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In my very first blog post this semester, I decided to take a look at the five things I was most excited about in Social Media and Digital Business. Looking back on it, I had absolutely no idea what I was in for (IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE).

Just to bring things full circle, for my final post, I want to now take a look at my five biggest takeaways from throughout the semester.

So here they are:

Twitter is not just for complaints. Before January, the last time I was on Twitter was to complete research for a project on IHOP in my Marketing Research class. Essentially what this entailed was sifting through countless users’ tweets on what they disliked about the popular restaurant chain. Prior to that, while abroad at the London College of Fashion last year, I was told by my Fashion Marketing professor that Twitter has evolved into an outlet for individuals just to express their anger with various companies. Even folks from Twitter themselves have admitted “what feature Twitter users really, deeply crave: more and better ways to complain.”

Nonetheless, this semester in ISYS6621 has definitely changed my overall perception of how Twitter is widely used today. Twitter is news, it’s public relations, and it’s self expression, for individuals and companies alike. As we’ve talked about in class, it’s the new public square. The amount of insight and information that I’ve gained throughout the course of this semester via Twitter is incredible. Further, I’ve realized that one can tailor his or her own personal Twitter scene to cater to exactly what he or she wants to see and/or learn, which is precisely what I have done for the purpose of this course.

Some of my favorite accounts to follow for social media and digital business -related updates are..

Artificial intelligence is great, but also not the end-all be-all. If I had to guess, I’d probably say that we touched upon the concept of AI in almost every ISYS6621 class we’ve had this semester. We’ve talked about the good, and we’ve talked about the bad. What my biggest takeaway in regards to AI however is that it should be embraced rather than feared. Yes, in many ways AI will take away jobs, but it will also add countless more careers. Further, it will protect our safety, improve public health, and better the environment. These are hugely positive aspects of the technology that we can not overlook. And if you’re still apprehensive about AI, check out this promising article on why the tech “is ready to tackle everything from healthcare to fake news.”

Professor Kane knows some really cool people. I have to say, many of my favorite moments from the semester have been listening to our guest speakers. From blockchain, to social media law, to AI in poultry farming, each of our guests have added a unique and enticing perspective to the topic of digital business. If I had to give one piece of advice to Professor Kane for future classes, I would definitely say to keep bringing back the guest speakers. But then again, I wouldn’t change much about the course at all.

Every company is a technology company. This is arguably the biggest takeaway each of us can have from ISYS6621 as a whole. No matter what industry you decide to go into post-graduation, knowing digital business will be crucial for growth and success. Every business needs to understand how technology affects its customers in order to adapt to new innovations. In the future, great leaders will need to design business plans based on how their customers use and become habituated to technology.

One of the best examples we saw in class of how technology now affects all businesses is the one of the construction industry. For me, this was such a great example because not being in the space myself, it is something I never would have expected. But that just goes to show how true this statement really is–that EVERY company is a technology company.

The best place to learn is through my peers. Finally, I want to make sure to thank all of my peers for such a great semester. Whether it was on Twitter, in a small group, or in our full class discussions, I always felt challenged to not only think critically about social media and digital business, but to speak my mind, ask questions, and discover more. Looking back on it, I cannot imagine having learned any one topic we covered solely from a textbook or online. This is not to say that I didn’t absorb a great deal of knowledge from the assigned readings and videos each week, but the insights that I will truly remember form the course surely came from my classmates. So with that, thank you all again, and best of luck in each of your future endeavors!


  1. mckeanlindsay · ·

    Great point about how much we learned from our classmates. The discussion and contribution was very unique and I definitely learned so much from the students’ varied experiences, especially the grad students who are currently in the working world! I also share the same sentiment about Twitter, I never had an account before this class but I honestly might make one now; it’s become so useful!

  2. I do have to say that this has been the most guest speakers I’ve ever had in a class. Fortunately, they all turned out to be great! Guest speakers are a bit of a double edged sword. When they are great (as they’ve been this semester), they really add alot. When they’re not (and I have no control over how much effort they put in), it’s pretty discouraging. Fortunately, over the past 10 years, I’ve been able to keep some of the best.

  3. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with your statement that you learned the most from your peers. I think the diverse education and experiences each of our classmates had really made us have a dynamic, comprehensive learning experience. And honestly, after I initially heard the expression the “every company is a tech company” I realized its no exaggeration. Literally no industry has been untouched, including weddings!

  4. I agree the guest speakers were awesome, one of my favorites being the BC social media department as I never really thought about the (wo)man behind the curtain before. We definitely gained a multitude of knowledge from such different sources, Prof Kane and MBA students included. I used to love twitter in high school but have shied away from it since coming to college because of the seemingly negative attitude you discussed. This class gave me a new outlook on Twitter and as Lindsay said I have and will be more on my Twitter game now!

  5. Jaclin Murphy · ·

    This class has certainly changed my opinions on twitter as well! And while I won’t lie, I still prefer my meme infested, celebrity gossip, sub-tweeting twitter…but educational twitter is pretty great too. And as the adult in me that I am trying to channel as we graduate, I think balance is key. I will definitely be following some similar accounts that you mentioned on my regular twitter. Twitter makes learning about complex and serious topics more fun. So here’s to intellectual twitter!

  6. Agreed on how much of a better (and more accurate) perspective I have on AI after taking this class – like a lot of people who weren’t particularly well-versed in it, I definitely entered the class with a more fearful, sci-fi vision of this category of technology (a la Alien or WALL-E). Now, I think I have a more nuanced and more valid perception of AI as the tool that it truly is – like other revolutionary technologies before it, AI and its associated systems have disruptive potential, but, on their own, are generally neutral. It is the power and position that we give to AI – as consumers, as companies, as employees, and as regulators – that will determine its ultimate effect. Great post! (and also had a great time in our small group this semester!)

  7. kateu19 · ·

    I agree – the guest speakers were awesome! It was really interesting to hear how the BC social media really boot-strapped their team to get it were it is today. They’ve done a really great job, and the challenges that they faced are great to keep in mind as many of us head out into the workforce. I also loved Professor Chang’s lecture – it’s a little alarming the laws governing the internet are so behind the times, and as challenges to companies like Facebook and Twitter continue, it will be really interesting to watch the interpretations and applications of these laws evolve.

    With regards to Twitter, I’ve always liked to use it for news – it’s a great way to stay on top of headlines, if nothing else. And if you follow some comedians, it can be a great source of levity, and an excellent distraction during, say, finals week!

  8. adurney1 · ·

    Nice last post! Appreciate the GOT references and gifs. “The best place to learn is through my peers” is a testament to the course. I love the collaboration we all had and it was a staple of the class. I think a lot of BC courses could learn from Prof. Kane’s setup

  9. MiriamPBourke · ·

    Love this post, especially your GIFs ! I agree, I loved the guest speakers, especially last week’s panel. I also feel like I got so much from our class discussions! I’m honestly still not sure how I feel about twitter, but I definitely loved the discussions that stemmed from it !

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