♥ thank u, next ♥

Thought I’d end up swamped
But it wasn’t that bad
Wrote some blogs about new tech
Now I read it and smile
Even almost got waitlisted
And for Kane I’m so grateful
Wish I could say thank you to WordPress
‘Cause he was an angel

#IS6621 taught me love:

My love for learning. As a second semester senior who has been so fixated on graduation, I almost forgot about how much I enjoy learning new things and keeping up with what’s going on in the world around us, especially in the realm of technology. I have to admit, prior to this class, I had very minimal knowledge on AI, blockchain, the realistic future of work, the legal issues surrounding tech and social media, and the impact of fake news. But man, did I learn a lot in this class. I was constantly learning both in and out of class through TedTalks, our class Twitter feed, blogposts from fellow classmates, panel discussions, guest speakers, assigned articles, etc. I definitely feel a lot more confident and informed now than I did at the start of the semester. My perspective on digital business has been reshaped to become a lot more refined, expansive, and multifaceted. I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for technology, as I learned about how it’s been changing our lives for the better, all the way from environmental solutions, medical advancements, revamped meditation practices, to retail experience enhancements. There’s a lot to be excited about!

My love for blogging. Surprisingly, one of my favorite parts of this class was blogging. I honestly dreaded it during some moments because I never knew what I would write about next but looking back, I realize that I was constantly brainstorming and being observant of how tech is influencing our lives. It held me accountable to do my research and pushed me to exercise my creativity. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to use my favorite gifs and scroll through giphy.com for excessive amounts of time. But beyond that, I genuinely enjoyed reading everyone else’s blogs. I was able to learn so much about topics I would’ve never once imagined myself, and it gave me something to look forward to every Monday night. Some of your blogs really left a lasting impression on me and I’m definitely going to miss that the most.

#IS6621 taught me patience:

Learning and understanding all that there is to digital technology requires a lot of patience. I mean, can anyone confidently say that they fully understand blockchain? I think it’s fair to assume that the answer is no, and that’s okay. The technology learning curve can be overwhelming at times, but it’s worth it. As discussed in our panel from the last class, every company is a technology company now. Whether we like it or not, we need to keep up. Utilizing Twitter for this class was a really easy way to keep myself up to date and read a lot of interesting and informative articles on emerging technology. Innovation also requires patience. Let’s look back on our guest speakers from Panera Bread and Walmart- there’s a lot of trial and error that comes with innovation. It’s important that companies invest in its employees over time in order to yield the best results. It was fascinating to me how Walmart offers training courses on Apple products and allows its employees to simulate difficult conversations or interactions through VR. I’m sure these changes weren’t readily adopted and took quite some time and investment, but as a result, efficiency and innovation remain at the forefront of Walmart.

#IS6621 taught me pain:

Pain in understanding the dark side of digital technology. I spoke about the rise of human trafficking in the age of social media for my class presentation, and I’ll honestly never forget it. I’ve always been passionate about combatting human trafficking ever since I attended a conference in 2014, where I met the co-founders of #EndIt movement. It was truly an honor to use this opportunity to not only present on emerging technology from an academic standpoint, but also to raise awareness through adequate research on the existence of modern day slavery. Some of you wrote in your peer feedback that you’re interested in learning more or participating in next year’s Shine a Light on Slavery Day, and reading that gave me a lot of joy and hope. It’s crucial for us to be aware of and educate ourselves on the harmful implications of social media and technology. For example, we read an article about our addiction to our phones. We’re all guilty of it. Let’s try to be more mindful of our phone usage and put our devices down once in a while. Because after all, Google is making us stupid.

*resume song*

I’ve loved and I’ve lost, but that’s not what I see
So look what I got
Look what you taught me:

And for that, I say:

I’m so, I’m so grateful for this class
Thank u, next (x3)
I’m so, I’m so grateful

Spend more time on Twitter
I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’
Plus, I loved #C
We havin’ better discussions
I know they say I move on too fast
But this one gon’ last
Cause her name is #IS6621
And I’m so good with that

Au revoir #IS6621! You were unlike any other class I’ve taken at BC, and I’m thankful for all that you’ve taught me this past semester. You’ve kept me engaged and constantly had me thinking about the intricate role that tech is playing in our daily lives. I’ll admit, you were a bit complicated to figure out at first, but I’m glad I stuck it through ’till the end. I’ll never forget you, but it’s time for me to move on and step foot into the real world.


  1. dancreedon4 · ·

    I too was dreading the blogposts at first, but came around quick and enjoyed both posting and reading the posts of fellow classmates. Your presentation was outside the ‘norm’ and so eye-opening. After reading the addiction of phones article, I have tried to use my phone less during the day and take in my surroundings..it truly makes a big difference!

  2. jlrose03 · ·

    Love the Ariana Grande creative punch to your introduction and ending. I love the elements you weaved in. You were able to write about humanistic qualities like the art of learning, patience, love and pain. Those are emotions we will feel wherever we land and you connected them to class concepts like BlockChain and coming up with blog ideas so well!

  3. What a great summary. Thank you for that. It’s very refreshing when students get out of the class EXACTLY what I hope they will. And thank you again for a powerful presentation in class.

  4. csaitta4 · ·

    Haha wow, AMAZING parody of the Thank u, next. It is surprisingly so applicable to this class and now I don’t know if I will ever be able to hear that song without thinking of blogposts and #C (not sure if that’s a good thing or not). But I definitely resonate with your appreciation for the discussions as I feel our small group had some really great and eye opening conversations this semester.

  5. Absolutely love the creativity of your blog post! I may be biased considering I am a huge Ariana Grande fan, but still, your remixes were fabulous! I will also miss reading the blogposts each week and learning about new topics constantly. Your presentation touched on the ethical side of the internet that we often overlook and it has definitely stuck with me since then. Really great wrap-up of what we have accomplished this semester and great layout!

  6. I was thinking about changing lyrics to work with this class, but couldn’t think of anything so I’m so glad you were able to! I loved the set up of this blog and think you hit the key takeaways of this semester right on the head. I’m also going to miss reading everyone’s blogs because I learned so much each week that I never may have learned or looked into!

  7. cgriffith418 · ·

    Such a creative post! I particularly liked your section on patience — I think a lack of patience is one of the biggest things that prevents people from learning and becoming more fluent with technology (especially old people, per my presentation!). I think part of the problem is that people who are really great with technology can sometimes make it seem like it’s all so easy, so when it doesn’t come naturally to regular people, they can get frustrated and just give up. Our generation has the advantage of basically being born digital-native, but of course that’s not true for everyone in the workforce today. I think one the first steps to getting more people comfortable with technology is acknowledging that it can be really hard!

  8. kgcorrigan · ·

    I love how you weaved your thoughts with this song so creatively! I agree with you that it was nice to read everyone’s blog posts each week, and it’s weird to think that this is our last time through. I thought you did a really nice job connecting “pain” to the dark side of technology, and I really appreciated that you used your presentation to teach our class about a topic you are passionate about. I’m glad you were able to raise awareness on such a serious subject, and even though the presentation was short, the impact was lasting!

  9. This is so clever, and the love, patience and pain subheadings are so applicable to the class. You’ve done a really great job summarizing what we’ve learned this semester – when we are in the thick of blog posts, tweets, and surveys, it can be really hard to appreciate the end goal, but you’ve really clearly identified. And thank you for always being really engaged on both blog comments and on Twitter, and for an incredibly moving presentation.

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