t necessarily consider a bad thing, because I get to absorb much more. However, from time to time, I just want to contribute in someway, or express my opinion. I completely get what your point on the feeling after post a blog, received a comment. And thank you for coming back for more gaming information from my blog as well.

  2. thebobbystroup · ·

    So true! I could really relate to you when you mentioned your hesitance to tweet at first due to the permanant nature of scial media and online comments. On Facebook I have always been one of those people who might make 3 or 4 posts a year despite the fact that I get on the app everyday.

    Also, I really enjoyed learning about Chinese businesses and tech! You did a great job of bringing a unique perspective to the class, making it even more of a holistic learning experience. Thanks for all your blog posts and presentstion. Good luck with the post-grad life!

  3. graceglambrecht · ·

    Love how well you kept up with the class! We definitely got to learn about different classmates interests and through that go into depth is specific industries and how they are being changed by tech which was really awesome!
    I also got much more comfortable stating my opinion and discussing topics with everyone! i really enjoyed our class discussions and our small group discussions a lot, the structure made it so much different than my other classes. Really got to learn and experience different viewpoints which was very valuable. Good luck in the future and look forward to seeing more updates on China’s social media and technology developments!

  4. jjaeh0ng · ·

    Great works throughout the semester. I really enjoyed your perspectives and ideas representing China. Your presentation on the Chinese company and your experiences with them during the internship was really good. Whether you go back home or stay here, wish you the best.

  5. realjakejordon · ·

    Your posts have been really interesting this semester and have given me insight to things that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned without you in the class. Like you said, and like we mentioned in class, the beauty of this course is that every student got to write their own narrative. I’m really appreciative the course was formatted that way, and I’m grateful that people were willing to put their passions on display for this class. Loved the post!

  6. bc_eagle1 · ·

    40% of our actions we do each day are auto habits! Pick good habits and you will be fine. Good to see a growth mindset. Keep learning and adapting.

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