IS6621: Endgame

I remember a month ago I was counting down the days left before I went to watch Avengers: Endgame. Well that was fun and all but as I was looking at the week ahead on Sunday, it hit me that this semester absolutely flew by. Is this really the end, or just the beginning of something new? The way I’m feeling now knowing that we won’t have this class is the same feeling I had when watching latest episode of Game of Thrones last night (no spoilers).

It will definitely feel weird not seeing the notifications on my phone for new Tweets for this class and reading all the interesting and diverse topics discussed in blogs. Will I even keep my Twitter? Maybe I should considering there is so much speculation around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving going to the New York Knicks this summer; it may be a better way for me to keep up to date and see what else there is to explore besides news regarding technology and innovation. I never thought I’d enjoy Tweeting, but I might be addicted to it. It’s so easy to just jot a few sentences down and post your thoughts on just about anything and be done with it. I can totally understand why it exists and how awkward it would be to post as often as I did on Twitter on another platform like Instagram; it just wouldn’t work. I will say that I am still not used to the navigation of Twitter and do find the way to search for things a little more clunky than I would have liked. Maybe it’s the 27 y/o me vs. the 22 y/o me not being with the technological times??

Looking back at all the presentations, I probably shouldn’t have been so eager to sign up to go first considering that I had not presented anything in the last 4 years, or at least in a class setting. All the presentations were super interesting and there were so many benefits that came out of it, one being that I have all these random facts about the way certain companies operate to how sports are now leveraging AI in real time to improve performance. The amount of knowledge gained in this class from my peers was insurmountable. Thinking about all the guest speakers we had, the one that stood out the most to me was the two presenters from BC that spoke on managing social media in their daily roles and the impact that your digital footprint really had. I can’t tell you how many times during that presentation I was thinking back to the number of dumb posts I made on Facebook from freshmen year at BC and throughout my time as well. We are adding to that digital footprint every single day and it’s important to find the balance of expressing yourself online, but not enough where things could get taken out of context and used against you.

Who could forget all the delicious snacks? Considering I come straight from work at around 6:20, most of the time I don’t even have time to grab a quick bite. To this day, I have no idea when the cafe outside of our classroom closes since I seem to always miss it. White Heim is by far the best snack I’ve had during break. I had never heard of it before and have since gone to H-Mart to buy a box of those so thank you to whoever brought in that life changing snack!

I think one of the toughest parts of this class was figuring out what I wanted to blog about. For all the newcomers to this class, if you’re reading this, take Prof. Kane’s advice and think WAY ahead of time and make a checklist. I didn’t want to bore people with things I knew about and did at work everyday so I ventured out a little bit and tried my best to find things that were interesting and even out of my comfort zone to explore. To this day, I wonder if some of the random comments on previous blog posts were scammers or just people outside of the class that actually cared about the topic.

Overall, this class has really set the bar high for what I expect in any future classes. I had my doubts at the beginning of the semester on whether I could handle 3 night classes with a full time job, but because the coursework was so interactive and relevant to the topics we discussed, it didn’t even feel like actual work. It was definitely a breath of fresh air coming to this class after work because we would talk about situations that applied to my day to day at work, or that I’ve seen on the news. With the ever changing landscape of technology, this class has taught me to look at technological advancements in different lenses. Are all innovations a pro? Our discussions around blockchain really made me think about the future of digital payment and whether there would be a wide adoption even just in Massachusetts with physical and online stores. With 3 more semesters left my part time MBA, I’m afraid I’m a little spoiled in the sense that I’ll be expecting this type of class format for my remaining 6 classes. That probably won’t be the case, but one can hope right? Thank you to everyone for a wonderful semester together and good luck to all those graduating from the undergrad and MBA programs! #IS6621


  1. mckeanlindsay · ·

    Lol, the snacks definitely deserve a huge shoutout! And I completely agree about the blogging. Some advice we got from the TA’s in the beginning of the year was to jot down ideas that were discussed in class to keep as topics for blog posts, and I definitely wish I had done this more religiously

  2. Olivia Crowley · ·

    I laughed when you wrote, “It will definitely feel weird not seeing the notifications on my phone for new Tweets for this class and reading all the interesting and diverse topics discussed in blogs,” because I feel the same way. I’d like to think that I will stay up to date with the Twitter accounts I now follow, like Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal, as I have learned so much from them throughout the semester, but I’m not sure that I will. SHAME. Anyway, I agree that deciding on which topics we wanted to write about for our blog posts was quite difficult, but it was also something that I appreciated most about this class. Finally being able to write about what WE wanted to write about was very liberating, and also incredibly validating.

  3. Nice summary post. It’s not uncommon for the first few presentations to struggle a bit (which is why I offer bonus points), because it’s really hard to know what to do until you start seeing it happen. The snack idea came from a graduate school class I was in while I was in a part time program, so I know first hand that the mid-class boost is really helpful after a long day.

  4. matturally · ·

    I always have to comment about the NBA, so… I don’t understand the hype around the Knicks. I think it’s a narrative created by the media. If I were KD, Kawhi, or Kyrie (weird alliteration) I’d be looking at Brooklyn or the Clippers (maybe Kyrie to the Lakers). Plenty of cap space and better players.

    I must have missed those Whiteheim things, they look bomb.

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