No more classes, but we still got class

“Hopefully, I learn how to utilize social media for successful digital business from this class and help out my best friend for life in the near future.” This is literally what I said at the end of my first blog post. As it says, my initial expectation of this class was to (embrace) SOCIAL MEDIA (to be successful in) DIGITAL BUSINESS. Well, as the semester went on, I realized the class was not about learning how to embellish your social media accounts and posts to make effective marketing tool. It was way more than that.


After reading all those tweets, blog posts, assignments as well as watching a few TED talks, I gained so many insights in both social media and digital business. Above all, just like many of classmates mentioned for their final recaps, using twitter for class discussions was something that I have never thought to do during school days. Up until this semester, which was the very last one of my life as a student since kindergarten, I have taken almost around 150 classes in total, and none of them have promoted students to use social media for class works. Twitter usage in this class alone already makes it a very special experiences.


Before taking this class, social media was nothing more than an online networking platform for me. With that, I did not have chances to think seriously about the social media before. One of the most relatable perspective on social media was an infamous quote by renowned soccer manager Sir Alex Ferguson. On May 18, 2011, Wayne Rooney, a famous English soccer player, had an argument with his follower on Twitter. Rooney, at the time, said “when it comes to the playground, knock down in 10 seconds” and it provoked innumerable responses from fans around the world. In response to his very own player’s troublesome tweet, Ferguson said:


“It’s about responsibility. I think they (players) are responsible for their actions, responsible for what they said on Twitter. I don’t understand it, to be honest with you. I don’t know why anybody can be bothered with that kind of stuff. How do you find the time to do that? There are a million things you can do in your life without that. Get yourself down to the library and read a book. Seriously. It is a waste of time.”

PA-7941006-310x415 (Sir Alex checking his Facebook…?)

I repeat. “Social media is a waste of time,” he said. His quote in fact is often used among Koreans when some people do stupid things on their social media. For instance, if Kanye West were to make bizarre remarks online, some people would respond by saying, “In Ferguson We Believe” or “Ferguson is always right.” Of course, social media can be detrimental for one’s fame if he/she misuses it. We as a class have gone over numerous times that internet users must be responsible for their actions online.


In the meantime, I wish Sir Alex have taken the class with us this semester so that he learns social media is not just a waste of time. Since he seemed to have a bad impression on Twitter according to the Wayne Rooney incident, I wonder how he would have reacted to active class discussions on the platform. I personally was pleased to hear and share a variety of trending new on Twitter. As a newcomer to the world of tweets, it was a fascinating experience for me for sure.


Furthermore, the class was not solely about Twitter activities as they only count as 10% of our grading. Blog posts, blog posts, blog posts…To be quite honest, it was way more works than I expected in the beginning of semester. I guess I never felt bi-weekly assignments come back this quickly. Also, as a semester was getting close to the end, I got busy with future plans alongside with severe SENIORITIS. I tended to be relatively sluggish and prone to get behind the pace of class. Still, every discussion and course materials introduced me to the bigger world of digital businesses. (Despite not perfection, I gained at least some sense in block chain). As a sports fan, learning and sharing digital trends in sports industry was what I enjoyed the most from the class.


With that, I am finally done with school. Classes are over. Not so many finals for a graduating senior, thankfully. Graduation is just few days away, and I am not going to be a student anymore as I got no plan for graduate school (at least for now). Wherever I go after BC, I would embrace what I have learned from this class. Our future is going to be all about going digital. I feel a great sense of relief as I believe I am somehow prepared for the future thanks to all the lessons from #IS6621 #D #goodbye



  1. realjakejordon · ·

    I appreciated your honesty with this post (especially about the senioritis lol). I like your use of Wayne Rooney’s tweet and Ferguson’s response. I have not been one to hide my cynicism toward social media, but I think the most important theme of these wrap ups is that social media totally depends on how you apply it, and I think you did a good job of articulating that point. Great post!

  2. bc_eagle1 · ·

    Wow- A closet creative. You could make tens of thousands as an entrepreneur helping people with catchy titles.😎 Good luck and stay with a growth mindset.

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