I’m not going to lie, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into with this class. When it came time to pick classes last semester, I needed to take one more entrepreneurship elective to fulfill my concentration requirements before graduation, and I knew the TA (hi Michaela) who spoke very positively about the class when I expressed this to her. The course title did seem intriguing, but like many others I’m sure, I just assumed that it would follow a traditional CSOM format—weekly case study readings from Harvard Business School, a couple of writing assignments, a midterm, a final, and a group presentation. However, I have since realized that boy was I wrong.

Let me quickly take you through my thought process on the first day of class. First of all, let me just put it out there: I hate night classes. Seven o’clock start time? More like my bed time. Nevertheless, I was able to get an override into the class, and like I said I had heard good things about it, so I decided that I at least owed it to myself and my peers to show up on the first day to feel it out and then decide if the course was worth taking. When I actually got there, I finally understood the reasoning behind the late start time. Grad students. THE HORROR.

Then class starts, and I am told that I will be assigned significantly more work than in most other courses. Seriously? What kind of dreadful alternate universe is this? I immediately take out my laptop to begin browsing the internet in the hopes that the next two and a half hours will go by much, much faster so I can get myself out of there and drop the course immediately.

Okay I am exaggerating. Like a lot. And due to the fact that you’re reading this blog post right now, you probably already know that because I would not have written it if I hadn’t ultimately decided to remain in the course. As a matter of fact, by the end of the first class, and after reading through a good number of tweets and blog posts written by last semester’s students, I am actually quite excited to be taking Emerging Technologies and Digital Business this semester. And there are so many reasons why.

Here are five:

Twitter. I have been trying to bring back Twitter for YEARS. None of my friends use Twitter anymore, and I am really upset about that. Let me tell you, it’s no fun to Tweet alone. But on the bright side, now I have a whole new group of followers to interact with. Let’s see how that goes!

Class discussions. Judging by the first class, I think that this will be the best part of the course. My favorite part about the college classes I have taken thus far have been learning from my peers, and I think that in this course in particular, it will be especially important.

TED talks. I love TED Talks!!! I heard Professor Kane mention that he uses them a lot in class, and that makes me so happy. See my all-time favorite below.

SNACKS. I haven’t taken a class with a dedicated snack time since elementary school, and that is a darn shame. For this, I hereby officially forgive CSOM for scheduling this course as a night class.

No final exam. I am a firm believer that the concept of a final exam is completely unnecessary and just plain wrong. Enough said.

In all seriousness, my initial reactions to the details of this course may have been slightly negative (only slightly, I promise I was exaggerating before), but I really am excited about the content we are going to cover this semester, and the flexible, “do it yourself,” feedback-centered nature promoted by the syllabus. Additionally, having both interned at and been hired full-time by a completely online-only e-commerce company, I am excited to hopefully use the insight I will learn throughout the semester to benefit my future career.

FINALLY, I am excited to announce that I will be dedicating my blog to the wildly entertaining and intellectually fulfilling world of Game of Thrones GIFs, in honor of the final season that we will be blessed with this upcoming April. So on that note…

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  1. Nice! For the record, I prefer to teach in the 4:30 time slot, but the rooms were literally full. So, here we are! The class is interesting enough (I hope) that it will keep us all awake!

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