Into the Future

Where do I even begin? This class was unlike anything I have ever experienced… the topics identified by students were equally important to our education as the topics built in by Prof. Kane. At first, I was skeptical that this would truly keep me engaged throughout the week, but I was proven wrong! I found tweeting throughout the week to be more effective than being tested on class content at set points. In traditional classes, I often forget the bulk of material shortly after being tested on it and feel like I am often only learning it to get a good grade on a test. I can confidently say that I will retain much more information from this class than most others I have taken while at BC due to being constantly engaged.

As I mentioned in my post on my initial thoughts on the class, I was nervous about the amount of freedom we were given while completing assignments for class. Having the opportunity to write about what interested us personally was both exciting and intimidating, as I wasn’t sure exactly what themes I wanted to follow. It was interesting to see some people stick to specific themes, such as the digital world of fitness, and others bounce around between different topics which jumped out at them while reading tweets or hearing comments in class. I chose to follow this second track – the fast-paced discussion in class allowed us to be exposed to so many different topics and hear opinions from both sides of the coin. I took this as an opportunity to question my own initial thoughts and think about concepts through the lens that other classmates applied. I believe this allowed me to gain a more holistic view of the digital world and begin to slowly choose topics for blog posts which were more interesting and made me think harder about how to apply the concepts learned in class.

I expected my experiences as an intern management consultant focused in the Tech, Media, and Telecom sectors to ease the transition to the unique layout the class follows. Although my albeit limited experiences in this space did help get up to speed with many of the topics we discussed in class, such as AI and Blockchain, I still found it difficult to curate my own concepts to apply through Twitter and blog posts. In addition, I didn’t think it would be possible to learn as much about tech through these assignments as I did. Having a well-rounded group of graduate and undergraduate students elevated the level of conversation and topics discussed on a weekly basis. So many students in this class were able to create unique topics and points of view which they showed through their blogposts and helped me think more deeply about articles and my own experiences in the tech industry to then apply to my own assignments. I am extremely glad I had the opportunity to experience a class which encouraged learning from other students as much as from the professor himself – I believe this new outlook on learning will allow me to progress further as I enter the working world.

            Not only was my education benefited from the amazing group we had in #IS6621, but I became much more comfortable tweeting and with my online presence in general. I had never used Twitter before and constantly heard about the negative aspects of the platform. I quickly became aware how useful the platform can be in getting quick updates on trending topics or world events (as long as we question the validity of the source). I see myself continuing to use Twitter for these purposes as I move forward past Boston College.

            A final takeaway that really stuck with me is the fact that 20 and 30 something year olds don’t see an issue with the amount of screen time we are exposed to, but worry much more about younger generations. I was guilty of this opinion, but now think much more about how much time I spend in front of a screen and social media in my free time. I have become much more aware of the dark side of social media, and although I will not cut these applications out of my life I will try to pick up good habits when it pertains to them.

            Although this class and my undergraduate education are coming to an end, my learning process will not. I will continue to tweet and learn from all those around me, question opinions and the articles I read, and keep up to date with trending topics and world events. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making my final semester at Boston College one to remember and changing my outlook on education. In the coming years I look forward to reading about you guys as successful managers in our ever increasingly digital world! Until next time…


  1. licarima · ·

    I agree with you it was awesome to have great group of cross generations, as well as undergrads and grads. I think this is what really made the class great, plus we had an good group of students. I am like you I would forget almost a all material after the final, but this class is different. Having the quick check of twitter before class and always be able to connect in some way made my capacity to not only handle the material, but remember it that much easier. I would much rather more screen time that having my nose buried in a textbook!

  2. huang91j · ·

    You brought up two points that stood out to me. One being that Tweeting definitely kept us more engaged and was a better determinant of success than tests and quizzes. I can’t even imagine how we would be tested for our knowledge. The other is the fact that people around our age are basically in front of the computer or phones all day because it’s required in our jobs or classes, but fail to think whether it actually has that much of a negative impact on our health and eyes. It does seem a little hypocritical that we want the younger generation to spend less time with technology, but I believe studies have shown that the developing eyes do have a negative impact when exposed to too much screen time

  3. Nice wrapup. It drives me crazy how test and deliverable driven we are in CSOM, when most of the education research indicates its a terrible way to retain information. This class is my one-man crusade to move the needle in the other direction!

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