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You’re probably wondering how I got here. Well, let me explain….

While picking my classes for my last semester at Boston College I knew that I needed both a Marketing elective and an Info Systems elective. I scrolled endlessly through the ‘Course Information and Schedule’ tab on agora until I came across it: Social Media, Emerging Technology and Digital Business. It looked perfect! So what did I do you ask? Not register for it. Yes this may make no sense, in foresight I should have known it would’ve been the right class for me to take. I want to go into social media and digital business post graduation as my professional career for crying out loud. You probably still do not understand why I made the mistake of not registering for it right away, and maybe how I’m even here writing for this class.

The entirety of break I knew the class I had chosen was not the one to be in and I griped with myself about switching into Digital Business. It seemed like it was going to be heavily involved, with consistent due dates and activities. This scared me as a second semester senior, I was supposed to take it easy and cruise into the finish line, right? At this point I decided I was here to study marketing and wanted to make my learning as interesting as possible so I tried to register and closed. Professor Kane explained the only way I could override in would be to attend the first class of the semester and see what happened. So Wednesday at 7:00 rolled around and I took a seat in Stokes 195S excited to learn. This is when Professor Kane confirmed my previous fears by stating, “This class will be work heavy and not for people who want to skate by”.

My first gut reaction was what have I gotten myself into and should I just stick with the other elective I might take? But after starting with the video discussing how fast technology is changing in comparison to things like individuals themselves, organizations and laws; I was absolutely hooked. I will admit, I began to waiver again once we started going over the syllabus and different canvas pages, which began to start swirling in my head. I began to confuse what was due at what time and how much posting we would be doing for each platform on a weekly basis. However, I was determined to not let this fear get the best of me. Professor Kane noted that if you allow yourself to be interested in what you are learning in and out of the classroom it won’t feel like you’re doing homework. This stuck with me as I feel I usually go through the motions with other classes and now I have the independence to make this class what I want it to be. The freedom we have for blog posts and presentations to find what we are interested in and passionate about is something I really haven’t found in any other class at Boston College. I’m looking forward to exploring new topics and being able to combine my marketing and information systems concentrations in ways I haven’t before.

In high school and at the start of college I had a personal blog where I wrote posts about fashion and music, and while I had little following I enjoyed the outlet it gave me to talk about things I found interesting. Overtime I began to write less and less until I completely gave up on the idea all together. I think that this class and our blog posts will be a big motivator for me to begin writing for myself again, as I have been saying I would start posting again for quite some time. Just writing this first post immediately brought me back to blogging for personal reasons, making me miss it as a hobby yet excited to get started again.

While the class may seem daunting at first glance, all the different avenues we will be using and the consistent class discussions inside and outside the classrooms, I feel that I will gain important skills for self growth as well as knowledge to better prepare me for the real working world. I can tell that Professor Kane aims to make every class different and entertaining in its own right, making learning just seem like fun. I will admit having grad students in the class was an eye opener but I am excited to learn from them and be able to listen to and share thoughts with a new group of people I haven’t interacted with before.

I have a feeling this class is definitely going to be one of my favorites.


  1. masonpeterman · ·

    Quality memes…thought I should start with that. Great post, haha sounds like we had many of the same feelings here, we’ll see how it goes! Can’t hate a class that starts with a video, but I think it will be really interesting, I’m looking forward to some good discussion. Great job!

  2. Glad you stayed! I bet you’ll be glad in the end too!

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