Foreword: ISYS6621

Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business

After the inaugural meeting of ISYS6621 in the posh Stokes 195S, I look forward to a semester of innovative debate as we drill deeper into the synergies between technology and business. Outlined below are some of my personal expectations for this class that I feel will challenge our section to really get the most out of our time together while learning about what we, as a collective, are passionate about.

1.) Spark Creative Debate

I find debate as the most invaluable tool when engaging in a class. Creative debate involves students posing questions to the class as a whole rather than just the instructor, and then their classmates respond and the debate ensues. I find these kinds of debate much more engaging as they reveal the diverse mindset of a class that has been taught the same things. However, I feel that this class format will really highlight the “feature” of it being a mixed MBA, undergraduate course. In this type of class environment, the sharing of diverse perspectives may truly create the ultimate learning machine.

2.) Ask Good Questions

As is true with any discussion, questions can either help or hurt the dialogue. I have to say, my number one pet peeve is when someone asks a tangential question in the midst of an interesting debate. Tangential questions if responded too, detract greatly from the overall quality and outcome of the debate at hand as they steer it away from its original premise. Ask questions that add value to the argument by asking about a point that may have been overlooked, but for the sake of the argument, don’t ask about the specific details about the application of autonomous buses when the debate is high level on autonomous driving, for example. Try to stay on topic and relevant to either side of the argument unless you feel another perspective is appropriate.

3.)Focus on Business AND Technology

Many of us are focused in one area or the other, i.e. business background interested in tech, or tech background interested in business. Either way there are plenty of classes for both business and technology independently, however I am most interesting in learning more about the relationship between business and technology in today’s economy. I really want to learn more about these digitized business models and how they’ve been successful or where they’ve failed and fully dissect them with the class. However, I also don’t want to get so hung up on the business model and not discuss the tech or vice versa. I feel like investigation from both perspectives will give a truly holistic perspective about why certain technologies are disrupting the world of business.

4.) Whats Hot?

Did you hear something interesting on the news? Does it relate to business and technology? Bring it up in class! Let’s talk about it. Trending topics in the news are great fodder for class discussion! I think it would be really cool to talk about new topics as they come up in the news and learn from Professor Kane and our classmates about them.

5.) Participate! Participate! Participate!

Please don’t let us sit in silence and let the same 3 people keep answering/ asking questions. Let’s make this interesting and engaging for all of us. Ask questions! Comment! Challenge assumptions! Delve deeper! Don’t let the 7-9:30PM class time be your excuse for being quiet! We have an obligation to each other to engage with and learn from one another.


I look forward to getting to know my classmates better in the coming weeks and better understanding the class format and dynamic. I hope that we can create a dynamic as great as Professor Kane describes his previous sections’. Together we can make this class the most engaging and interesting yet. Remember no midterm or final, so lets take all the energy we save from studying and invest it all into having great class discussions and lots of energy in our class!

One comment

  1. I really like your point about keeping both business and technology in the scope of our discussions. You’re 100% right that it’s sometimes too easy to focus on a single aspect of any topic: the social aspect, the financial aspect, the technological aspect, etc. But I think discussion really becomes valuable when you consider these things holistically and cohesively. Something that may seem like a good business idea may be hurtful to society or the environment and a technology with a focus on environmental impact may not have a sound business case behind it. These functions don’t exist in a bubble, so it’s important to see the bigger picture.

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