How do you do, fellow kids?

This is attempt 6.0 of me tackling the blogosphere. The first four were in my teens in the pre-Myspace era when internet providers still offered webhosting services. I remember teaching myself basic HTML and painstakingly thinking of a clever blog title, investing hours on designing my masterpiece and crafting my first post only to abandon the effort a few weeks later.

Actual status of my past blogs. (Apparently a domain graveyard really exists.)

My most recent venture was the ambitious effort of blogging my experience of reading a biography about each American president. I made it through two posts (although I did make it through three books) before letting expire and join the domain graveyard. All this to say, my track record with blogging has not been stellar, so when I received a TA reminder about my blog being overdue I felt the pang of lost blogs of the past and for a split second considered if the format of this class was really something I could keep up with.

I signed up for this course for three reasons:

  • Working in marketing, a class on the impact on evolving digital technology seemed exciting and professionally relevant
  • Class was recommended by a coworker who has yet to lead me astray
  • I avoid Monday/Thursday evening classes like the plague (this maybe had 5 percent weight on my decision but I needed a third point)

This is the first class I’m taking with undergraduates and I think it’s the most exciting aspect of the course. An expectation of mine is to get a better sense from this cohort of students is how they currently view the digital landscape and what’s important for them as they evaluate their social media interactions with each other and with businesses. The only reason I knew about the coming and going of Yik Yak was because my first job out of college in 2012 involved managing a team of sixty undergraduates.

I currently work at BC running a small marketing team tasked with running multi-channel campaigns to drive philanthropic gifts for the university. The need for social media as a part of campaign strategy becomes more significant by the day and yet it’s the element that always comes together last minute. Often it is also the most frustrating element to manage. What’s the best social platform for this message? Is this platform even relevant anymore? Why is Facebook ads manager the WORST?

Working in higher education is great for a number of reasons, work-life balance, solid benefits, and personally I have always had a passion for fundraising in this space since my college scholarship opened up so many opportunities for me. Higher ed though can also be highly frustrating, especially in the marketing space. Our industry is notoriously behind on tech trends and new technology need to go through the hoops and bureaucracy of legal counsel and procurement before it can be implemented, often taking months to get the ok to pursue a platform—months where a more viable alternative comes along. From a marketing content lens, strategizing around social media (especially for our youngest demo) looks something like this:

Pictured above: BC employees in an actual meeting about making a Baldwin meme.

An expectation of mine is that I could be able to use the discussions and topics that arose in class in my career. I felt positive about the direction of the class after watching the “Harnessing Our Digital Future” video. The point about businesses needing to assess their current processes as they integrate new technology was a great starting point to the tone of the class. I’m looking forward to exploring how it is that businesses should approach new tech, how does this differ by industry, and how I could approach my work from a new perspective. Although I’m an active twitter user in my personal life, I can’t say I’m the most social media literate anymore. I consistently find myself on the later end of the half-life of a meme and deleted my Facebook account four years ago. So there are a number of expectations I’m setting for myself regarding this course as well. That I take the topics and class discussions to heart regarding my own work, that I become a better marketing professional by assessing new digital opportunities, and that I can finally put to rest my streak of failed blog attempts.

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