To the next Carrie Bradshaw…

When I first heard that we would be blogging on a regular basis for our Social Media and Digital Business class, my mind immediately went to me sitting in a coffee shop on Newbury Street eating a scone in the window, while thinking pensively and writing the days away just like Carrie Bradshaw would. I’m assuming my thoughts are more like those memes where you have an expectation of one thing versus the true reality, but I’m still excited none the less; and who knows, maybe with a little practice, I’ll get to start my own column just like Carrie. 


Social Media and Digital Business grabbed my attention about a year ago when I was surfing through our class directory and immediately knew I was interested and found a class I had to take. When I started my MBA Program a year and a half ago, I knew that the entire first year would be required classes, therefore, my second year was the year I had the opportunity to make my grad school experience as personalized as I wanted it to be. Most of my classes have been very quant heavy and surrounded by specific laws and memorization. What drew me to this class was that there was more of the experiential piece that I’ve been lacking. While being creative takes an effort, there’s so much more to gain in these scenarios. One of the pieces I’m most excited for revolves around blogging.  

I think everyone has a different perspective on what it means to be a blogger these days. Blogging or being some type of life style expert/influencer is a norm of what people do today and is how social media is most prevalently being used. I even tell people I’m a food blogger, even though what I actually do is post a ton of photos to Instagram on my meals and restaurant recommendations. It’s fun, easy, and lets me take time to enjoy one of my passions in life. My expectations for this class are to learn what the meaning of being a blogger truly is and come out with the foundation and confidence to continue writing. I’ve never used WordPress and I’m ready to learn the ins and outs. The same applies to my social media. I’ve had a personal Twitter account for years, but my tweets are pretty basic and I haven’t used the platform to its fullest potential by any means. I’m hoping actually engaging with my classmates and doing research of my own will change my perspective on this medium. 

I additionally have to mention that I wasn’t expecting such a kickoff into assignments after the first class, but I now understand the meaning of a heavy and steady workload for the tradeoff of no final. I love hearing from Professor Kane that this class experience will be unlike any we’ve had before. I mean, this is my FINAL semester of business school, if I don’t involve myself now, then when? I was surprised to hear that Professor Kane would not be doing any type of traditional lectures, but really giving us as students the floor to learn from one another. This is a huge advantage! BC students are incredible and I wish I had spent more time learning from my peers. I’m so glad to finally get the opportunity to do this during actual class time. The world is truly evolving technologically and I cannot wait to explore these paths further. Every time I learn about a new app or digital tool for instance, I wonder how I was living without it before! I can already envision how useful this will be for merging into my professional career in just a few short months. 

I must say, one other piece that really resonated with me was a very critical turning point in how I felt about the class. That was of course, the mention of snack time. What a genius idea. I’m pretty serious about food, if you couldn’t tell already by the mention of my food blog. A little snack is surely going to boost my energy, especially at a late class time when I’d usually be watching Riverdale and heading to bed. 

Here’s to a semester full of surprises and learning adventures! 


  1. alexaditursi · ·

    Melissa, first off, I love your title and introduction. We all should aspire to be like the talented Carrie Bradshaw! I also enjoyed reading your commentary on food blogging. Posting food pictures to instagram has become such a popular activity, and I always get great recommendations from people like you, so thank you!

  2. Love the theme of this post! You’ve definitely inspired me to figure out a fun theme for my blog. I also find it interesting that you focused your post on the effect of blogging in this class versus the more technical topics of business that we will discuss. Never thought to post about that, but you’re definitely right! I think the blogging aspect of this class is going to be very interesting to watch unfold.

  3. Danni Bianco · ·

    Great first post, Melissa! Next step towards becoming a pro-Wordpresser? Try adding a ‘featured image’ to go next to your title on your next blog! (on the right side when you’re in the posting page). I’m excited to see how you can enhance your food blog with the experiences you get from this class, and am especially excited for when its your turn to bring in snack – I’ve got high expectations for you!

  4. I also imagined myself sitting in a café writing away, but the reality picture really hit the nail on the head. I think the experiential piece that you mentioned is definitely something I look forward to the most in this course. I’m so unaccustomed to this level of peer-to-peer collaboration as part of the classroom experience, which I think is a darn shame. I look forward to reading more of your content!

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