Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business

By Jesse L. Rosenberg

My initial expectations for emerging technologies and digital business class is that we will cover all the regulations across digital media that companies use when building their brands or businesses in the public eye. I think it is extremely important given this day in age to understand the process firms go through to identify what is healthy to post and what is not, what constitutes the success of a brand that uses digital technologies like Facebook, Instagram and twitter, and what sort of images and posts drive the most traffic to their sites. Is monetizing and spending money on digital media an effective way to build brand awareness and recognition, and why do some brands flourish without using the full suite of digital technologies available to them? What kind of content is most important to generate for a firm and why do some companies invest more capital than others into branded content? Why do some completely stray away from social media and still have a lot of public exposure? On the other hand, why do some firms explicitly use social media as a channel to promote their content – how do they use, what does it look like and do they outsource or use their internal team to make game changing ideas public?  My hope is to truly understand what kind of content is most effective, what channels will continue to generate the most success and data for companies to access in the future, what are sustainable channels to use as a resource to measure audience liking vs. disliking, and how can we leverage data and analytics to track the future sustainability of the company. I also hope to understand how to use social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote acceptable and popular content that will help me in future marketing and business development roles. I want to learn how to properly communicate on these channels and use them to build a business or a new product one day. 

On the flip side, I think understanding the general digital industry and all the key technological players will be helpful, so my hope is that this class will help paint the context and history of the beginning, the middle and the future of these emerging technologies and how digital business will shape the playing field ahead. I want to understand Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things – how are these applications helping consumers consume and understand data and how do we know that they will be more effective than the past digital businesses? How will we be able to track their success and what firms and industries will be impacted the most from their use? How will we be able to have protection, ensure fairness and enforce privacy when a lot of these technologies extract data from online profiles? How can we regulate the use of these technologies so people are not afraid of revealing too much of their personal details?How can we cut costs by using these technologies and how can we teach the world and online consumer that these mediums will be helpful and generate the information we all have been wanting to know and understand?  I expect this class to help us to understand how to disrupt and to use business models to shape our patterns of behavior and our actions of how to consume and obtain data and media. And then, more importantly I hope to become a better blogger, content provider and enhance my social media skills by the end of this semester. I hope my content reflects the learnings of Professor Kane as I look forward to spending the next few months becoming a digital business and emerging technological expert!

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