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My name is Mason Peterman (pictured below) and I am a senior in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College concentrating in Information Systems and Business Analytics. I’m from Waukesha, Wisconsin so the Green Bay Packers and cheese are quite literally my two favorite things. I can talk your ear off about Wisconsin and love my home, but decided to try my hand at the east coast and found myself at Boston College. I think there is something to be said for a midwestern openness, and growing up there gave me a love of communicating with people that drove me to pursue business. Technology has always been a passion, and I saw the increasing impact it was having on business. Computer science was foreign to me. However, I knew the tech industry was not only where my interests lie, but an admittedly practical option with job demand and high pay. So, I settled on Information Systems and Analytics, and began to dive into the world of technology through school, research, and internships. Here I am, closing out my college career, and I can’t be more excited for the path I have set for myself.

While I know this is a blog about digital business and emerging technologies, a large part of this blog has to do with me. This is my voice, my interests, and a reflection of my thoughts and views on the evolving world of technology and business (you must be so excited). So, I thought I should begin by introducing myself and giving a little insight into the person who is soon to dazzle you with the thoughtful and creative insight of posts to come.

Choosing electives my last semester of senior year was bittersweet. Although it was the last time I got the privilege of navigating BC’s archaic UIS registration system, as a senior I was finally able to take electives that interested me. Being a senior, we choose classes first, so I got my pick of the litter. Social Media, Emerging Technologies, and Digital Business…sounded right up my alley. It checked everything off the list, class time was perfect, interesting topic, and it fulfilled my final requirements…love it. Night classes are always tough to sit through, but when our first thirty minutes was a video (a good one at that), I was pumped. When we got down to the details, I knew this class would be tough for me as I often struggle with constant small assignments. Nevertheless, here I am, writing to you, fully embracing a new challenge and ready to jump right right in.

To start, I want to give some insight into my expectations for both the class and myself. I’m have a mix emotions of what is to come this semester, but I thought I would outline some of my hopes and fears for this experience.


Engagement – I got the impression after professor Kane’s first class that previous sessions got very involved and saw their twitter posts and discussions as fun rather than an assignment. I hope that as a group our class is willing to buy into the structure and enjoy engaging with each other. I would love to see the power of digital communication (social media, blogs, etc.) and it’s ability to not only support business but build connections and relationships between people.

Diversity – This class is rather unique in the fact that it contains both undergraduate and graduate students. This seems like a great opportunity for class discussions that include a greater diversity of thought than many of my other classes. My hope is that having people of all ages involved in discussion will introduce me to ideas and perspectives I may not have thought of. Graduate students often bring a level of experience in the workplace, and make connections to operational impact that I may not consider. This diversity of thought will only supplement my learning and make for engaging discussion.

Lasting Impacts – This class provides a good opportunity to gain both experiences as well as a body of work that I will be able to take with me and continue long after it is over. I hope to gain stronger organizational skills keeping track of weekly assignments. The key will be finding a structured system that works for me, and leads to success. Additionally, I hope this blog becomes something I’m able to keep with me and utilize as I move on from this class. Creating this body of work about my future industry will serve me well moving forward, maybe even making connections for me later on.


Creativity – Am I creative enough for this? That was the first question I asked myself when I heard that 45% of our grade would be determined by a blog. I knew I would be in a class with, most likely, many people who either do this for fun already or have professional experience. I’ve never really written frequently for a sustained amount of time, and often struggle with sharing my writing with the world. I fear that I don’t have enough to talk about or I won’t be interesting enough to do fascinating topics justice.

Diligence – I admit it, I can be spacey sometimes. But hey…I’m overloading my final semester (case in point) and have a lot going on. This is truly a unique class and different than most. Instead of midterms and finals it is a holistic view of engagement with classmates. I worry that I will struggle to keep up with the consistent work of posting and commenting.

Participation – I enjoy class discussion and see it as a way for people to bring their own experiences and interpretations to light. I often find the comments of my peers so insightful and interesting it’s almost intimidating. I fear that I will be apprehensive to participate and will talk myself out of sharing my ideas. This is something I hope will be alleviated with the help of my classmates and a priority of mine this semester.

I’m excited for this journey, and hope you all stick with me. Until next time…


  1. dilillomelissa · ·

    Mason, I’m so glad you decided to take this class your final semester! Your first post was extremely relatable. First off, I’m from Chicago and completely understand that midwestern openess point of view! It’s always nice to share that with others out on the East Coast. Additionally, the hopes you mention, especially that of diversity are such a benefit. I’m equally as excited to see how it all plays out. I also think the fears you mention are some that almost every other student is feeling. I’m excited to read your posts as the semester progresses.

  2. First and most importantly: what are your favorite cheeses?

    But really, I wanted to express that I totally share your fears! When Professor Kane said “If you do everything that’s required of you, you’ll get a B+” my heart fell into my stomach. I was wondering what crazy lengths I’d have to go to to get a grade that would make me proud. I was also concerned about the blog posts as well! Writing 1200 words on a topic assigned to me is easy, but writing the same amount about myself or something that I could pick out of a hat seemed a little daunting. But then I started thinking more on it. I love technology, I read about it, talk about it, and play around with it every single day (for the majority of each day). This class is just giving me a path to discuss the topics I feel are relevant, important, and most of all: interesting!

    I also share your fears about the diligence aspect. I work a full-time job in addition to taking two classes for the MBA program. When am I going to find the time to post, like, and comment as much as expected? But then I realized that the Twitter activities can be done in spurts. I find myself retweeting or commenting while waiting for the train, in line for lunch, or whenever I have a few minutes of downtime.

    Moral of the story, I don’t think it’s as scary as it seems and we’ll get through it together!

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