Graduation (Social Media Forever)

“The point isn’t getting it right. The point is thinking big enough.”

– Professor Kane

Professor Kane made this statement while discussing the progress corporations are making towards adapting to tech in the modern era, a main theme in his book The Technology Fallacy. He said it nonchalantly, but to an intently listening audience it struck our ears, if I may speak for everyone, in a more profound way. Yes, this class is about social media and emerging tech, writing relevant blog posts, drafting thought provoking tweets, meeting deadlines, and staying attune with the ever changing digital world, but perhaps my favorite requirement of this class was to step out of our comfort zones and work in ways we never have before. I would have never anticipated becoming an avid Twitter user, finding interest in publicizing my thoughts on the latest tech announcements, or actually growing to love writing blog posts and sharing feedback with classmates. Maybe this is because I am a little bit avoidant of interaction in subjects I may not feel fully rehearsed in, but the beauty of Social Media was just that.

Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a challenge, but a rewarding one at that. As I’m sure we all know, BC is one big comfort zone. The small campus, familiar faces, repetitive meals, and routine conversations have all played an integral role in making this place the bubble we have grown to love and adore. Except I would argue that BC isn’t surrounded by a bubble, you don’t just tap it with your finger and it disintegrates into thin air, it’s more like an igloo. The igloo will melt away eventually, and snow may (and as we know usually does) accumulate again, but with some elbow grease, a pick axe, and some determination, that igloo will be gone in no time. I would say that ISYS 6621 has been that great weightlifting exercise at the plex I was always a little bit too nervous to do, preparing us to perfectly pick away at this igloo. While for many of us, our time at BC is coming to an end, these igloos don’t just exist here, but anywhere we let them accumulate. I think I can speak for us all when I say this learning experience has impacted our methods of thinking and working in new and unexpected ways and have prepared us to pick away at the igloos we come across.

So, on the subject of escaping your comfort zone, this is our last blog post, and I have about 400 words to go. What better way to better communicate my key takeaways from this class than to appeal to the childhood music tastes of a rather varied demographic of students. In the wise words of Vitamin C, “And if you got something that you need to say. You better say it right now ’cause you don’t have another day”.

Sang to the tune of Graduation (Friends Forever), aptly renamed to Graduation (Social Media Forever)

And so we talked all night about business and tech
Will AI take our jobs and how Elon’s a wreck
I keep thinking what the hell’s a blockchain
And if Boeing will develop an autonomous plane

But when we leave this class we won’t be coming back
No more #C and all that Facebook flack
But if you got something that you need to say
The Twittersphere will still be here another day

‘Cause tech keeps on movin’ and it won’t slow down
The Big 5 make moves at the speed of sound
And I keep on thinking of those nights in Stokes
Talking Google and listening to Kane’s Dad jokes

And there were all of us
And we touched on a lot
Like social media in court and Minority Report
And we would get so excited yet there were some fears
About the power of tech and where we’d be in twenty years
And this is how we feel

As we go on
We remember
All the blogs we
Wrote together
And as tech changes
Come whatever
We will always
Fare the weather

Will we be ready for our jobs?
Will we have the right skills?
When we look back on it
Will we think social really kills?
Will we remember everything we learned in this class?
Like streaming content and how it’s changing fast

Will big time Zuckerberg ask the gov for support?
Can Cook make products that keep Apple afloat?
I keep thinking Amazon’s too big to fail
But Warren’s using breakups as the wind in her sail
So this is what we say

As we go on
We remember
All the blogs we
Wrote together
And as tech changes
Come whatever
We will always
Fare the weather

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Will tech ruin our lives?
Or make them better somehow?
There are so many ways that this story could end
Like fighting crime with blockchain from Haun’s talk on Ted

Will we remember the past as we look ahead?
To the ways that tech can change school, farming, and med
Or will we lose sight of what’s important to us
Like protecting privacy and not breaking antitrust

As we go on
We remember
All the blogs we
Wrote together
And as tech changes
Come whatever
We will always
Fare the weather

P.S. If you have one of those coin jars for saying the “G” word, just let me know.

Signing off, until next time #IS6621!


  1. shannonbenoit5 · ·

    Wow this so was creative I loved it! Great metaphor about the igloo too, you’re so right that it is harder to break out of than just a bubble. This blog brought everything together in a really great way, and I completely agree that stepping out of our comfort zones was such an important part of what made this class what it was.

  2. Olivia Crowley · ·

    Loved this post! I smiled while reading the song, Graduation (Social Media Forever), as I am so impressed by your creativity. I also loved how you took a quote from Professor Kane that might seem quite trivial to some, but also struck me as a really important notion. A similar quote that has definitely affected me and will continue to affect me throughout the rest of my career is the idea that “every company is a technology company,” which was brought to our attention during the same class. It’s the little sayings like these that I think we will remember and appreciate most from the semester.

  3. Thanks for your kind words about the class. I do think its a shame that more classes at BC don’t push you like this, because ever since I’ve gone to this way of teaching, I don’t think I could ever go back. Love the verse (well, except for the dad joke line! Hahaha.. No, seriously, loved the whole thing).

  4. This is great! When your first mentioned Vitamin C, “Graduation” immediately started playing in my head, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had written a full parity for it. This post really hit the nail on the head and was a really creative way to highlight many of the things we discussed and the way that I think many of us thought and felt about the class and the topics. I took approximately one page of notes during actual class time over the course of the semester because I was usually to tuned in to what was being talked about to even think about writing anything down in fear of missing out on something, but the quote you used to start this off was one of the only things I wrote down. When Professor Kane said this, I realized that it was something that applies to all aspects of life, not just technology, and I think it’s something that everyone should write down and remember.

  5. Wow, what a creative way to wrap things up! I definitely agree this class forced me to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been one of those people on social media who just follows people and sees what’s going on in the world, but never really contribute to it. However, this class really made me realize how addicting contributing to social media really is. I too learned to love writing my blog posts and refreshing the page all day checking for new comments.

  6. Love the idea of changing song lyrics and now I’m even more mad that I didn’t think to do it! Your igloo analogy definitely hits home as I think most of us get stuck in our ways, taking the classes were told we have to in order to receive our diplomas. This has made other classes drag and keep me in my comfortable routine of mindless paper writing and studying only to be pushed out when the next subject comes along. This class changed that. I’m also thankful for how challenging this class has been in moving me out of my comfort zone with new activities I actually wanted to complete but on a whole new level. Like you and Conor have both said, I’m usually just a silent scroller but now want to share my thoughts on current happenings in hopes that others will find it interesting too.

  7. kgcorrigan · ·

    This was such a creative and fitting way to wrap up – I love the lyrics you came up with! From the first night of class, I knew this class would push me out of my comfort zone, so I can appreciate how you highlighted that as one of the requirements you grew to enjoy. I think it’s amazing how much can be learned when you are forced to work in a way that’s a little unconventional. and that was definitely true of this class.

  8. matturally · ·

    This was fun! As an MBA it is always interesting to hear about the BC bubble (igloo) and the effort it takes to break out of it. As a first year, full-time MBA you sometimes get an even smaller bubble since all of our classes are with the same group of people for the first year. This class has definitely helped with that, at least in terms of meeting new people and hearing their thoughts and ideas. The undergrads were especially helpful in that regard.

  9. merrimju · ·

    Interesting explanation with the igloo. I think a lot of us MBA’s went through the same process of picking away at the ice when we first graduated undergrad. However, I don’t think many of us have thought about how in a way we will need to do this again when we graduate the MBA program. Sure we live off campus and many of us maintain jobs, but all in all our main stressors have been exams. Thank you for writing a blog post to remind us of things we may have forgotten!

  10. taylorfq6 · ·

    Such a creative way to wrap things up! I think this may be my favourite reflection I’ve read yet. I’m glad you opened with that quote from Prof. Kane as it stuck with me as well. I think it can be applied to so many more topics than just tech and digital business – it is a mantra I plan to continue to think about. As sad as I am to leave the BC bubble, I know the lessons we have learned here will benefit us no matter what bubble we move to next.

  11. kateu19 · ·

    Echoing everyone’s comment – this was so creative! I wonder if you can get extra credit for recording a music video of the song, haha.

    But really, the igloo metaphor is a great one – anytime you spend the majority of your day (or week or month or year) with the same group of people, it can become pretty insular, and you can see it happening again and again with co-workers, and friends, and eventually graduate school classmates. As we talked about in class, one of the biggest problems with social media can be the echo chamber that we often find ourselves in. And similar to the importance of recognizing the echo chamber when you are in it, it is important to recognize the igloo, and work towards breaking down those walls.

  12. This was absolutely hysterical! Loved the verses! Although I will admit thinking about the tune made me a little sad…we’ve banned the use of the g-word from my room this semester and as it gets slower I keep hearing it left and right. I definitely agree that this class has changed the way I think for the better! I’ve always thought that discussion is the best way to learn, but this class solidified it for me!

  13. cynmzfigueroa · ·

    This was such a creative post and frankly I’m surprised undergrads know this song? I literally graduated to this song in elementary school…

    You’re so on point about the class pushing you out of your comfort zone. Someone in our last class pointed out that the content we produce for this class is pretty transparent, out for the class to see, and it certainly does force you to be a bit more vulnerable in the work you’re doing and publishing. I remember agonizing over my first blog post and this was a skill that I felt more and more comfortable as the semester went along. Truly something I valued honing in on throughout the course.

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