I Bow to YOU.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Namaste. Some of you are familiar with this phrase, some of you may not be. So, I will translate – I bow to you. This is the final word we use after a long session of Yoga and is regarded as a respectful, honorary greeting in India, accompanied in prayer position. 

But why Yoga you may ask? How does this relate to my experience thus far in our final days of summer together in digital and social media in grand ole’ Stokes Hall? Well, I was hesitant to take this class just as I was hesitant to try Yoga for the first time. However, deep down, I knew that Yoga would push my mind and body in a way that running could not just as Professor Kane would push me to tweet, blog and overanalyze social media in a way that my Instagram followers could not. 

Child’s Pose.

Let’s go back to Yoga for a minute or two…In the beginning of a Yoga class, we are always asked to sit in the back of our mats in child pose. It is a closed position that allows you to stretch your entire back and close off the world. Within seconds, we are then asked to lift up, and start opening our hearts, our bodies, and our mind to our intentions for being on our mat that day.  This is identical to how this class has been for me. Having an idea and set of expectations of what to expect, yet leaving with a greater sense of purpose and understanding the context of how companies can build or destroy their social media presence or digital empire one second at a time. 

……That is TAKEAWAYS with an S :)


I have always been a fan and aware of these leaders on TEDTalks. My normal protocol to learn about them is through word of mouth or the digital news world. However, the way they were weaved into our class’ narrative and then discussed was a true win. I enjoyed watching these digital savvy leaders create powerful stories in front of audiences and reference real life examples that we could feed off of and organically discuss. 

Live Tweets

Ironically, never have I ever had a want to tweet or engage in the tweeting community. Since my first tweet debut, I have officially caught the tweeting fever similar to the Bieber fever – 


Yes. I am surprised still by this startling fact because I avoided it like the plague. Now I see the value and beauty in Twitter and how much knowledge you can pick up in a short time frame. Furthermore, Twitter can be a very positive platform for brands and public figures. They can choose to use it appropriately or use it to mock others (sadly).

Blogs. Blogs. Blogs

Naturally, as a writer who loves to write creatively, I loved this. The first-time I blogged, I was not in love with what I wrote or my topic. As the weeks progressed, I got into rhythm and jived along the written path. I also enjoyed reading other people’s content and thoughts on some areas I had different beliefs on. Learning is always my number one ammo, so learning from others is pivotal for this to happen.

Guest Speakers

Wow. Every speaker I gained an extra couple of inches to my brain. They were interesting and full of animation and different viewpoints on technology and the digital landscape. I will say that I am guilty of enjoying the last three panelists because of the relevance of the topic of exiting school and facing the real world again. They gave a strong perspective on a subject matter that has been top of mind all year for me.

As I conclude, my final thoughts are this. Do nothing + Change everything EQUATING TO: Put these two into a blender and see what comes out. Thank you for putting your best foot forward and inspiring us to rethink what digital and social media means beyond the #grams, #tweets, #posts and #virals. The teacher in me honors the teacher in you. Thank you Professor Kane for a great semester!


  1. Great comparison to yoga. I really am surprised at how well this class ends up every year, given the large amount of flexibility I allow. Yet, every single time I have taught this course in this way, it has turned out better than if I had adopted more traditional methods. I appreciate everyone’s hard work to make it great (again).

  2. dilillomelissa · ·

    Jesse, you couldn’t have articulated how I am feeling about this class any better than you did! I love the comparison to yoga. While I don’t do yoga very often, it really made me reflect on my class experiences, as I would in yoga. I also loved the guest speakers and have so many takeaways from them. This includes our classmates’ presentations. I also wrote down what all of our TedTalks were so I could remember to glance back in the future.

  3. I love the use of yoga to summarize our semester and I agree on so many of the points you made! I was also hesitant to tweet and have avoided doing so for so long, but I agree that our class helped us tweet in productive ways. I also loved learning from others’ blogs and that helped me when it came to writing my own as well.The emoji blender is so cute and I like that you ended the blog post in this way. Great summary of what we have discussed and I also really like your title! Namaste!

  4. merrimju · ·

    Great article- I think you really captured the essence of how a lot of us felt. First entering with interest but mild hesitation, then slowly becoming more and more comfortable with the different formats of tweeting, blogging, readings, and watchings. I still have a lot to grow when it comes to being comfortable putting my ideas in a tweet or a blog, but I’ll get there eventually… maybe not a headstand though!

  5. debhan10 · ·

    Creative twist on comparing your journey in this class with that of yoga! I particularly resonate with your comment on how you came in having an idea and set of expectations of what to expect, but you’re leaving with a greater sense of purpose and understanding. That pretty much summarizes exactly how I feel as I reflect on this course. It wasn’t necessarily what I was expecting, but it turned out to surpass my expectations in the best way possible. Thanks for the great recap!

  6. “The teacher in me honors the teacher in you” – what a perfect way to sum up the dynamic of this class! At least for me, the most rewarding (and challenging) aspect of this course was the knowledge that we each had a responsibility to our peers to provide insights, information, and quasi-expertise on topics both germane and unrelate to class discussions. Knowing that the community and the experience would be largely driven by engagement with one another really pushed me, and I think a lot of us, to push ourselves past the typical discomfort with sharing our thoughts in a variety of public forums and the natural avoidance to take a particular stance on a given topic. From the role of social media in combatting human trafficking to the dark corners of the Internet where cultish groups live, the content and education provided by our classmates easily broadened the scope and the analytical level of this class to a degree that I have never experienced in a business course. Really interesting metaphor and take on this class- great post!

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